IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” Course great success

The IKF Master Coach Clinic in Dordrecht, The Netherlands was very intense. The 12 participants and 7 the tutors worked hard during 5 days. The agenda covered many topics relevant for the “High Performance Coach” working in the area of topkorfball.

The participants arrived Tuesday 27 August from 9 countries.  The longest trips were made by Inglish Huang from Chinese Taipei and Warman Cheng from HongKong. But attendants from Russia, Germany, Belgium, England, Czech Republic, Catalonia, and Portugal contributed as well.

Sunday 1 September this part of the course came to an end. In the next few months the attendants will work at home on their ‘homework’. The reactions from attendants were positive; “this adds to my coach qualities”, “excellent to communicate with coaches from other countries”, good to learn from very experienced international coaches”, good to discover the facilities of software to analyse korfball matches”.

Project manager Ben Crum was very satisfied and tired after five heavy days.

Frans Walvis, IKF Senior Vice-President, was present on the last day to express the great value of this course in the light of the IKF strategy; 6 countries should compete for the highest places in the IKF elite events. Walvis mentioned to the participants: “Have a safe journey home and spread the word that this course is a valuable asset in further developing your coach abilities and will help you to improve the level of play in your home country. Tell other countries as well that this course is available”. Of course Walvis took the opportunity to thank project manager Ben Crum, the KNKV and Albert Vidanya from the IKF for their great efforts in this success.

Live webcasting – Youth korfball

Saturday 22 June the YouTube Korfball Channel  – ikfchannel – will show youth korfball amongst others in LIVE webcasting.

In the city of Dordrecht,The Netherlands, this Saturday the KNKV organises the finals in the outdoor competition. The Local Organising Committee of the clubs in Dordrecht, the city council of Dordrecht  and the KNKV support related to the Year of the Youth 2013 the webcasting project.

The following matches will go live to the world (all starting times are in Amsterdam time zone):

Youth till 13 years; starting 1100 AM : Oranje Wit C1 – Achilles C1

Youth till 16 years; starting 1330 PM : DeetosSnel B1 – GroenGeel B1

Youth till 19 years; starting 1700 PM :  DSC A1 – Fortuna/MHIR A1

Seniors; starting 1900 PM :  PKC/Hagero – Blauw Wit



Botlhe Mogapelwa Youth Sports Ambassador

The International Alliance for Youth Sports (IAYS) has officially selected Botlhe Mogapelwa of Botswana as a Game On! Youth Sports Ambassador. By becoming an Ambassador, he joins a growing worldwide consortium comprised of dedicated individuals who are strong advocates of the power of sports in making a positive difference in the lives of children.

Mogapelwa founded the Korfball Association Botswana (KAB) in 2008 and he represented Botswana in the setting up of the African Continental Korfball Federation (ACKF) and the Zone Six Korfball Federation (ZKF) in 2009. ZKF has since been affiliated with the Supreme Council For Sport in Africa.

“I first met Botlhe in 2008 in Gaborone when we introduced korfball to Botswana,” said Chris Theyse, the International Korfball Federation Development Officer for the African Continent. “Botlhe seems to be a motivated person with a clear set of goals in life. Given the difficult circumstances experienced during the introduction and expansion of korfball in Botswana, he is indeed a person that can stick to his goals and can execute a demanding task over a long period of time.”

IKF awards Korfball World Congress 2013 to Lisbon (Portugal)

The Executive Committee of the International Korfball Federation (IKF) has awarded
the hosting of its Bi-annual Korfball World Congress and General Meeting to the
Federacao Portuguesa de Corfebol (FPC). The Congress will be held from 25-27
October 2013 at the SANA Metropolitan Hotel is Lisbon.

The event will consists of two days of Congress meetings that will not only allow all IKF Committees and Continental Confederations to have their annual business meetings, but also a general program on korfball’s status and development, for which general
registration will be possible. The Congress highlight will be a festive dinner for the worldwide korfball community on Saturday evening 26 October. The IKF Bi-annual General Meeting will be held on 27 October. The previous IKF Korfball World Congress and General Meeting were held in 2011 in Shaoxing, China.

IKF President Fransoo is very satified with the Portuguese bid: “This bid
will allow us to take our Congress to a next higher level. We hope to attract
not only the representatives from executive committees of national federations,
and committees from the IKF and our continental confederations. We invite
anybody interested in the worldwide korfball development to register and take
part in the discussions on our future.”

FPC President Mario Almeida: “Portugal is honored by this selection, being sure
that it has all the conditions so that this event will be a milestone in the
development of worldwide korfball. These three days, that will bring
together  representatives of national korfball federations and specialists
of the four corners of the globe, will strengthen the most important
institutional and international relationships, and set important strategic
orientations for the sport. On the eve of the IKF European Korfball
Championship 2014 in Portugal, this event will be a demonstration of the
prestige and potential of our great sport.”