IKF U21 WKC 2018 Day 6: Matches schedule, live streaming links & updated reports

Thursday July 12th will be the sixth day of competition at the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship 2018 in Budapest, HUNGARY. These are the games scheduled after Day 5 final results. Follow and watch all games through IKF live webcasting on Click here



Match 26 (12:30h): GERMANY 14 ENGLAND 15 Golden Goal

Whatever the sport, wherever the occasion, Germany v England is always a meeting of familiar friends and historical foes. The tension showed in the first five minutes with much endevour but little effective play. England settled first and controlled the next few minutes scoring 4 goals, including a fine long shot from Ashby (#17) while maintaining the pressure on the German attack. Gerlich (#07) was Germany’s best option and responded with their only goal of the quarter. England leading 1-4.
Tension returned in the second quarter and the players continued to struggle to find composure. Referee Huang (Chinese Taipei) was kept busy with much physical play under the England attack korf. Eventually, England asserted control with long shots from Sparks (#02) and Boyd (#01) giving them a 3-7 lead. Germany scored 4 in the half, all from one division with Gerlich and Rauhut (#09) scoring 2 each. England going into half-time 4-8 ahead.
The German coach made changes throughout the second half, Gerlich switching ends. At first to little effect, England stretching their lead to 6. Germany came back into the match with both divisions now scoring and England losing their composure. Goals from Rauhut  and Hornung (#04) at the end of the quarter reduced the deficit to 2 with England leading 9-11.
England made a change at the start of the final quarter, Ashby giving way to Dunn (#20). Germany continued to press and England kept making mistakes. Eventually, Hornung equalised for Germany at 12-12 with four minutes left. England took the lead again before Treffts (#05) scored 2 goals in the last minute to take the match to golden goal.
England pressed hard in the first Germany attack and soon took possession. England patiently kept the ball, creating several chances before Boyd drove to the post to score the winning running shot. Final score 14-15.
Players of the match, Jacob Dawes (#18) for England and Lena Gerlich (#07) for Germany.

Match 27 (14:15h): HUNGARY 17 HONG KONG 15

The first competitive fixture between Hungary and Hong Kong China took place in front of a vociferous home crowd with the winners progressing to the 5th place final. The match started brightly with both teams scoring good long shots. Hungary took the lead four times and Hong Kong equalised each time. Hungary’s England bound Lang (#07) scoring a couple in the opening exchanges. Hungary finished the quarter ahead for a fifth time with a runner from Bulucz (#02).
In the second quarter both teams played some attractive attacking korfball, but with no end result. Eventually, after five minutes without a goal, Hungary forced the penalty, converted by Ohlmann (#15). Hungary ahead by two for the first time. Hong Kong hit back again with two long range efforts. Chan (#15) with her second to equalise. A flurry of goals followed and Hungary again went two ahead, leading 9-7 at half-time.
Both coaches made changes at half-time. The game continued to flow with Hong Kong increasingly comfortable with the pace of the match. Fong (#50) scoring two to bring the match level at 9-9. Hong Kong continued to create the better chances and went ahead for the first time, 9-11. With the match becoming more physical, Hungary had a chance to reduce the gap, but missed a penalty twice and, after a Hungary time-out, Hong Kong went three ahead. Two quick goals from Hungary saw them back into the game. The Hungary coach reversed one of his substitutions bringing Horvath (#05) back. The third quarter finished with Hong Kong one ahead 12-13.
Pauly (#13) returned at the start of the fourth quarter as Hungary continued to chase the match. Hungary scored three, from Ohlmann and two from Bellusz (#08) to edge ahead 15-13. Hong Kong used their innovative free passes to good effect. Confusing their opponents to draw a penalty and close the gap to one.
Both teams were chasing hard for the victory and referee Marks (Australia) was required to make many decisions in the last minutes. Twice Hong Kong reduced the gap to a single goal and twice Hungary scored. Eventually winning 17-15 much to the home crowd’s delight.
Players of the match, Kristof Bellusz (#08) for Hungary and Kai Yiu Fong (#50) for Hong Kong China.

