IKF Council extends World Championship participation to 20 countries, sets rules for Korfball4 and Beach korfball

The Council of the International Korfball Federation met today in Dordrecht (Netherlands). One of the main topics on the table were a number of key decisions regarding the 2019 IKF World Korfball Championship due to be held in Durban (South Africa). Due to the growth of Korfball playing countries in Africa and the Americas and to avoid having to reduce the number of countries qualifying from Asia and Europe, the IKF Council has decided to increase the number of participating countries from 16 to 20. A new competition format has also been proposed within which the total duration of the event will not exceed 10 days, which has also been the duration of the previous two World Championships with 16 teams. Elimination matches will start immediately following the pool matches.

Qualification quota for each of the continental federations have also been decided, with normally 2 places for the Americas, 2 for Africa, 6 jointly for Asia and Oceania (with a minimum of 1 for Oceania) , and 10 for Europe. Detailed quota have been determined for different scenarios, depending on the number of countries entering the Pan-American Championship (2018), the All-African Championship (2018), the European Championship (Netherlands, 2018) and the Asia-Oceania Championship (Chiba, Japan, 2018).

Further, the Council set the rules for korfball4, a new and dynamic format where teams of 4 rather than 8 players compete. Both a one-korf format and a two-korf format for korfball4 have been regulated, enabling member countries to set up leagues and tournaments in either of the two formats. Also the beach korfball rules have been updated in preparation for the likely start of official championships in several continents.

IKF European Korfball Championship (IKF EKC) 2016 starts

Saturday 22 October 2016 1400 PM (GMT +2; summer time) the next IKF EKC starts with the match Czech Republic – Poland.

The IKF EKC is to be held from Saturday 22 October to Sunday 30 October 2016 in the Netherlands, in the city of Dordrecht in the Sportboulevard.

The Royal Dutch Korfball Federation (KNKV) is the organizer.

The 10 countries that have achieved qualification are:

Belgium, Catalonia, Czech Republic, England, Germany, The Netherlands (reigning champion), Poland, Portugal, Russia and Turkey.

The pools are:

The Netherlands (NED) Belgium (BEL)
Catalonia (CAT) England (ENG)
Germany (GER) Portugal (POR)
Russia (RUS) Czech Republic (CZE)
Turkey (TUR) Poland (POL)

In total 33 matches will be played in the Event. The IKF EKC final will be played on Sunday 30 October 2016 1330 PM (GMT +1; winter time).

Following the last IKF European Korfball Championship held in Portugal in 2014, The Netherlands is the reigning champion.

The match schedule is available: Click for complete IKF EKC match schedule

For the complete History of the IKF European Korfball Championship please refer to the IKF website: Click for IKF European Korfball Championship history booklet July 2016

All IKF EKC matches are available through live streaming via (Click for, the ikfchannel on YouTube.

You can review and follow all the tournament live 24/7 on IKF social media profiles timelines and hashtags (#EKC2016) on and Here you will find all photos, videos, behind the scenes and after match interviews.



Live webcasting IKF EKC matches

All IKF European Korfball Championship (IKF EKC) matches will be available through live webcasting.

You are invited to watch the matches via or through the ikfchannel on YouTube.


The ikfchannel on YouTube you can use the url’s:

All time in GMT + 2 Summer time zone or Amsterdam time

Time Date Game YouTube URL
14.00 22-Oct CZE – POL
 16.00 22-Oct BEL – ENG
 18.30 22-Oct NED – CAT
20.30 22-Oct RUS – TUR
 14.00 23-Oct TUR – CAT
 16.00 23-Oct NED – GER
 18.00 23-Oct BEL – POR
 20.00 23-Oct ENG – POL
 14.00 24-Oct POL – POR
 16.00 24-Oct GER – TUR
 18.00 24-Oct ENG – CZE
 20.00 24-Oct CAT – RUS
 14.00 25-Oct POR – CZE
 16.00 25-Oct GER – RUS
 18.00 25-Oct BEL – POL
 20.00 25-Oct NED – TUR
 14.00 26-Oct ENG – POR
 16.00 26-Oct CAT – GER
 18.30 26-Oct BEL – CZE
 20.30 26-Oct NED – RUS


IKF European Korfball Championship 2016: History

Saturday 22 October 2016 the next IKF European Korfball Championship (IKF EKC) starts in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

The first match is Czech Republic – Poland, starting at 14.00 (GMT + 2).

