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Upcoming events: IKF ECup 2019 and IKF EShield 2019

Since that the last IKF event of 2018 had been played a few weeks ago, it is time to look foward to the first IKF events of 2019. Traditionally, these are the IKF Europa Cup and the IKF Europa Shield, both club events.

IKF Europa Cup 2019

The IKF Europa Cup 2019 will be held in Kortrijk, Belgium, from the 10th of January up untill the 12th of January. During this event, national champions from six European countries will compete, as well as two teams who qualified during the IKF Europa Cup First Round in September 2018. The eight teams are divided into two pools:

Pool A Pool B
Kon. Boeckenberg KC (BEL) TOP/SolarCompleet (NED)
Trojans Korfball Club (ENG) SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e.V. (GER)
Marmara University (TUR) 1908 SZAC Budapest (HUN)

The last two editions were won by the Dutch national champion TOP/SolarCompleet, who will not be satisfied this year by anything else than a third trophy in a row. However, the other teams are determined to showcase their best play and to claim the victory at last.

Official Event website

For more information, including the match schedule, tournament rules and the playing location, go to:

All matches are webcasted live at our youtube channel:

The official event facebook page:

You can review and watch again all this tournament on (full games, statistics, play-by-play, rankings, top scorers,…), and on IKF social media profiles via hashtag #korfball:


IKF Europa Shield 2019

The 17th edition of the IKF Europa Shield will be organized by the Czech Korfball Association in Prostějov, from the 25th till the 27th of January. The Czech Republic is represented by two club teams during the event, and those are accompanied by club teams from Englang, Hungary, Turkey, Catalonia, Germany and Portugal. The teams are divided into two pools:

Pool A Pool B
Bec Korfball Club (ENG) Schweriner-Korfball-Club e.V. 67 (GER)
Grupo Desportivo dos Bons Dias (POR) CK Vallparadis (CAT)
KCC SOKOL České Budějovice (CZE) Szentendrei Honvéd Kinizsi SE (HUN)
Haydarpasa Lisesi Sport Club (TUR) SK RG Prostějov (CZE)

In 2018, KV Adler Rauxel won the IKF EShield. With them being absent this year, the chances of the runner-up of 2018, Bec Korfball Club, seem to have increased. The English club team has won the Eshield in 2017 and 2016 and surerly will give it their all to win this edition too.

However, since the IKF EShield has been characterized by close results in resent years, exciting  matches resulting in surprising results can be expected during this edition.

For more information, including the match schedule, tournament rules and the playing location, go to:

You can review and watch again all this tournament on (full games, statistics, play-by-play, rankings, top scorers,…), and on IKF social media profiles via hashtag #korfball:


Match schedule IKF Europa Cup 2019 First Round available

The weekend of 21, 22 and 23 September 2018 is the kick-off weekend for the IKF Europa Cup 2019; the Korfball Champions League for European club teams. In the city of Kocaeli, Turkey five national champions will compete in the Europa Cup First Round. The two best teams of this event will automatically qualify for the Europa Cup Final Round in Kortrijk (Belgium) from 10-12 January 2019. They will join the six countries that already secured their spot during the 2018 IKF Europa Cup edition.


1908 SZAC Budapest HUN
Cardiff City & Met WAL
Club Korfbal Castellbisbal CAT


Match schedule, tournament rules and more on ➡️

You can follow all games play-by-play through IKF live data website on

More images, reports, highlights, interviews, videos and curiosities will be available also on IKF social media profiles (#korfball):

The IKF U19 OEKC 2018 Champion is… The Netherlands!

The 2018 IKF U19 Open European Korfball Champion is The Netherlands, after winning 25-18 the Belgian squad in today’s big final in Leeuwarden’s Kalverdijkje Sporthal. Six intense and exciting games decided the final ranking pool of the tournament. Belgium won the silver medal after a great tournament, and England beated Portugal in the Bronze medal game (12-24).