Match 28 (16:00h): CHINA 14 CZECH REPUBLIC 13 Golden Goal

China and Czech Republic faced each other for the right to play Hungary for 5th place.  Czech Republic started better and were soon two goals ahead, both from Stefak (#16) from range. Two penalty misses from China were costly as Czech Republic moved four ahead. China played a physical match, giving their opponents and referee Lee (Hong Kong China) plenty to do. Three penalties scored and a forced Czech substitution (Stefak) following one of many collisions changed the match with China drawing level at 4-4. Cao (#19) scored his third of the half to put China ahead 6-5 before a late Czech penalty brought the match level, 6-6 at half-time.
The second half started with both teams playing fast physical korfball and there was a spate of goals, first Czech Republic taking the lead, then China. With few chances being taken, there was a number of substitutions as the coaches looked for a way to take control. A fourth consecutive Czech penalty, two from Marek (#25), two from Snajdr (#12) concluded the third quarter with Czech Republic leading 9-11.
The fourth quarter started with two good goals from Literova (#01) to put Czech Republic 9-13 ahead. Czech Republic failed to score in the final six minutes and China gradually pulled the match back to tie 13-13, two goals from Fu (#06), and send the game into golden goal.
Czech Republic started with the ball and had two good chances before China recovered possession. In China’s first attack, they created a good shooting opportunity that just went long. Czech Republic pressed for a second chance, but could not create a clear shot. Again, China were patient and created the opportunity. From behind the post, Cao scored the distance to win the match for China.
Players of the match, Yuran Fu (#06) for China and Anna Literova (#01) for Czech Republic.

Match 29 (17:45h): CHINESE TAIPEI 17 BELGIUM 25

The first semi-final was between Chinese Taipei and Belgium. The first few minutes promised a lively encounter with both sets of players moving well and shooting accurately. Belgium were soon ahead 2-5 as seven goals were scored in the first four minutes. Pirquin (#31) scoring two from distance for Belgium. Pirquin soon added a third as Belgium stretched ahead 2-6. Meanwhile, both teams were making referee Van Der Terp (Netherlands) work hard with contests under the post. Chinese Taipei scored two late in the quarter to reduce the deficit to 4-6.
Chinese Taipei contested the play throughout the middle quarters, but were always behind and could not close the gap completely.
Chinese Taipei went into the final quarter three goals down, losing 15-18. Belgium continued to pull away, outscoring their opponents 7-2 in the quarter to win the match 17-25. Belgium play in the final on Saturday and Chinese Taipei play for bronze.
Players of the match, Tine Pirquin (#31) for Belgium and Han Sheng Chiu (#13) for Chinese Taipei.

Match 30 (19:30): PORTUGAL 5 NETHERLANDS 29

The second semi-final was between Portugal and Netherlands with Belgium waiting for the winners. The match started brightly with both teams working hard to create chances. Netherlands appeared to be passing to their distance shooting strengths, keeping the ball to the outside. The Dutch scored well with De Vries (#14) scoring 4 as they went into a 1-7 first quarter lead. The second quarter was played much add the first. Netherlands in control, shooting and scoring from distance. Portugal working hard but creating few chances against a disciplined defence. Condado (#13) scoring all the Portgual goals as they went into half-time 3-15 down.
The third quarter was quiet as both teams created little. Just four goals were scored, all by the Dutch to lead 5-19. Going into the last quarter, the Dutch made a number of changes and continued to create the better chances. Portugal contained the Dutch and restricted them to just 29 goals. Final score 5-29.
Referee: Tina Van Grimberge (Belgium).
Players of the match, Sebastiao Condado (#13) for Portugal and Sanne Van Ser Werff (#04) for Netherlands.