The full history of the IKF EKC is available in the IKF EKC History Booklet; CLICK HERE

You can find the games schedule, teams, groups and venue adress of the next IKF EKC 2016 in Dordrecht in the following link:

The individual matches in including the link with the ikfchannel on YouTbbe: CLICK HERE

Chinese Taipei IKF Asia Korfball Champion

The team of Chinese Taipei is the IKF Asia Korfball Champion after beating Hong Kong China in the final with a remarkable 39 – 14 score.  Chinese Taipei underlined their strength in this 4th IKF AKC in Jaipur, India. Hard work and determination pay off. The other Asian countries have work to do to bridge the gap with Chinese Taipei.

Topscores in the IKF Asia Korfball Championship 2016 final were: Ya-Wen Lin (TPE), Hsiang-Lin Chuang  (TPE), Shu-Chi Chang  (TPE) and Kwok Kuen Ham (HKG) each with 6 goals.

Referee in the final was Ding Ma Martin from China.

Chinese Taipei in yellow. Hong Kong China in white.


In the bronze medal match China beat the home team from India by 17-16. China was trailing the home team for most of the match. At half time after 20 minutes the score was 6-10 in favor of India. After 27 minutes the biggest gap in scoring was 10-16. From that moment the Indian scoring machine failed to be successful and China came closer and closer. Only 3 minutes before the end the Chinese team for the first time in the match equalized the score at 16-16 by topscorer Ding-Xin Wang with 6 goals. The final 17th score came from Liang Zhang. China earned the bronze medal.

China in purple. India in blue.

IKF AKC 2016 Bronze medal CHN IND

4th IKF Asia Korfball Championship: Day 3 Report (results, photos & schedule)

Third day of 4th IKF Asia Korfball Championship started with India against Sri Lanka. This contest was a one sided affair as India defeated Sri Lanka by 61-8. This was the highest scoring match of the tournament.

Second match of the day was between Chinese Taipei and China. The world no. 2 again proved why they are the best in Asia as they outplayed China 25-7. The top scorers of the match Nien – Hua Huang and Yong- Bing Yang with 6 and 2 goals respectively for Chinese Taipei and China.

The afternoon session began with India up against Hong Kong China. India again started the match well at the initial stages but could not maintain the momentum for long. The score line at half time was 12-9 in the favor of Hong Kong China.

The match went neck to neck until the final whistle. The Indian shooters were again off the mark despite of very good rebounding particularly by Indian captain Pardeep Dahiya, they had a very low conversion rate whereas in contrast Hong Kong China scored at almost every opportunity they got. The match ended with Hong Kong China defeating India by 19 goals to 17.If India had won the match China would have qualified and this would have ended Hong Kong China’s hopes of reaching the finals. The player of the match was by far Wing- Yan Cheung who also was the top scorer of the match with 9 goals. Aditya Nandal scored 5 goals for India.

The last match of the day was also the last for Sri Lankan’s as the places for finals and third place match were already decided. Nonetheless it was a valiant effort by the team from South Asian Region. They enjoyed being a part of this tournament as this was their first International appearance. The score line after the match read 29-8 in the favor of China. Top scorers of the match were Yin-Zhou and Farnendo Dilip with 6 and 4 goals respectively for China and Sri Lanka.

Today the teams placings for finals and 3rd place position were decided.

Tomorrow the first match will be played for the bronze medal between China and India at 05:30 GMT and later on at 07:30 GMT the Asian Champion for the fourth edition IKF AKC will be decided between Hong Kong China and Chinese Taipei.SOU_4340SOU_3820SOU_3829SOU_4344SOU_3839SOU_4394SOU_4403SOU_4331

4th IKF Asia Korfball Championship: Day 1 & 2

4th IKF Asia Korfball Championship 2016 commenced in Jaipur, India 26 August 2016.

The host nation played their first match against the reigning Asian champion Chinese Taipei. The defending champions took no time as they opened the scoring in the very first minute of the match. Chinese Taipei raced towards a 16-8 lead at the half-time. And going with the flow they finished the match 21-12. The top scorers of the match were Shu-chi Chang for Chinese Taipei and Pardeep Dahiya for India with 5 and 4 goals respectively.
In the second match of the day Hong Kong China played the debutant team Sri Lanka. The experienced team sailed past the Lankans with the score line reading 30-1 in the favour of Hong Kong China.

