The powerful Dutch team wins the IKF U19 World Korfball Championship 2023

Twelve teams have been competing in the Belgian city of Ghent from 7 to 9 April for the IKF U19 World Korfball Championship 2023 trophy. Portugal, Morocco, Netherlands, England, France, Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Hong Kong China, Germany, Catalonia, Slovakia and Belgium were the participants, and one team has been playing at another level during all its matches: the Netherlands.

In today’s final against the unbeaten Belgium, the Dutch players were able to perform a very good game again, and the few goals scored by the opponent facilitated an easy win (5-21) for the Netherlands in this final match.

The Champions: The Netherlands

England and Chinese Taipei played for Bronze in the previous game,  and the Asian team leaded the match from the very begining with a spectacular and dynamic korfbal, that allowed them to win by 13-26.

In the game for 5th place, Czech Republic beated Catalonia 19-12 and Germany won an exciting match versus Portugal by one single goal (14-13).


Team Rank Games Pts Goals + Goals – Diff
Netherlands 1 6 18 160 27 133
Belgium 2 6 12 127 62 65
Chinese Taipei 3 5 12 100 56 44
England 4 5 6 45 101 -56
Czech Republic 5 5 9 100 65 35
Catalonia 6 5 6 45 78 -33
Germany 7 5 9 69 55 14
Portugal 8 5 3 58 80 -22
Slovakia 9 5 6 44 53 -9
France 10 5 6 42 87 -45
Hong Kong China 11 5 3 36 88 -52
Morocco 12 5 3 40 114 -74


Thanks to the Royal Belgian Korfball Association for organising such a wonderful tournament, and to all teams, players, coaches, managers, officials and most importantly, the volunteers, for all their hard and good work and friendship. This is korfball!

DAY 3 IMAGE GALLERY (by Marco Spelten)



All fans around the world were be able to follow this tournament live on and on (with live results and streams, statistics, scorers, play-by-play …). For more local information and tickets there was the LOC official website: 

On social media you can find the best images, clips and highlights, visiting the official IKF profiles (see below) and via the hashtags #U19WKC and #korfball:

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DAY 2 IMAGE GALLERY (by Marco Spelten)

DAY 1 IMAGE GALLERY (by Marco Spelten)


Event info:

IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship 2020 canceled

Today the Netherlands government, in coordination with the Netherlands Olympic Committee, decided that all sports events will be canceled until the end of this month. This includes training and preparation activities.

While the U19 OEKC is starting 10 days after this period ends, the disruption in sports is huge. It is not at all unlikely that this period will be extended. Moreover, travel restrictions in Europe are increasing day-by-day, and a number of countries have imposed travel restrictions on the Netherlands. Effectively, this current decision of the Netherlands government, along with multiple decisions of other governments implies that the U19 Open European Korfball Championship unfortunately will need to be canceled on the earlier announced dates of 10-12 April 2020. The International Korfball Federation and the Royal Dutch Korfball Association have jointly concluded this today. We will review in due course whether an option can be created to organise the championship at a later date. At this stage, however, this is unclear and no commitment can be made for that.

We realise that on the one hand the cancelation of this event is a major disappointment for the athletes and officials that have been preparing for this event for such a long time. At the same time, health considerations are critical, not only for our athletes and officials, but also in relation to our joint responsibility to combat this virus.

We would like to thank the KNKV and the Local Organising Committee for the extensive efforts they have conducted in the preparations of this event.

KAT reveals the logo of the 4th IKF Asia U16 & U19 Korfball4 Championships 2020

Korfball Association of Thailand revealed the logo for the upcoming IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championships 2020. This is the 4th edition of this Korfball4 event which is going to take place in Udon Thani (provincial capital city in Northeast Thailand) from 29th March to 4th April 2020. Matches will take place in Udon Thani Hall, Central Plaza.


(4/2/2020) Latest rules announcement available on:


Event info:


IKF U19 WKC 2019: Day 1 Review

Day 1 of the IKF U19 WKC 2019, held from 19-21 April in ‘t Kalverdijkje, Leeuwarden, has come to an end. Today all the group matches and the opening ceremony were scheduled.

Results U19 WKC horizontal

Tomorrow, all the quarter and semifinals will be played for the top two and the two highest ranked third countries. The remaining four countries start to play their matches in the round-robin format.
Moving on to the quarterfinals are The Netherlands, Germany, Chinese Taipei, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium, England and the Czech Republic.
Moving on to the round robin format are Catalonia, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong China.
Tomorrow’s match schedule can be found at the U19 WKC event page.

Wedstrijdschema U19 WKC v3 horizontal

Don’t miss any of the matches by following the live streams on worldkorfball.orgthe IKF Social Media channels and via the hashtags #U19WKC and #korfball:
Instagram: @korfball_org
Twitter: @korfball

Photos by Marco Spelten and Gertrude de Vries – –

IKF U19 World Korfball Championship 2019

From the 19 till 21 April 2019, the first IKF U19 World Korfball Championship (IKF U19 WKC) will take place in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands in sport centre ‘t Kalverdijkje.

During this event, the best U19 national teams will showcase their talent and compete for the trophy.

Which team will gain the first official U19 World Championship?

The KNKV (Koninklijk Nederlands Korfbal Verbond) is the local organizer.

Belgium, England, Germany, Portugal, Hungary, Catalonia, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong China, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia and The Netherlands.

*Unfortunately, Morocco had to withdraw. For more information: 

VENUE:  Sporthal Kalverdijkje, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (Kalverdijkje 77A, 8924 JJ Leeuwarden)

Video (I):
Video (II):

Social media
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Hashtags: #u19wkc #korfball


Livestreams & interviews:
Livestream Hall 1 (to be updated)
Livestream Hall 2 (to be updated)
Interviews (to be updated)

IKF U19 World Korfball Championship: Tournament set-up, pools and match schedule

In just over two months, from 19 to 21 April 2019, the IKF U19 World Korfball Championship (WKC) 2019 will start. The participating countries have been known for a while, but now we can also announce the tournament set-up, the pools for the group stage and the complete match schedule.