RANKING POOLS (after Day 5)




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IKF U21 WKC 2018 Day 5: Videos, reviews, results & updated ranking pools

Fifth day of competition at the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship 2018 in Budapest, HUNGARY. Follow and watch all games through IKF live webcasting on Click here


Match 21: TURKEY 16 PORTUGAL 19

The final pool matches are played on Day 5 with a number of issues to be decided. The first match was Turkey and Portugal. Portugal had already secured second spot in Pool B, but Turkey would have a chance for the 4th place in the pool with a win. The game started well enough with the teams sharing 8 goals quickly. As Portugal started to take control, going 4-7 up in the first quarter, Turkey became erratic and their physical play led to too many fouls and opportunities for Portugal. The match was disrupted and the referee called on often to stop the play. This caused low scoring 2nd and 3rd quarters with six goals in each as Portugal maintained control and their lead. 9-14 at the end of the third quarter.
The pace of scoring and disruptions to play increased in the final as Turkey tried to reduce the gap. The referee was called upon to deal with a number clashes as the play became more tense. Turkey won the quarter, but not by enough to take the win as Portugal won 16-19.


The second match of day 5 pitched Netherlands against Hong Kong China. Another goal-fest expected and delivered. The Dutch scored quickly, racing to 11 goals in seven minutes before Hong Kong China opened their account. Both sets of players performed well in the first half, creating oportunities and scoring goals. The half-time score 4-27 to Netherlands.
Hong Kong China continued to enjoy their korfball and took the game to their opponents in the third quarter. They scored throughout the period, playing some lovely korfball and restricting the Dutch to 10 goals. In the final quarter, Hong Kong China continued to play well, drawing mistakes from the Dutch and winning fouls under the referee’s watchful gaze. Hong Kong China worked well with possession and the Dutch failed to score 50 for the first time in three games. A very good performance from both teams. Netherlands winning 10-48.

Match 23: CHINA 26 GERMANY 23

China and Germany faced each other in the third match of the day. The winners would compete for 5th-8th places, the best the losers could achieve would be 9th. With a lot riding on the result, it was a nervous start from both teams as they struggled to take control. Scrappy goals turned to better quality as the teams were matched 5-5 in the first quarter. In the second quarter, China showed more determination and caused a lot to happen in the post area. Goals resulted and China moved ahead 17-10 by half-time.
In the second half, both teams raised the tempo and a more physical game ensued with the referee becoming much more involved. Germany edged the third quarter to enter the final quarter five down 22-17.
Early in the fourth quarter, China increased the lead to six goals and it looked all over for Germany. They did not give up though and the China lead was reduced to two with four minutes remaining. If China were nervous they did not show it. Despite conceding possession several times, China were able to see the game out, winning 26-23. They move onto a match against Czech Republic for places 5th to 8th. Germany face England for 9th to 11th.


The host country, Hungary, playing in their usual early evening slot, faced the unbeaten Chinese Taipei team with referee Peter Busik in charge of proceedings. Neither team had anything to play for. Hungary have a 5th-8th semi-final with Hong Kong China and Chinese Taipei a semi-final against Belgium. The match started slowly, both teams taking a while to find any shooting range. Chinese Taipei created the better chances and scored well to lead 1-8 after the first quarter. The second quarter was punctuated by substitutions as the coaches tried to find some momentum. Chinese Taipei again getting the better of the quarter to lead 3-14 at half-time.
The third quarter suffered from more substitutions as eight were made, disrupting any flow the match had. Only five goals were scored as Chinese Taipei increased the lead to 3-19. Hungary had their best quarter in the fourth, drawing 3-3 to make the final score 6-22 and 7-8 in substitutions. Both teams will want to play more consistent and higher shooting korfball in their semis on match day 6.

Match 25: ENGLAND 9 BELGIUM 36

The final match of the day saw England take on Belgium, again with both countries already sure of their semi-final matches. Belgium starting strongly enough, pulling out to a 1-7 lead by the end of the first quarter. Belgium scored throughout the second quarter as England struggled to find a way into the match. The half-time score 3-19.
The second half started with a number of substitutions, and the play continued as in the first half with Belgium scoring freely. England had a bright period scoring 4 goals in three second half minutes to finish the quarter 7-29 down. England called a time-out, perhaps to push for 10 goals and limit Belgium to under 40. They could score only one more as the match finished 9-36. England face Germany in the lower places and Belgium take on Chinese Taipei for a place in the final.

