IKF Pin of Merit awarded to Dani Ezpeleta

Mr. Dani Ezpeleta, a volunteer with the IKF, is our social media officer. He is responsible for much of the content you view every day across our website and multiple social media channels.

Dani has been awarded the Pin of Merit distinction because of his superhuman efforts over many years promoting korfball around the world. It’s very rare to see him without his laptop or a camera in his hand, in today’s hyper-connected world, social media platforms hold the power to amplify voices and build communities, thanks to Dani’s efforts we have a highly engaged and motivated fanbase and following.

Very early on Dani recognized the potential of social media as a force for good and carved a remarkable path for the International Korfball Federation. Thanks to his passion and dedication we have accounts on every social media platform. Dani’s tireless dedication and innovative approach has made a transformative impact on the Federation’s online presence and beyond.

The IKF Executive Committee is forever grateful for the dedication of Dani Ezpeleta, and to all the volunteers supporting the IKF, National Federations and clubs throughout the world.


Jorge Alves & Dani Ezpeleta (c) Photos by Gertrude de Vries and Marco Spelten

IKF PIN of Merit to Dani Ezpeleta (c) Photo by Gertrude de Vries

IKF Pin of Merit awarded to Brian Koppelaar

The International Korfball Federation Executive Committee has today awarded long-term volunteer Brian Koppelaar the IKF Pin of Merit for his outstanding service to the International Korfball Federation. 

Brian is a member of Papendrechtse Korfbal Club (PKC) in the Netherlands and a long-time volunteer with the IKF. The Pin of Merit was awarded for his outstanding contributions to developing and promoting korfball worldwide.  

Brian is a key part of a dedicated team responsible for the production and delivery of our live stream of our events. The platform that Brian has created allows us to integrate with numerous international broadcasters, creating images that are now seen by millions of people each year.  

Brian’s passion and can-do attitude is infectious, there are no challenges too big either, so far, we have not come across a technical issue that he and his team have not been able to resolve.  

The IKF Executive Committee is forever grateful for the dedication of Brian, and to all the volunteers supporting the IKF, National Federations and clubs throughout the world.

IKF President Gabi Kool presents the Pin of Merit to Brian Koppelaar  

Photos: Gertrude de Vries ©

IKF distinguishes long serving volunteers with Badge of Honour

The IKF has granted the IKF Badge of Honour to four retiring individuals. Mr Leo Heere served for many years a chair of the IKF Medical Committee and IKF Therapeutic Exemptions Committee. Mr Walter Eijsink and Mr Gerrit van der Beek had an extensive service as International Referee, and subsequently were a member of the IKF Referees committee and served as Referee educator and assessor. Finally, Mr Jan Sjardijn was recognized for his service as member of the IKf Playing Rules Committee, the IKF Competitions Committee, and for serving at many events as jury member, jury chair, and coordinating officer.

The distinctions were presented at the IKF General Meeting in Antwerp, Belgium. Mr. Leo Heere was not able to attend the General Meeting and therefore is also missing in the picture.

Photos by Gertrude the Vries