IKF Social Media Call

Are you interested to increase the IKF’s social and digital impact? 

If korfball is your passion and you have social media or other digital skills then you can help increase korfball’s global impact by volunteering your time and skills. 

Korfball is growing globally. With close to 70 member countries, korfball is part of many people’s daily lives, and korfball activities take place globally at any time of day. Over the past years, the IKF has built up a considerable presence in social and other web media and is one of the most innovative international federations in this domain. Live scoring on, casting of IKF events on and YouTube, extensive social media coverage of our events on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, a website as a repository of our official documents, and much more. 

The IKF would like to further develop its social media and digital presence. For social media we would like more impact during our events, coverage of other events, and more presence in between events. In terms of information provisioning, we would like to collect and share more of our data and provide interesting graphs, analyses, and social content. We would like to inform interested korfball fans better and in a more personalized way. And of course we are interested to further develop the experience of viewers of our webcasts. 

For this, we would like to put together a pool of volunteers that can help us. These volunteers can be any of the following (but definitely not limited to this list): 

  • Social media writer/producers 
  • Video producer, director, etc 
  • Social media editors 
  • Software developers 
  • Data scientists 
  • Journalists, interviewers, reporters (social and other electronic media) 
  • …. (fill in what you think the IKF and the global korfball community needs) 

If you are interested, or if you would like to know more, please send us an email with your name and contact details.  

Please send your application or expression of interest before 6 May 2020 to the IKF Office: For further information contact the IKF CEO Tilbert La Haye: 

Note: This is a call for volunteers. We do not solicit commercial applications for service provisions. Please refrain from developing any commercial proposal based on this text.