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IKF U21 WKC 2018 Day 4: Videos, reviews, results & updated ranking pools

Fourth day of competition at the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship 2018 in Budapest, HUNGARY. Follow and watch all games through IKF live webcasting on Click here


Match 16: GERMANY 8 – TURKEY 12

Match day 4 and pool positions still to be decided. First game matched Germany and Turkey. Germany needed a second win to have any chance of reaching the semi-finals. Turkey, without a win, could push for top 8 with a win in this match. The first quarter was slow with few scoring chances and fewer goals as Germany pulled out to a 4-1 lead. The second quarter was much of the same, both teams taking several defended shots. The much remained alive as Turkey fought back with the only three goals of the quarter. The match tied 4-4 at half-time. A great blam from Germany to defend a free pass was a highlight of the half
With a sense of urgency becoming apparent, the game changed twice in the third quarter. First Germany taking a two goal lead 7-5, then Turkey scoring 4 to end the quarter 7-9 ahead. The match finished much as it started with only four goals in the final quarter as Germany failed to breakdown Turkey. Turkey winning 8-12 for their first victory of the tournament.


The second game of day 4 between England and Netherlands promised another goal feast. The match soon delivered, both teams playing relaxed and open korfball. Netherlands soon had a 1-12 lead after the first quarter. The second quarter was a mirror of the first as the Dutch took a 2-24 half-time lead, perhaps with 50 goals in mind for a second day. The England players kept up their work rate and determination in the second half. Just as in their previous match, Netherlands called a second half time out, needing 8 from six minutes. There was time enough and the Dutch finished 5-50 winners.


The third match of day 4 would decide 3rd and 4th places in Pool A. A fast start from Czech Republic and they were soon 4-1 ahead. Hong Kong China are enjoying their championships and fought back strongly, matching their opponents for the rest of a high scoring quarter. Czech Republic ahead 8-6. The second quarter was more tense as the teams battled for control. Only four goals were scored, but enough for the Czech Republic to ease ahead 11-7.
Czech Republic dominated after the break, scoring easily and restricting their opponents to just three more goals. In the end a comfortable result for Czech Republic, winning 26-10 and taking 3rd place in the pool behind Netherlands and Belgium.

Match 19: HUNGARY 14 – PORTUGAL 24

The hosts Hungary faced Portugal in game 4 with a semi-final place at stake. In front of loud, excited fans, Hungary took the fight to Portugal and went 5-4 up in a pulsating first quarter. Sensing an upset and with some great shooting, Hungary pushed the lead to four goals at 9-5. Without regaining any real composure, Portugal showed the ability of a top 4 team, scoring eight consecutive to take control 9-13 early in the 3rd quarter. As the second half progressed, Hungary struggled to keep up with Portugal, falling further behind. The crowd, with less to cheer, became quiet and the contest was effectively over by the 4th quarter. Portgual were given a fight, but prevailed 14-24 and are likely to play Netherlands in the semi-finals.

Match 20: CHINESE TAIPEI 21 – CHINA 11

The final match of the day between Chinese Taipei and China started brightly enough with the favourites, Chinese Taipei, racing to a four goal lead. China responded well and the crowd were treated to a 11 goal quarter, Chinese Taipei 8 -3 up. In the 2nd quarter, the defences were dominant. Despite the referee from Hong Kong China awarding plenty of free passes, only two further goals were scored. Chinese Taipei leading 10-3 at half-time.
The second half started much as the first finished. Lots of endeavour but little result. Then, as much as the play was flat, it broke into life. Seven goals in five minutes as both teams added pace, bounce and good shooting. Chinese Taipei continued to have the better of play, leading 16-6. The last quarter continued as the 3rd finished with both teams attacking well and the goals kept coming, Chinese Taipei winning 21-11. China will be pleased with their efforts and have an important clash with Germany on day 5 for a top 8 place. Chinese Taipei progress to the semi-finals.



