1st day World Korfball Congress

The first day of the IKF World Korfball Congress In Lisbon, Portugal was opened with speeches from the president of our host the FPC, Mr Mario Almeida, Mr Guerreiro, Secretary of State for Sports and Dr Jan Fransoo, IKF President in front of around 60 special guests, IKF delegates and committee members.

The sessions were on;

  1. The IKF Year of the Youth 2013
  2. Refereeing
  3. Development and Education
  4. Equal gender policy.

There was great interest in the subjects and many interesting new suggestions from the audience were added to the ideas and plans presented.

New website for korfball coaches

After last IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course was held from 27th August – 1st September 2013, the new website for korfball coaches was launched at .

The website is created to share content about the training and coaching of korfball, so all coaches are invited to log in and share information about their training exercises. At the same time they can find information about coaching materials, courses, etc.

To participate in “Coaching Korfball” website requires logging in including personal information, therefore it will allow IKF to create a database recruiting information from persons involved in coaching at all levels: from P.E. Teachers need to find exercises for their trainings to regular korfball coaches in different parts of the world.

“Coaching Korfball” website contains different sections to feed the background of coaches formation. In the section Training exercises, you may find exercises for trainings at different levels; to IKF Education where there is information about courses and clinics. At the same time there are some other sections as Rules and Promotional , where registered coaches and P.E. Teachers can find materials to show the very basics of korfball.

IKF Africa Year of Youth Event Finished

Saturday 28 September is the IKF Year of Youth 2013 event in IKF AFrica finished with the last clinics.

A whole week several korfball activities were held in Harare (Zimbabwe).

The week started with clinics for coaches and referees, conducted by Mr Riko Kruit and Mr Theo van der Linde. The 23 participants were coming from Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It was a group with mixed experiences and skills, some are involved in korfball in their country for some time yet, and others had no experience at all. It was a challenge for the instructors to keep the clinics for all participants and they succeeded.

Thursday and Friday was the IKF Africa Year of Youth U19 tournament. Unfortunately both Botswana and Mozambique could not realize to send a representative team and had to withdraw. Because of this the U19 teams of Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa played a full competition these two days. The most experienced South African Under 19 squad finished tops at the first ever regional Zone Six Youth Korfball Tournament, making a clean sweep of victory in all their four matches.

As side event during the International Tournament a school korfball tournament outside the sports hall was held. Here could be seen the future for Africa (e.g. Zimbabwe) is sunny, the young players were very enthusiastic, but also showed having already good korfball skills.

As said on Saturday the last clinics were conducted and all teams were going home in knowledge they were part of a historic event.

The press attended the clinics as well the tournament. Friday evening Zimbabwean Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) did spend about 10 minutes at prime time to show korfball nationwide.

Also national newspapers reported and were lyric in their reaction.

We strongly believe this event will show to be a big step in development on the African continent.

Results IKF Africa Year of   Youth U19 Tournament


  Zimbabwe Zambia  9 – 3  
  Zambia South   Africa  5 – 15  
  Zimbabwe South   Africa  5 – 17  


  South   Africa Zimbabwe  13 – 4  
  South   Africa Zambia  18 – 0  
  Zambia Zimbabwe  5 – 9  
  #   matches points scored against
South   Africa
















3rd Korfball You-Jeng Cup

In memory of Prof. You-Jeng Chen (1945-2004), Father of korfball in Taiwan, the 3rd biannual Korfball You-Jeng Cup was held in Wei Chuan Puhsin Ranch, Taoyuan Country, on 24-25 August 2013.

Different from the previous editions briefly organizing recreational and social activities, this event invited 3 junior high school teams, 3 senior high school teams, and 4 senior teams to compete for the titles in the outdoor grass field.

A memorial ceremony was organized to deliberately express the youth what the great contribution Prof. Chen had done for Taiwan korfball through many historical pictures telling stories. We hope delivered the highlighted history of korfball in Taiwan to those participants who never met Prof. Chen and further motivate them to inherit Prof. Chen’s spirit and passion of developing and promoting korfball. Mrs Harriet, Prof. Chen’s wife and their sons’ families attended this event with the respect from different generations of participants.

Dr. Jow Fei HO, Taiwan sport minister, surprisingly came to enjoy the barbecue with great pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the evening 25 August

Year of Youth Africa Zone VI U19 korfballevent

From Tuesday 24 September till Sunday 29 September the big African Year of Youth Festival will be held in Harare, Zimbabwe.

