IKF President in Taipei

IKF President Fransoo is in Taipei this week for various meetings with the leadership of the Chinese Taipei Korfball Association and the President of IKF Asia. The President commended the CTKA with winning the silver medal at The World Games in Wroclaw this Summer. Also, he thanked the CTKA Exco and IKF Asia President Huang for their extensive support developing korfball in Asia. Thanks to the efforts of the CTKA, now three Asian countries rank in the world’s top 10 and a file requesting recognition has been submitted to the Olympic Council of Asia.

Today, President Fransoo and President Huang met with the Chinese Taipei Sports Minister and the director of the International Affairs department to discuss future opportunities for major IKF events in Taiwan and further collaboration in the development of korfball in Asia.

IKF European Korfball Championship 2018; 1st round

This first round IKF European Korfball Championship 2018 (IKF EKC 1st round) takes place in Budapest, Hungary,

The event days are Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 October 2017.

The first match will start 28 October 09:00 AM between Sweden and Greece.

Eight national teams will compete. The numbers 1 and 2 in this first round will qualify for the IKF EKC in 2018 in The Netherlands.

Follow all games on IKF’s data site: (live results, stats, scorers,…)


IKF presents competition calendar 2017-2021

With the new IKF competition calendar 2017-2021 the number of (official) tournaments has increased. A clear choice have been made by the IKF Council to invest in the future of korfball by putting more emphasis on youth competition.

This means that starting from 2018 annually there will be held an Under 21 Korfball Championship, either a continental or world championship.

Apart from that the former (unofficial) Under 19 Korfball World Cup has been transformed into an official Under 19 World Korfball Championship, bi-annually organised. In the years without a World Championship Asia and Europe will have continental Under 19 Championships.

To stimulate korfball development around the globe, the Under 19 European Korfball Championship has been given an ‘Open’ status. This to provide the opportunity for countries in continents where no continental events are being organised to further develop the sport. For now the same thing counts for the Asian countries to give them the opportunity to play against the strongest European teams and keep improving their level.

The composition of the competition calendar for the seniors has remained the same as in the last years, with a yearly program for at least the top countries; a bi-annual continental championship in the even years is alternated with the World Korfball Championship and the World Games in the uneven years.

VIEW CALENDAR: IKF Global Continental Competition Overview 2017-2022 (.pdf)



1908 SZAC (HUN) & Pegasus (GER) classified for January’s IKF ECup 2018

The Hungarian 1908 SZAC Budapest and the German SG Pegasus are the last two participants qualified for the IKF Europa Cup 2018 Final Round in Platja d’Aro in Catalonia (from 11-13 January 2018), after playing the final 24 September of the IKF Europa Cup 2018 First Round in the city of Prievidza (Slovakia). They will join the six teams that already secured their spot during last year IKF Europa Cup edition.

Eight national champions competed during the weekend of 23 and 24 September in Prievidza. A great tournament showed one more time how intense, exciting and joyful these international korfball championships are. Congratulations to all participants for their effort, enthusiasm, all the energy and good ambiance transmitted during this weekend.

Special recognition and acknowledgment to local organizers and volunteers for an extraordinary and well organized tournament. It’s been a pleasure for everyone that attended to this event. Congratulations!

You can watch again all the games on Facebook’s IKF ECup R1 Event page on and

Moreover, you can also review all the statitistics, play-by-play and top scorers on]

PARTICIPANTS in the IKF Europa Cup 2018 first round:

Pool A Pool B
A1 SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e. V. (GER) B1 Kocaeli Universiteit Sport Club (TUR)
A2 Association Korfbal Firminy (FRA) B2 1908 SZAC Budapest (HUN)
A3 AZS Balluff Wrocław (POL) B3 Edinburgh Mavericks (SCO)
A4 SKK Dolphins Prievidza (SVK) B4 Cardiff City & Met Korfball Club (WAL)


IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: DAY 1 RESULTS (Saturday, 23rd)


IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: RANKING POOLS & DAY 2 SCHEDULE (Sunday, 24)


IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: FINAL RANKING POOLS & DAY 2 RESULTS (Sunday, 24)


IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: Image gallery

Images by Theo van der Linde

Faria is new IKF Secretary General; Allen and Elewaut elected in Exco

The IKF General Meeting 20 August 2017 in The Hague (NED) elected  three new members in its Council:

  • Ms Joana FARIA (POR)
  • Mr Kevin ALLEN (ENG)
  • Mr Björn ELEWAUT (BEL)

Faria Fransoo Allen

Secretary General Faria, President Fransoo, and Exco Member  Allen after the election. Elewaut is not on this picture.