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IKF U21 WKC 2018 Day 3: Videos, reviews, results & updated ranking pools

Third day of competition at the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship 2018 in Budapest, HUNGARY. Follow and watch all games through IKF live webcasting on Click here


Match 11: BELGIUM 40 – HONG KONG 5

The opening match of day 3 was as entertaining as the result was predictable. Belgium were always going to be clear winners against Hong Kong China. Both teams started brightly, Belgium playing with focus and Hong Kong China determined to create opportunities. Belgium scored quickly, with eight goals from six scorers in six minutes before Hong Kong China could open their account. The teams kept the play entertaining for the spectators with 24 goals in the first half, Belgium leading 21-3. Belgium appeared to relax a little, taking more half-chances. Hong Kong China rotated players during the second half as they looked for more goals. The referee continued to keep the game flowing and the goals kept coming. In the 4th quarter, Belgium made their only substitution, an injury precaution. The goals kept coming and Belgium looked to score 40. Despite a miss with three seconds to go, they scored the 40th goal in the final second. Belgium winning 40-5.
Hong Kong China play Czech Republic on day 4 with the winners expected to take 3rd place in the pool. Belgium have a rest before taking on England on day 5.


Portugal and Chinese Taipei faced each other in the second match of the day. Having won their first two matches, both teams are looking for semi-final places. Could Portugal upset the rankings to move to the top of Pool B? The game started at a frenetic pace with both teams converting several chances in a close first quarter. Chinese Taipei just edging it 7-9. As the half progressed, the match became more physical and the referee more involved, including a yellow card on ten minutes. The more physical play led to fewer quality scoring opportunities. Chinese Taipei maintained their lead through to half time, but Portugal sensing a chance for the upset competed well. The half time score 11-14 to Chinese Taipei.
The second half was hard fought and attritional with the defences dominating and heavy collisions causing players to hit the floor. Chinese Taipei just edged the quarter to lead by four, 14-18, with ten minutes to go. There was a lot of action in the last quarter as Portugal kept pressing. They scored two to reduce the deficit to two. Chinese Taipei hit back immediately. Despite all Portugal’s effort, Chinese Taipei managed the game well and no goals were scored in the final eight minutes as Chinese Taipei won 16-19 to remain unbeaten in Pool B.

Match 13: CHINA 24 – TURKEY 15

China and Turkey both lost their first two matches and needed a win to challenge for a top eight place. The teams are happy with a physical contest and the referee was kept involved from the start. They traded goals during the first quarter, though China crept ahead steadily. A missed Turkey penalty being a sign of things to come. A lower scoring second quarter was just won by China 4-3 to take an 11-8 half time lead. The third quarter was all about penalties as players looked to create opportunities under the post. Nine penalties awarded, four missed as the teams shared the goals. China headed into the last quarter still three ahead 15-12. Another penalty miss from Turkey and five China goals sealed the win as China went eight ahead. Both teams continued to trade goals and kept the stadium entertained, China winning 24-15.

Match 14: HUNGARY 21 – GERMANY 23

The early evening match on day 3 saw the hosts Hungary take on Germany in front of a large partisan crowd. Hungary won their opening two matches and were looking for a third to push for a semi-final place. Germany needed a win to have any chance of the top four. The opening exchanges saw Germany in control but unable to convert enough chances to dominate and Hungary were able to stay in touch. Germany pulled away to lead 6-8 at the end of first quarter. Determined play from Hungary saw them draw level 10-10 before slipping back again as Germany took the first half 12-15.
With both teams pushing for a win and a noisy crowd, the second half was a battle and the referee paid close attention to the physical post play. Hungary were getting plenty of possession but could not find the accuracy needed to score fast enough. Germany were being more clinical and were always a goal or two ahead, running out winners 21-23 to get their first points of the Championships.


