IKF Korfball Instruction Videos

The IKF and its Erasmus+ 2020 partners are proud to announce that the handbooks of the IKF Level I and Level II Coach Courses have been finalised. The IKF Korfball Instruction Videos are an important part of these handbooks, and they are now free to watch, share and use for all korfball coaches and players around the world.

The videos highlight key korfball actions and strategies and provide information about the related focus points. The videos have been produced with the help of korfball club PKC, Team NL, commentator Tom Brady and Grinta Media.

The Erasmus+ project was a collaboration between IKF, KNKV, SWISS Korfball, Marmara University, All-Ukrainian Korfball Federation and Polish Korfball Association. The IKF is grateful for the continuous efforts put in by all partners throughout the year. Despite the cancellation of many planned activities and meetings due to the pandemic, all partners fulfilled their task with great energy and dedication. This has resulted in handbooks and video material that can be used by the global korfball community in the years to come.

The IKF Korfball Instruction Videos (click on title to go to YouTube):
*Subtitles available in English, French and Polish. 

Running in shot 

Long Distance Shot 

Short Distance Shot

One Handed Pass 

Two-Handed Pass 



Free Pass 


1-1 Defence

Front Defence

Front Defence in matches

Rebound Defence 

Rebound Defence in matches 

Pressuring the pass 

Attack Pattern 2-2

Attack Pattern 2-2 in matches 

Attack Pattern 2-2 mixes in matches

Attack Pattern 3-1  

Attack Pattern 3-1 in matches 

Attack Pattern 4-0

IKF Level III Coach Course – England

The England Korfball Association (EKA) will organize an IKF Level III Coach Course this summer, from 1 July up until 5 July 2019 in Norwich.

The content of the course will be tailor-made and combine both theory and practice during a five-day program. During this period coaches will be developing their coach education with some of the best coaches in the world through practical and theoretical sessions.

The entry fee for the course is £ 260.00.

Registration for this course is now open and can be done through the online booking form:

The deadline for registration is 26 June.

New edition of the IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp“ to be held in Hong Kong

After editions 2015 and 2016 hosted by KNKV in The Netherlands, there will be a new edition to be hosted by HKCKA (Hong Kong China Korfball Association) in the week 19  to 23 June 2017.

Participants eligible to enroll need to have a coaching background in korfball and they need to certificate through their national organization their coach experience. The course is organized by HKCKA for the participation of maximum 20 candidates. The participants will be selected amongst all applications received, with priority to following profiles according to Coaching background requirements:

      – Coaches from teams in the area of IKF ASIA / IKF OCEANIA
      – Head coaches of U17/U15/U13 national teams
      – Technical directors of the national organizations
      – Coaches conducting training programs for youth academies.

1. How we will train you? The youth camp experience.
The program of the course will be running during the period from 19 to 23 June 2017 in Hong Kong Baptist University. During this period a group of 20 coaches will be joining the experience of a training camp following education with Jan Sjouke van den Bos, Master coach of the KNKV.

2. How to participate? Enrolment process.
Candidates eligible to enroll have to apply before 19 April 2017 by sending the official application considering following details:

      ● Send Certification of the national organization of the coaching experience + passport photo and copy of ID/passport + fill in the personal information at the “Enrolment sheet”
      ● Application letters to attend the course should be sent to
      ● After application has been approved. Participants will receive confirmation around 24 April including details to pay entrance Fee.

3. Entrance fee:
Applications to participate in “IKF Level III Youth Coach Camp 2017” is authorized to all national organizations by sending data required and/or motivational letter. Selection of candidates will be done after considering coaching background. Participation of the course is possible according to different course deals:

a) Entrance Fee: 100 € (including only participation at course program).
b) Entrance fee: 445 € (including 6 nights hosting and meals from Sunday 18th to Friday 23rd included).


Video recap of the 2016 IKF Level III 2nd edition “Youth and talent coach camp”:

IKF Level III “Youth and talent coach camp” starts in Dordrecht

Finally 16 attendees started last Monday 22nd the 2nd edition of “Youth and talent coach camp”. After change of location of the course to Dordrecht and the excellent facilities of the club DeetosSnel, KNKV provides a very intensive week learning program of theoretical and practical sessions; at the same time the program is implement with a visit to a game of the Dutch national team and different club training sessions.

Participants are coming mainly from European countries, seven in total, and other non-European like Dominican Republic, Brazil, USA and Nepal.