Joana Faria is the first IKF Council member from Portugal. She is also a member of the Executive Committee and will serve as the first female IKF Secretary General.

Kevin Allen is also a member of the Executive Committee. He will carry the responsibility for korfball development and the IKF’s rules and regulations.

Björn Elewaut, also a member of the Executive Committee, will become responsible for refereeing and the further development of the level of international referees, along with a special project focus on the development of IKF Europe.

Mr Graham Crafter (ENG) did not seek re-election following fourteen years of service to the IKF as Secretary General. He had been awarded the IKF Honorary Membership in 2015. Mr Frank Buvens ( BEL) also did not seek re-election after having served for fifteen years on the IKF Executive Committee. The General Meeting appointed him as Honorary Member of the federation.

IKF Secretary General Crafter and Exco Member Buvens retire after many years of service

After a long period of service on the IKF Council and Executive Committee two respected board members stepped down; Mr Graham Crafter (ENG) and Mr Frank Buvens (BEL).

Graham Crafter served the IKF as Secretary General for a period of 14 years.

Frank Buvens served the IKF as Exco and Council member – for competitions and refereeing – since November 2002, nearly 15 years.

Crafter Fransoo Buvens

Crafter, Fransoo, and Buvens (from left to right)

Both Crafter and Buvens have a long – over decades – history in korfball. Both were respected international referees in the past as well. Their contributions to korfball in their respective countries and in international korfball is huge. For their ongoing commitment and dedication to korfball both received distinctions in their countries as well. Crafter was appointed IKF Honorary Member by the General Meeting on 7 November 2015.

IKF President, Mr Jan Fransoo, proposed the General Meeting on 20 August 2017 in The Hague to appoint Buvens Honorary Member as well. With a big hand of applause the General Meeting voted unanimously in favor.

Fransoo took the opportunity to thank both IKF Council members with warm and well deserved words.

IKF General Meeting 2017

The IKF General Meeting will take place Sunday 20 August 2017 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The opening address by the IKF President, Dr Jan Fransoo, will be 9:00 AM (GMT + 1).

The venue is open for registration as of 8:15 AM.

IKF Congress

The IKF Congress will take place Saturday 19 August 2017 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The IKF Congress will start 9:00 AM. The venue is open for registration as of 8:30 AM.

IKF Council accepts Suriname as Associate Member

The Council of the International Korfball Federation has today accepted Suriname as (Associate) Member of the International Korfball Federation. This implies the team of Suriname can participate tomorrow officially in the IKF Open European Beach Korfball Championship, due to start in The Hague.

A few final administrative matters still need to be resolved, but the Federation meets the criteria for admission based on the files submitted.


Photo credit: Surinaamse Korfbal Federatie

The application of Suriname is noteworthy. Korfball was played for many decades in Suriname during the time it was a Dutch colony, but after independence in 1975, formal korfball structures gradually disappeared in the Caribbean country in South America, and Suriname was expelled as member of the International Korfball Federation some years ago. However, korfball continued to be played in school without a formal federation taking care.

Following a recent initiative by former Dutch international player Gerald van Dijk. A group of players with Surinamese roots in the Netherlands revived the Federation, and formally established the Surinaamse Korfbal Federatie. The SKF plans to actively work on the development of korfball in Suriname, along with strong international competitive ambitions, as they intend to participate in next year’s IKF Panamerican Korfball Championship in Cali (Colombia) which serves as a qualification event for the 2019 IKF World Korfball Championship.

Referee Clinics and Workshops Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong

Mr Graham Crafter, IKF Secretary General and former Elite Referee for the IKF, conducted a two days Chinese Taipei Level B Referee Course on special invitation of Chinese Taipei Korfball Association. More than 20 candidates participated on 5 and 6 August. Mr Liu, a councelor of New Taipei City visited the Beach Korfball practical refereeing session in the Sunshine Sport and Recreation Part and expressed his interest and support to the future korfball activities in this city with the biggest population in Chinese Taipei.

After sharing his wide experience with referees from Chinese Taipei, Mr Crafter visited Hong Kong as special guest and chaired ongoing workshops on 9 and 11 August for the IKF appointed referees of the 2nd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championships.

In the above mentioned referee educational events in Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong, the main focus was on the comparison among the rules of Korfball, Beach Korfball, Korfball4 (2 korfs) and 1-Zone Korfball (1 korf).

referee practical session combined with the training of TPE beach korfball squad on 6 August


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