The final match of the day saw the Czech Republic take on The Netherlands. The result was never likely to be a surprise and the Dutch started well, scoring 5 in three minutes. An early Czech timeout did little to stem the flow and Netherlands put in a scoring display. 18 goals were scored in the first ten minutes, Netherlands leading 15-3. The Czech Republic fought hard and slowed the scoring and forced a Dutch timeout at 25 minutes with the score at 28-5. Netherlands would have had an eye on the 40 scored by Belgium earlier. The timeout changed the tempo and ten goals were scored in five minutes, Netherlands 37 Czech Republic 6. The referee and players kept the game flowing and the crowd were rewarded with a 22 goal quarter as twelve players scored 3 or more in the game. Final score 53-12



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IKF U21 WKC 2018 Day 2: Videos, reviews, results & updated ranking pools

Day 2 is on at the IKF U21 WKC 2018! Find here live updates and reviews of today Sunday games at the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship 2018 in Budapest, HUN. You can follow and watch all games through IKF live webcasting on Click here



Having played in the final match on day 1, the Czech Republic were back for match one on day 2, facing an England team looking to respond to their day 1 defeat. England started well taking an early lead, but six straight goals from the Czech Republic saw them take strong command on the match. A series of England missed penalties and high quality Czech free passes emphasised the gap between the teams and the Czech Republic lead kept growing, 10-5 at half-time becoming 13-7 going into the last quarter. England continued to make mistakes while the Czech Republic remained composed and in control, winning the final quarter 7-0 to finish the match 20-7 winners. The Czech Republic are likely to play Hong Kong China for 3rd place in Pool A with England are struggling to reach the top eight.

Match 7: PORTUGAL 24 – CHINA 14

Match 2 day 2 brought together Portugal looking to follow up their opening day win and China looking to measure their progress at this level. Both teams started brightly with Portugal having the better of the early exchanges as a hard working China failed to score from several opportunities. As yesterday, Portgual lost their way a little scoring only three in a lacklustre second quarter to lead 11-6 at half-time. That changed in a frenetic third quarter with the teams scoring freely and the coaches making a number of substitutions. Portugal continued to dominate and outscored China 9-5 in the quarter to take a nine goal lead into the last quarter. With Portugal looking comfortable, the coaches continued to make changes and the match ended scrappily as Portugal won 24-14. Portugal have won two from two as they look to reach the semi-finals. China have further chances for wins to reach the top eight.


The latest encounter in the oldest rivalry in international korfball, The Netherlands and Belgium, took place, unusually in the group stages and on day 2. The match started with a high quality first quarter with lots of energy and lots of goals. The Dutch getting the edge of 14 goals scored to lead 8-6. Both teams tightened their defences with Belgium asking questions of the Netherlands attack. A combative phase of the game worked well for Belgium as they levelled 12-12 shortly after half-time. However, Netherlands responded well and despite the ongoing physical presence of the Belgian defence, the Dutch scored seven consecutive to lead 19-12 and take the game away from Belgium. The match won, the final quarter was an anti-climax with more physical and lower quality play and the championships second yellow card. The Netherlands won 21-14 and have the upper hand should the teams meet again in the final.

Match 9: HUNGARY 19 – TURKEY 7

The 4th clash of day 2 saw hosts Hungary take on Turkey. Two teams seeking a win to help their challenge for a top eight spot. Hungary took the better of an open first half, both teams creating opportunities though struggling to convert enough. Despite seeing a host of running shots miss, Hungary did enough to lead 9-3 at half time. The match struggled to come alive in the 3rd quarter with both teams continuing to create opportunities though not finishing many. Turkey took the quarter 3-2 to reduce the gap to 11-6. The crowd took it on themselves to inject life into the match during the final quarter. To good effect. Hungary began to make their good work pay and they scored eight goals in the quarter to finish deserved winners 19-7. With wins over China and Turkey already, the hosts look to have achieved a top eight place and it could be more with pool matches against Germany and Portugal to come.