Peter Busik (Slovakia)
Luis Rosa (Catalonia)
Xavi Vidal (Catalonia)
Johan Oosterling (The Netherlands)
Tamara Siemieniuk (Poland)
Kevin Robson (Belgium)
Jakub Massa (Czech Republic)
Rob Williams (England)
Vinicius Gama (Brazil)
Guillem Castanyer (Dominican Rep)
Leandro Tavares (Brazil)
Laudys Zapata (Dominican Rep)
Yoan Sanchez (Dominican Rep)
Laxman Gautam (Nepal)
Clairlynn Rountree (USA)
HErman Egberts (The Netherlands)

The course offers the opportunity to learn every detail from the coaching of korfball and to share this experience with other participants from all around the world. Tutors are Ben Crum and Jan Sjouke van den Bos who bring their expertise and knowledge into the sessions of the course. The closure of the course will be friday 26th where participants will obtain their diploma as IKF Level III coach.


Additional places open for Youth Coach Camp 2016

Fifteen youth korfball coaches from ten countries have gained places on the 2016 IKF Level III Youth Coach Camp.

Five places remain open, with a second round for applicants closing on 25 July.

Peter Busik (Slovakia)
Luis Rosa CCatalonia)
Xavi Vidal (Catalonia)
Johan Oosterling (The Netherlands)
Tamara Siemieniuk (Poland)
Kevin Robson (Belgium)
Jakub Massa (Czech Republic)

William N. Teunga (Cameroun)
Edouard Ngayap (Cameroun)

Laxman Gautam (Nepal)

Vinicius Gama (Brazil)
Guillem Castanyer (Rep. Dominicana)
Leandro Tavares (Brazil)
Edwin Cespedes (Rep. Dominicana)
Laudys Jerusi Zapata (Rep. Dominicana)

From Monday 22 to Friday 27 August 2016, in Dordrecht, The Netherlands, the coaches from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas will come together to improve their skills under a group of elite Dutch korfball coaches. Developing korfball countries Brazil, Nepal, Dominican Republic and Cameroon will all be represented on the camp.

Sponsored by KNKV, the camp will follow a similar format to its successful first edition in 2015. Entrance fee of €100 includes six nights accommodation and meals.

Participants require the endorsement of their national korfball organisation, testifying their coaching experience, and are expected to be fluent in English. Course applicants from outside Europe are entitled to apply for continental scholarships to the value of €400 towards travel costs, plus €50 towards the course entrance fee.

Candidates for the remaining places are invited to apply, via their national korfball organisation, with applications to

IKF Level III Youth & Talent Coach Camp into second edition

After its successful first edition in 2015, the IKF Level III Youth Coach Camp now seeks applications from coaches who wish to attend the 2016 edition.

Participants require the endorsement of their national korfball organisation, testifying their coaching experience.

Sponsored by KNKV, the course will be limited to 20 candidates. Priority will be offered to:

    • Coaches from countries in the KNKV’s Top Six programme.
    • Head coaches of U17/U15/U13 national teams.
    • Technical directors of national korfball organisations.
    • Coaches conducting training programmes for youth academies.

Applicants are expected to be fluent in English.

Running from Monday 22 to Friday 26 August 2016, in the accommodation of DVO Bennekom, The Netherlands, the course participants will take part in trainings, theoretical sessions and matches, under the guidance of a group of KNKV’s top korfball coaches. Entrance fee of €100 includes six nights accommodation and meals.

Candidates are invited to apply before 15 June 2016, via their national korfball organisation, with applications to

Detailed information:

At least four places will be guaranteed to applicants from countries outside Europe. Course applicants from Africa, America, Asia and Oceania are also entitled to apply for continental scholarships to the value of €400 towards travel costs, plus €50 towards the course entrance fee.

IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” Course Diplomas

During the days of the last IKF World Korfball Championship, some coaches participating in the “coach to coach” stage of IKF Level IV Course finalized their appointments to conclude the last part of the course. The course started in August 2013 with 13 international coaches participating in central meetings held in Dordrecht and Rotterdam, combined with personal follow up of the coaching performance conducted by tutors Mr Ben Crum and Mr Jan-Sjouke van den Bos.

After the final period of the “coach to coach stage”, tutors confirmed that the coaches mentioned below successfully passed the program of the course and accomplished the requirements to obtain the certificate for IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach”:

Dave Buckland England
Detlef Dulfer Germany
Ivo Kracik Czech Republic
Rosendo García Catalonia
Sergey Nizovsky Russia
Warman Cheng Hong Kong China
Inglish Huang Chinese Taipei
Jorge Alves Portugal
M.A. Tobaruela Catalonia
Detlef Elewaut Belgium

Period: August 2013- October 2015.