There were 4 matches scheduled. The morning session began with Hong Kong China up against China. China started the game brightly and made a nice lead of 5 goals in the 15th minute. Hong Kong China reacted and reduced the deficit to 2 goals at the half time. After the interval the game went neck to neck until the last minute. The scores were tied until the 31st minute. China had a golden chance to wrap the game moments before the final whistle but they missed a penalty. The game finished 13-13 after full time. The match went on in Golden Goal, Tsz Fung LUK of Hong Kong China scored the golden goal. The match ended 14-13 in favour of Hong Kong China.
In the second match of the day Chinese Taipei had no difficulty defeating the new comers Sri Lanka. The match ended one sided with the score line of 38-9 in the favour of Chinese Taipei.

The formal opening of the tournament also took place on Saturday. The Chief Guest was IKF President Dr Jan Fransoo and the Guest of Honour was Honorary Life Time President of IKF Asia Mr M.C. Gupta. There were many dignitaries present at the function, Dr. Inglish Huang, IKF Asia President, Mr Tilbert La Haye, CEO IKF and Dr. Pramod Sharma, Co-chairman IKC were some who graced the event with their presence. The chief coordinator of the ceremony was the IKC Chairman Mr Dilip Kumar.
Another highly significant match of the day started with the hosts India up against their counterparts China. India started well and took a quick lead of 3 goals. Scores at the half time were 7-5 in favour of India. China took no time in responding in the second half and gained a 1 goal lead at the end of the 3rd quarter with the score of 10-9 in China’s favour. The score line read a little against the run of play as India were dominating the match. The 4th quarter was a total one sided affair as China gave the hosts no chance to get back in the match. The score line ended 15-10 in favour of China.
In the last match of the day the defending champions were up against Hong Kong China.
This was the second match of the day for Taipei and they made no fuss about it as they strolled past Hong Kong China with a score line reading 27-9 in favour of Chinese Taipei.
The top scorer of the match was Ken Lin from Chinese Taipei with 6 goals.
The day ended with exciting matches and the biggest moment of the day was the Golden Goal match.

You can follow all games play-by-play, all the results, with statistics and scorers on
For more photos and images visit












IKF Asia Korfball Championship 2016

Friday 26 August the 4th IKF Asia Korfball Championship (IKF AKC) start in Jaipur, Rajhastan, India.

IKF Asia and the IKC (interim committee) have done their utmost to organize a good event.

Five teams compete to become the next Asian Korfball Champion.

Chinese Taipei is the defending Asian Korfball Champion.

Details are available: CLICK HERE

IKF EKC 2016 match schedule and event rules

The IKF hereby publishes the match schedule for the IKF European Korfball Championship (IKF EKC) being held from 22 – 30 October 2016 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. All details IKF EKC: Click here for match schedule and event rules.

The IKF EKC 2016 event rules are published as well.

Matches will be played in 4 quarters of 10 or 7.5 minutes Real Playing Time (RPT)

There will be a break of one (1) minute between quarters one and two and again between quarters three and four. Half time after Q2 shall be 10 minutes.

Each team will be allowed one (1) time out which can be requested at any time when play is stopped.

Each team will be allowed a maximum of 8 (reversible) substitutions.

If scores are level after the end of normal time a “Golden Goal” period of extra time shall be played with a maximum length of 10 minutes RPT. If there is no winner after the “Golden Goal” period, then the match shall be determined by penalties with all eight players from the end of the “Golden Goal” period taking penalties.

We draw your attention to the fact that this is the first time in IKF senior competitions that teams play their matches in four equal quarters of 10 or 7.5 minutes real playing time with one minute breaks between Q1 and Q2 and between Q3 and Q4.

Ten (10) teams are participating in the event. The Netherlands is the defending European Korfball Champion following their win in the last IKF EKC held in 2014 in Portugal.

IKF Honours referee Henry van Meerten with the Pin of Merit

At the recent IKF U23 WKC it was announced that Henry van Meerten, who had been an IKF referee for many years, would be retiring as an IKF International Referee.

On behalf of the IKF, Secretary General Graham Crafter presented Henry with the IKF Pin of Merit to mark his excellent service to the IKF over such a long period of time.

It was rather fitting that his last match was in the Czech Republic since it was in that country that he refereed his first international match in 2007. His last match was the bronze medal match between the Czech Republic and Germany. Lukas Filip from the Czech Korfball Association also presented Henry with a memento to mark the occasion.