The final match of the day between Chinese Taipei and Germany was always going to be a contest of contrasting sporting cultures. The physical and direct play of Germany against the composure and precision of Chinese Taipei. Under the referee’s watchful eye, the play flowed during the first half and Chinese Taipei took advantage with some accurate shooting to score seven in the first quarter and nine in the second. Germany continued to compete, scoring five, but were unable to pressure the Chinese Taipei attack. Half time score, 16-5. The pattern continued in the second half and the crowd continued to be entertained with flowing competitive korfball and goals, though the last quarter was relaxed with the result decided. Final score was 25-7. Chinese Taipei continue to a probable semi-final match with Belgium and Germany have some tough matches to secure a top eight slot.



Match schedule, tournament rules and more on ➡️

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IKF U21 WKC 2018 Day 1: Videos, reviews, results & updated ranking pools

Live updates and reviews of Day 1 games at the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship 2018 in Budapest, HUN. You can follow and watch all games through IKF live webcasting on Click here


Match 1: GERMANY 11 – PORTUGAL 14

First match of the IKF U21 World Championships was always expected to be a tense affair. With Netherlands and Belgium in Pool A, there is a great opportunity for the teams in Pool B to reach the semi-finals in Budapest. Indeed, the start was tense with Germany and Portugal trading goals for 15 minutes before Portugal took control to lead 5-10 at half-time. Again, the second half started as a tense affair with Germany gradually pulling back the deficit to equalise 10-10 with three minutes remaining. Portugal regained control in those last minutes to win the fixture 11-14 and get the important first win.


Turkey and Chinese Taipei started their championships playing each other in the day’s second match. As expected Chinese Taipei played a fast controlled match and scored freely from the start. Meanwhile Turkey stayed focussed on their own game, being patient and waiting for chances. Though few were coming as Chinese Taipei were very active in defence. The half time score of 3-14 to Chinese Taipei reflected their controlled possession. The game opened up in a second half punctuated by many substitutions. The final result was 8-27 to Chinese Taipei and, notably, with 18 different goal scorers.

Match 3: HONG KONG 19 – ENGLAND 16

The third match of the day turned out to be a fascinating tussle between Hong Kong China and England. A close start turned into a three goal lead for pre-match favourites England, 5-8. Hong Kong China turned up the pace and started to dominate a disjointed England. England did not score for ten minutes while Hong Kong China pulled ahead and never went behind again. Through the second half, Hong Kong China countered every England challenge with an excellent team performance and were thoroughly deserved winners 19-16. England need to recover to face the Czech Republic on Sunday and Hong Kong China have the challenge of Belgium on Monday.

Match 4: HUNGARY 19 – CHINA 15

After the opening ceremony, the action returned with a pulsating contest between Hungary and China. China quickly established a 2-5 lead, creating chances with their rapid play. Hungary settled into the match and accurate shooting saw them score six unanswered goals to change the direction contest. High quality scoring from both teams continued and Hungary took a deserved, but slim lead into half-time, 10-9. Both coaches made a number of changes in the second half with no effect on the quality of the match. The game continued as the first half with both teams playing at pace and with accurate shooting. The hosts continued to get the better of the contest and gradually increased their lead to win 19-15. Hungary join Portugal and Chinese Taipei on one win in Pool B after day 1.


The final match of day 1 was the highest scoring match of the day. Belgium and Czech Republic scoring 43 between them. The teams traded goals in the first quarter, Belgium just edging it 7-6 in an entertaining ten minutes of play. After the break, Belgium upped the tempo, maintaining their scoring rate but slowing the Czech Republic down. The Czechs scored two more in the half and Belgian were on their way to a first win, leading 14-8 at half-time. The match continued to reward the evening crowd before Belgium ran out comfortable winners, 31-12. Belgium look to be well warmed up ahead of their match with number one ranked Netherlands who start their campaign on Sunday.



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