Australia announces national squad for AOKC

Korfball Australia has officially announced the composition of their national team for the Asia-Oceania Korfball Championship, due to be held from 17-23 August in Hong Kong. Australia, ranked second in the region, will definitely try winning the title, though regional number 1 Chinese Taipei is the clear favorite.

aus team aokc 2014

At the team photo, we can see (Back left to right) Phil Sibbons (coach), Adam Robertson, Dan Phillips, Craig Miller, Andrew Hutchesson, Josh Berney, Sam Wetherall, Patrick Branford, Jeremy Harris (Assistant Coach); (front row) Kia Rogers, Ashlee Othen, Jess Crispe, Jess Phillips, Theresa Coletti, Emily Hutchesson, Megan Marks, Jess May.

According to korfball Australia, the national team has trained in separate sessions in addition to the club training sessions. There have been training camps every 3-4 weeks on the weekend. Personal fitness, gym sessions and shooting practice of varied intensity appropriate to individual needs have been going for about 5 months.

Korfball Australia’s team have raised approximately AU$6500 through cake stalls, BBQ and a dinner. There is still the personal sacrifice of approximately AU$2600 per player for flights,accommodation and meals in Hong Kong and uniform.

Source: Korfball Australia newsletter 3 August 2014