1st Netherlands
2nd Belgium
3rd England
4th Portugal
5th Germany
6th Catalonia
7th Czech Republic
8th Hungary
9th New Zealand
10th Poland
11th NED RTC North
12th Brazil

DAY 3 RESULTS (Sunday, 1-April-2018)
09:00 Brazil 13 – RTC North 30
10:15 Czech Republic 20 – Hungary 10
11:30 Germany 24 – Catalonia 13
12:45 Poland 10 – New Zealand 23
14:00 Portugal 12 – England 24
15:15 Netherlands 25 – Belgium 18




Live Results
Top scorers (updated)

Livestreaming of the games & interviews:
Livestream: Hall 1
Livestream: Hall 2

Social media profiles:
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Twitter IKF U19 OEKC

IKF Event Site on FB (results, images and video recaps):

All information, pools, tournament rules and matches schedule are available on

From March 30th to April 1st 2018, the National U19 teams of Belgium, Brazil, Catalonia, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland,  Portugal and Netherlands RTC North were facing each other at the IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship 2018 in Friesland, The Netherlands, in Kalverdijkje Sporthal.

All images, reports, interviews, videos and curiosities were available live 24/7 also on IKF social media profiles (#IKFU19OEKC):

DAY 3 IMAGE GALLERY (Sunday, April 1st, 2018):
By Marco Spelten (@actiefotografieNL)

IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship 2018

From March 30th to April 1st 2018, the National U19 teams of Belgium, Brazil, Catalonia, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Portugal will face each other at the IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship 2018 in Friesland, The Netherlands. (Venue: Kalverdijkje Sporthal, Leeuwarden).

Update 21 March 2018: The team from Turkey withdrew from the IKF U19 OEKC. Due to this late withdrawal the pools and the match schedule have been adjusted.

This year’s U19 tournament is a special one, while for the first time ever this long existent event has got an official IKF status.

Live Results
Top scorers (updated)

Livestreaming of the games & interviews:
Livestream: Hall 1
Livestream: Hall 2

Social media profiles:
Instagram IKF U19 OEKC
Facebook IKF U19 OEKC
Twitter IKF U19 OEKC

IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe)

The IKF is proud there will be an official second beach korfball tournament in Europe in 2018:  ‘IKF Beach Korfball World Cup (Europe)‘! The event will take place in the weekend of 11 and 12 August 2018 and will be held in Blankenberge, Belgium. The organiser is the Royal Belgian Korfball Association (KBKB).

Beach korfball is fast growing. It is played in multiple countries in all continents around the world. It is sport, fun and excitement. It is very popular with the younger age groups. Therefore the IKF is more than convinced that beach korfball helps to invest in the future of korfball and korfball4. Beach korfball has an important role in development and achieverment of longer term goals of the IKF. Again the 2018 event in Blankenberge will consist both of a Senior and an Under 19 category.

With only four (4) players needed to form a team, instead of eight in regular korfball, IKF is aiming to make it easier for national associations to initiate new korfball activities and reach new players. On the competition level IKF believes to create more equality between the teams and lower costs for national associations by having less athletes involved and using a short tournament format.

The venue of the 2018 tournament will be ‘O Neill Beach Club Blankenberge’. Again this unique accommodation is located sea side: Click here for the Beachcam

Today we disclose the Beach Korfball event logo 2018 as well.

The Belgian Beach Korfball Committee and the IKF are underway to organise a succesful event for teams, players, korfball fans and visitors.

IKF Europa Cup 2018 match schedule

From Thursday 11 January till Saturday 13 January 2018 the 52nd IKF Europa Cup final round korfball will be played in Platja d’Aro, Catalonia.

Thursday 11 January 2018 9.00 AM the first match will start; KCC Sokol České Budějovice versus SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e. V.

Today the IKF published the IKF Europa Cup 2018 pools, match schedule (all times in GMT + 1)+ the event rules:

Click here for match schedule, pools and event rules

Mr Jaap OUD passes away

The International Korfball Federation has been informed of the passing of Mr Jaap Oud, holder of the IKF Badge of Honour, on 4 August 2017 at the age of 80.

Jaap Oud served in the eighties and nineties of the twentieth century over more than a decade the Royal Dutch Korfball Federation (KNKV) as vice-president. When he stepped down in 1993 he was appointed KNKV Honorary Member.

After that period he became member of the first IKF Committee responsible for the set-up and organisation of korfball events in Europe. He served the IKF in that role for more than 13 years. In total he served the IKF for more than 20 years – since 1985 – on many occasions as jury member and IKF Coordinating Officer. In the General Meeting 21 January 2006 in Utrecht (NED)  Mr Jan Fransoo presented him with the Badge of Honour.

Jaap Oud was involved with korfball over many decades. He served his club, Groen Geel, the KNKV and the IKF – i.e. the korfball community – with great dedication and commitment.

For all his professional, volunteering and political activities he was knighted by the Dutch queen.

The IKF has lost a man with great commitment to education and development of national / international korfball. We send our sincere condolences to his wife, Jeanet, children and grandchildren.

IKF Europa Cup 2017 Final round korfball: the 10 participants and the pools

From Thursday 12 January till Saturday 14 January 2017 the 51st IKF Europa Cup final round korfball will be played in the Netherlands, in Sassenheim, in the city of Teylingen. The Royal Dutch Korfball Federation (KNKV) will organize this event in close cooperation with TOP/Quoratio.

The International Korfball Federation is proud and happy to announce the 10 national champions that will participate in this edition of the IKF Europa Cup.

Which team will win the IKF Europa Cup in 2017?

The last edition of this annual korfball event took place in Budapest (Hungary) in January 2016. The winner was PKC/SWK Groep, Papendrecht, Netherlands.

After the first round, a qualification event, of the IKF Europa Cup 24 and 25 September in Cardiff, Wales all 10 participating teams in the final round are known:

BELGIUM                             :              Boeckenberg Korfbal Club

CATALONIA                       :              Club Korfbal Vallparadís /Assessoria

CZECH REPUBLIC          :              Korfbal Klub Brno

ENGLAND                           :              Trojans Korfball Club

GERMANY                           :              KV Adler Rauxel e.V

HUNGARY                           :              Szentendrei Kinizsi Honvéd SE

POLAND                               :              UKK WUM Warszawa

PORTUGAL                         :              Nucleo de Corfebol de Benfica

TURKEY                                :              Kocaeli University Sport Club

NETHERLANDS               :              TOP/Quoratio

The Pools are:

Pool A Pool B
TOP/Quoratio Boeckenberg Korfbal Club
Korfbal Klub Brno NC Benfica
Club Korfbal Vallparadis Trojans Korfball Club
Kocaeli University Sport Club KV Adler Rauxel
Szentendrei Kinizsi Honvéd SE UKK WUM Warszawa

Within two weeks the IKF Europa Cup 2017 match schedule will be published.

The full IKF History Booklet of this event with all details on all 50 preceding events is available in the IKF website. The link is: CLICK HERE FOR THE IKF EUROPA CUP HISTORY BOOKLET .

IKF ECup R1 day 2

Edinburgh City Korfball Club – Vardananq 18 – 9 (8-2)

The Armenians lost track of time and started the play off for places 5 and 6 with insufficient preparation. They only scored two during the first half, the second one during the sound of the buzzer indicating the end of the playing time! On many occasions however attacks were interrupted by buzzers of the shot clock. Although the Scottish team, much more experienced, strolled towards an easy victory, in the second half Vardananq scored 7 goals enabling some hope for the other confrontation later on.

State University-HSS – UKK WUM Warszawa 13 – 14 (6-7)

First IKF ECup first round semi final of the day!

Russians, somewhat too self-confident, created many scoring opportunities but missed many. Warszawa, not in the strongest composition, seized the opportunity and had the lead which they kept till half time.

Same scenario after tea. Strong defense from both teams kept the score low and with 10′ to go the Russians, after having been able to take the lead for the first time, were unable to create a gap. With only 4′ to go the play became more rough and the referee had to watch close combats. Many spectators now, present for the match of the home team later on, witnessed a thrilling match end with a small margin in favour of Warszawa thanks to more successful shooting.

Szentendrei KC – SKK Dolphins Prievidza 11 – 6 (5-1)

Szentendrei, clearly the favourite, had to struggle for a long time to create a gap. Uncontrolled infringements and bad shooting from Slovakian attackers gave many opportunities to the opponents but only few came to a good result. The low score at half time was not much appreciated by the crowd that hoped for more later on.

Not much difference however in the second half. Many substitutions could not influence the playing level of both teams resulting in a low score. The more experienced Hungarian players (Veres, Horvath) took advantage  of the slow pace and created the final difference in score.

Vardananq – Edinburgh City Korfball Club 6 – 15 (3-5)

In the second match the tempo was much slower with a relevant score. Playing 4 matches over two days may be inconveniant but then again especially Vardananq has not many opportunities to compete with other teams.

Unfortunately a Scottish girl got injured just before the end of the match. The fifth place of Edinburgh however was never at stake.

HSS State University – SKK Dolphins Prievidza 21 – 14 (10 – 7)

The winner of this match would qualify for the IKF Europa Cup final round in the same venue in January 2016.

The teams already played each other the day before. Only now the Dolphins gave much more pression on the Russian attackers and it remained difficult to predict the outcome at half time.

The Slovakian enthusiasm was countered by slow motion Russian attacks. Physical effort against technical superiority, the spectators had a difficult choice.

The final score does not reflect the tensity of this match. State University earned the victory all right but the Dolphins are to be congratulated for giving a hard time to the opponents.

UKK WUM Warszawa – Szentendrei KC 7 – 16 (3 – 4)

The clash of the titans!

This match was not only about the winner of the IKF ECup first round. Also the draw in the pools to avoid the higher ranked teams from Europe for the final round was an issue.

Warszawa obviously was the underdog due to the home public, the result of the day before and the efforts that were paid to beat the Russian participant. Almost equal in strength, this fact also was shown on the scoreboard. Inadequate preparation of the rebound on both sides resulted in one-shot attacks.

Some tactical changes and substitutions led to a 3-7 score and minutes later to 5 – 11. Szentendrei now was the much better team and celebration of victory  was only a matter of time!

Not many would have expected the Hungarian team to end as the winner of their own tournament. After the final match no one could question the legacy of this performance.

IKF ECup R1 day 1

State University-HSS – SKK Dolphins Prievidza 16 – 6 (8 – 3)

The Russians entered a very young team under the guidance of the experienced shooter Dimitri. Although the Dolphins at the beginning were able to keep the score low, some tactical recommendations from coach Nizovski gave a boost to the players resulting in a comfortable lead at half time. Exactly the same score in the second half left no doubt about the Russian ambition to get qualified for the final round.

UKK WUM Warszawa – Vardananq 26 – 7 (9 – 2)

It was thrilling to see an Armenian team on the international scene again. After a long and tiring journey they could not compete with the Polish champion but then they obviously enjoyed the game. At half time it was clear that there was still a long way to go and much exercise to perfom but the main aim, to reappear in a European tournament, largely compensated the difference in score.

In the second half there was much more struggle. However too many infringements of the Armenians against the running rule on one hand and a rebound suppremacy of the tall male opponents on the other resulted in a clear Polish victory!

SKK Dolphins Prievidza  – Edinburgh City KC 19 – 11 (10-3)

The Dolphins, although clearly defeated in the first match, had regained confidence giving the team from Scotland a hard time in the first half. Smooth combinations, accurate shooting and good physical effort resulted in an easy win after all.

Vardananq – Szentendrei KC 5 – 20 (1-11)

Unfortunately for Vardananq the Hungarian champion was very eager to qualify for the final round, given the fact that Hungary would be the host. With a very fast ball circulation and successful shooting Szentendrei left no doubt about the outcome of this match.

Edinburgh City KC – State University-HSS 7 – 28 (1-15)

It is a pity that the Russians could not make it this year to the final round forcing the team to play first rounds. Especially for teams like Edinburgh it is hard to struggle against such power play. Every spectator would prefer more balanced games. Unfortunately this was not the case here. It must be said. Edinburgh courageously continued to fight in the second half scoring their third after only 3′

As an extra it was enjoyable to see Sergey Nizovski come in as a substitute.

Szentendrei – UKK WUM Warszawa 15 – 11 (8-8)

Much excitement here. Two teams almost equal in strenght fighting for the first place in the pool.  The shots now were very much more influenced by close defenders (5-4 after 10′) Obviously both teams had fielded their strongest and most experienced selection. Hungarian girl power resulted in a  small margin just before the end of the first half but within minutes Warszawa equalised with an offensive strategy (8-8)

It then seemed that the Hungarians were able to do what their opponents could not: play with a tactical plan. A more balanced set up against individual actions too close to the post gave ball recuperation resulting from uncontrolled attacks and bad shooting from the Polish champion.

Many spectators enjoyed a great performance from both teams!


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