The 13 participating countries have been divided into one pool of five and two pools of four countries.

Pool A Pool B Pool C





Chinese Taipei


Czech Republic

Hong Kong China





Except for two games of pool A, the group stage matches will all be played during the first day of the tournament, Friday, April 19th. Day two will start with the remaining two matches from Pool A. The top three countries of Pool A and the top two countries of Pool B and C will automatically head on to the quarterfinals. The eighth country joining the quarterfinals, will be the winner of an extra match between the third countries of Pool B and C. The remaining five countries will play in a new group, ‘Pool D’, against each other in a round robin system. The quarterfinals and semi-finals will be played on Saturday the 20th. The finals will be played on Sunday the 21st.

The matches will consist out of four quarters of eight minutes real playing time, with a one minute break between the first and second quarter as well as between the third and fourth quarter. The half time break will take five minutes. Only exceptions are the matches for the 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th place on the final day of the event. Those matches will consist of four quarters of ten minutes.

The tournament will be officially opened through an opening ceremony on April 19th at 11:00 o’clock During the second day of the tournament, the draw for the IKF World Korfball Championship will be held at 14:00 o’clock. The tournament will be closed by a medal ceremony after the last match on Sunday.

From this moment on, you can find the match schedule on the event page and on our Social Media channels. All matches will be broadcasted live on the IKF YouTube channel and on with live statistics, play-by-play, rankings, top scorers, etc.


Chinese Taipei wins Championships in 1-Korf Korfball4 Format

After retaining 2-Korf titles Chinese Taipei continues their dominance in 1-Korf format by winning the finals in both the age groups U19 & U16. Taipei defeated Hong Kong in U16 finals by 17-3 goals. Malaysia U16 wins the Bronze medal in a close encounter against Thailand with a narrow margin of 1 goal.
In the U19 category of 1-Korf Chinese Taipei secured gold medal by defeating China by a massive margin. China could score only 2 goals in a reply of 15 goals scored by Chinese Taipei. Ya-Ni CHU from Taipei had a commanding game and was involved in sealing the win. Once again Malaysia could finish with the bronze medal with the win over 8-5 goals against Thailand. Even with the loss, Thailand made quite an impression with their skills and talent in both the categories.

1-Korf Final Rankings

Final Rankings

MVP in Different Categories:

1. U16 2-Korf Male MVP: Pacharaphat Snpaiboonphol (Thailand)
2. U16 2-Korf Female MVP: Pei-Chun Tsai (Chinese Taipei)
3. U16 1-Korf Male MVP: Yu-Hsin Chen (Chinese Taipei
4. U16 1-Korf Female MVP: Wing-Ka Lam (Hong Kong)
5. U19 2-Korf Male MVP: Sheng-Chieh Lin (Chinese Taipei)
6. U19 2-Korf Female MVP: Suet Ying Foo (Malaysia)
7. U19 1-Korf Male MVP: Lotion Cao (China)
8. U19 1-Korf Female MVP: Ya-Ni CHU (Chinese Taipei)

For more updates, please visit:
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Chinese Taipei retains Championship in 2-Korf Korfball4

Chinese Taipei has maintained their perfect IKF Asia Korfball4 record by winning in both categories. In U16 category after beating Thailand in the Final with a remarkable score 21-7 and in U19 category became victorious after defeating China by 20-5 score. Once again Chinese Taipei underlined their strength in these 3rd IKF Asia Korfball4 championships. Hard work and determination pay off. The other Asian countries have even more work to do to bridge the gap with Chinese Taipei.
In the Bronze medal match for the U16 category, Hong Kong manages to win a medal for them in a very exciting encounter against Malaysia, final score 11-10.
Malaysia won the Bronze medal in the U19 category by defeating Thailand 11-4.

For more updates, please visit:
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2K final result





3rd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball Championships 2018: Day 4 Results & Images

As Day 4 action of the 1-Korf progresses we are getting close to having a clear picture of ranking spots. Only six more matches to go in order to know the finalists. Mainly there were no surprises on Day 4 of the U19 & U16 championships, except Hong Kong defeated China in U16 (11:6). Malaysia took the revenge of their yesterday’s loss in 2-Korf format from Thailand. This may be attributed to obviously different game tactics used in both the formats. Taipei remains undefeated on Day 4 and close to reserve their spot in the finals. Tomorrow in the second half we will have finals and other ranking matches for the 2-Korf format.

Games can be followed live on Facebook page on 14 and 15 April 2018 Live results, matches schedule, game statistics, play-by-play, scorers and ranking pools will be available live from GYMNASIUM, THE AFFLILIATED JHONGLI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (JLSHS) OF NATIONAL CENTRAL UNIVERSITY.

Results day 4














3rd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championship 2018: Day 3 Results & Images

On the day 3 matches from 2Korf format were played starting with a very high scoring match of the day between Sri Lanka U19 and Chinese Taipei U19 (5: 49). Sheng-Chieh Lin of Taipei contributed the maximum number of goals for his team. The second match of the day played between Malaysia and Thailand in the U19 category was incredibly close game. Jyue-Yuan Teong of Thailand played the key role in seizing the victory by 11:13 in favor of Thailand.

China U19 put up a good fight in another close encounter with Chinese Taipei U19. In the end, Taipei gave a strong reply and won the match by 9:11.

For more updates, please visit:
Official FB page, with updated results and images from games ➡️

day 3










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