Some coaches where available to receive their Level IV diploma during the last day of the IKF WKC.

The Development and Education Committee thanks all attendants in the course, and highly appreciates the partnership with KNKV in order to implement its educational program at all levels.

We are looking forward to design the upcoming edition of the course and further upgrade the dimension of the coaching level.




IKF Level III Youth Camp a great succes

All participants in the IKF Level III Youth Camp finished the camp very successful.

Guided by Mr Ben Crum as project manager the group was very eager to absorb korfball training and coaching knowledge. Ben Crum is a well known Dutch coach with PKC, writer of various korfball training books and IKF Honorary member.

Ben had former Dutch national coach, Mr Jan Sjouke van den Bos to do lectures and sessions during the week as well.

After the presentations all 22 partuicipants showed up for the photo.

All 5 IKF continents were active and represented in the youth camp.

Ben Crum and Frans Walvis in the closing ceremony


IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp” join International Week Dordrecht 2015

Some exciting events are underway this week from 16 to 22 August in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. First of all, IKF in liaison with KNKV run the IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp”. An international group of 22 coaches perform under guidance of current coach of Dutch korfball champion PKC, Mr. Ben Crum. He is appointed as a program manager for this course. Mr. Crum lead a group of prestigious coaches invited to guide the participants in the “Youth coach camp” and learn all about coaching drills at youth level. Amongst this group of tutors, coach of Dutch national team Mr. Wim Scholtmeijer, Mr .Jan Sjouke van den Bos, head of coaches for the KNKV and Mr Detlef Elewaut, coach of Belgium national team, conduct some of the sessions.

During the week several training sessions take place at different Dordrecht clubs featuring local korfballers from 11 to 16 years coming from the clubs: DeetosSnel, Sporting Delta, Movado, Oranje Wit, KC Dordrecht together with some players from KC Barcelona. The training sessions will be useful as a practice for the 22 coaches from 15 different countries representing all five continents. They participate this week in order to obtain the IKF level III diploma for international coaches:

Coach Country M/F
1 Javi Navarro Catalonia M
2 Nigel Cooper Scotland M
3 David Konecny Czech Republic M
4 Bandor Nagy Hungary M
5 Kevin De Waele Belgium M
6 Joe Stirling England M
7 Liandri Theyse South Africa F
8 Danie Smith South AFrica M
9 Pardeep Dahiya India M
10 Alice Chinese Taipei F
11 Bird Chinese Taipei F
12 Karen Fuchs Germany F
13 Keisuke Mashiba Japan M
14 Anna Schutze Germany F
15 Daniel Rivillini Brazil M
16 Maria J. Capparelli Argentina F
17 Sebastian J. Iula Argentina M
18 Diego Rodrigo Argentina M
19 Luciana Bortoletto Brazil F
20 Rosa Cooper New Zealand F
guest Chattha Imtiaz Ahmad Pakistan M
guest Hashmi Shamsa Pakistan F

For some years, IKF and KNKV work closely together in order to involve all korfball nations pursuing to raise their level of play.

For that purpose we provide coaches with a complete program for coaching youth teams. This should be planned and executed with accuracy; furthermore the IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp” is an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, sharing one week with coaches from all around the world in the excellent environment of one of the greatest korfball cities in the world and hosted by well-known club DeetosSnel. The clubs from Dordrecht opens its doors to an international program for coach education and provide the best facilities to perform during this week.


IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp” scheduled for Dordrecht

IKF’s Development and Education Committee invites national organisations to nominate candidates for a Youth Coach Camp scheduled for 16 to 22 August 2015 in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Coaches who successfully graduate from this camp will be awarded the IKF Level III Apprentice Coach qualifications. Coaches with following roles are encouraged to apply:

  • Head coaches of U17/U15/U13 national teams,
  • Technical directors of the national organisations,
  • Coaches conducting training programmes for youth academies


Content for this course will be derived from Ben Crum’s “The IKF Guide to korfball coaching.” Leading KNKV coaches involved with youth education Leon Simons, Kees Vlietstra, Rob Lof and Kees Rodenburg will conduct the course, which will include several  subjects generic to all team sports and will also introduce new training concepts along with the new playing formats such as K4/Beach Korfball.

IKF seeks applications from all around the world in order to improve technical standards among as many different national organisations as possible. Coaches from non-European countries are invited to apply for scholarships to assist in attending the course. All candidates must be fluent in English and must include the approval of their national organisation when applying to attend the course. Deadline for applications is 15 June.

More information is via the following link: