IKF UKWC day 1

Some images from the IKF University Korfball World Cup day 1; 16 April 2015.

The results and the matches planned can be found under: IKF UKWC Matches; click here.

The second day is underway.


IKF UKWC matches on

The IKF University Korfball World Cup starts today. You can follow the matches on your Pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Click HERE to go to the direct connection between the jury table in the University venue in Norwich, England and the IKF match database and follow all matches.

The – free of charge – World Korfball app shows all matches as well.

All match times published are in the London summer time zone.

This event is patronised by FISU.

IKF University Korfball World Cup starts 16 April

Thursday 16 April 2015 the “IKF UKWC” event starts in Norwich, England.This universities event is patronaged by FISU. Eight teams compete.

For the pools and match schedule: Click here IKF UKWC 2015 Pools + Match schedule.

IKF University Korfball World Cup starts next week

In almost one week time the IKF, the English Korfball Association (EKA) and the Local Organising Committee will welcome the eight competing teams in Norwich (England) at the “IKF UKWC 2015 patronaged by FISU” event.

We bring you up to date the final pools + match schedule + timings.  The IKF UKWC event is:

  • New tournament, so no recent history about results & ranking
  • Therefore we used the global IKF ranking as starting-point
  • All teams can play for the championship
  • Pool A + B by drawing pairs, so no predictable pools, although there is no recent history.

Due to the late Russian withdrawel, luckily replaced on very short notice by NED 2 (thanks to KNKV), based on above mentioned criteria and review by the IKF Competitions Committee the IKF CC jumped to the conclusion to change from drawing pairs into the snake-procedure. Following the snake-procedure and the above mentioned criteria the IKF CC decided on the pools A and B. The IKF UKWC pools and match schedule is filled accordingly; IKF UKWC 2015 Pools + Match schedule; click here.

IKF University Korfball World Cup

The IKF has to change the pools and the match schedule of the first University Korfball World Cup. This event is patronaged by FISU. The reason for these changes is the late withdrawal (visa related issues) of Russia.

The revised schedule is available:  IKF UKWC schedule; click here

The Netherlands 2 participates to complete the eight university from all over the world.

From 16 – 18 April 2015 eight national university teams compete in Norwich, United Kingdom, in the University of East Anglia to become the University Korfball World Cup winner. hedule (revised 2 April 2015).