It is the first time ever there is an IKF Africa continental event where all Zone VI countries will participate.

Coach and referee clinics will be conducted. Further there is a tournament for representing U19 teams of Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana and Mozambique.

All countries are preparing their teams to be able to get a good result.

As side event a korfball tournament for primary schools of Harare will be held.

This primary school event is sponsored by the Swan Fund.

The innovative first IKF Asian University Korfball Championship

Dr Jan Fransoo, IKF President, stated: “With ten teams from five countries in the very first event, this promises the concrete innovation of a very long and growing series of University Events in Asia. I am hopeful that this may eventually lead to the inclusion of korfball on the program of the Universiade World Student Games 2017 in Taipei. I would like to thank NTUE, and in particular its President, Professor Shin-Jen Chang, for the continued support provided to the Asian korfball community over many years. Congratulations to Professor Chang for being the first host in this important event.”

The innovative IKF Asia University Korfball Championship (AUKC) held in Taipei from 14 to 18 August 2013 was successfully co-organized by IKF Asia, Chinese Taipei Korfball Association and National Taipei University of Education (NTUE). This event was the first official tournament of IKF Asia since she has been established in 2011. The goals of 1st AUKC are to stimulate the development of university korfball in Asia to result in the inclusion of korfball in the competition program of 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. The participation of ten teams from China, Hong Kong, Korea, Macau, and Chinese Taipei let IKF Asia take an inspiring step closer to the goals.

The local organizing committee provided live web-broadcast throughout whole the tournament and the films can be reviewed on

After 33 intense korfball matches the ranking is:


National Taipei University of Education (TPE)


Tianjin University of Science and Technology (CHN)


National Taiwan Normal University (TPE)


Zhengzhou University (CHN)


Shih Chien University (TPE)


Southwest University (CHN)


Hong Kong (HKG)


University of Macau (MAC)


Seoul National University of Education (KOR)


Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKG)


Live webcasting – Youth korfball

Saturday 22 June the YouTube Korfball Channel  – ikfchannel – will show youth korfball amongst others in LIVE webcasting.

In the city of Dordrecht,The Netherlands, this Saturday the KNKV organises the finals in the outdoor competition. The Local Organising Committee of the clubs in Dordrecht, the city council of Dordrecht  and the KNKV support related to the Year of the Youth 2013 the webcasting project.

The following matches will go live to the world (all starting times are in Amsterdam time zone):

Youth till 13 years; starting 1100 AM : Oranje Wit C1 – Achilles C1

Youth till 16 years; starting 1330 PM : DeetosSnel B1 – GroenGeel B1

Youth till 19 years; starting 1700 PM :  DSC A1 – Fortuna/MHIR A1

Seniors; starting 1900 PM :  PKC/Hagero – Blauw Wit



Germany in the Worldwide Korfball Match

Germany participated in the Year of the Youth day on June 15, 2013.

Approximate 120 children played many matches in the Worldwide Korfball Match – the KORFS against the BALLS – in Selm (in the near of Dortmund). It was good weather to play korfball. All children in the age from 9 until 18 years joined the matches.

The matches ended with a final score 94 – 81 in 6 hours 45 minutes playing time.

Source Detlef Dülfer; Germany

Botlhe Mogapelwa Youth Sports Ambassador

The International Alliance for Youth Sports (IAYS) has officially selected Botlhe Mogapelwa of Botswana as a Game On! Youth Sports Ambassador. By becoming an Ambassador, he joins a growing worldwide consortium comprised of dedicated individuals who are strong advocates of the power of sports in making a positive difference in the lives of children.

Mogapelwa founded the Korfball Association Botswana (KAB) in 2008 and he represented Botswana in the setting up of the African Continental Korfball Federation (ACKF) and the Zone Six Korfball Federation (ZKF) in 2009. ZKF has since been affiliated with the Supreme Council For Sport in Africa.

“I first met Botlhe in 2008 in Gaborone when we introduced korfball to Botswana,” said Chris Theyse, the International Korfball Federation Development Officer for the African Continent. “Botlhe seems to be a motivated person with a clear set of goals in life. Given the difficult circumstances experienced during the introduction and expansion of korfball in Botswana, he is indeed a person that can stick to his goals and can execute a demanding task over a long period of time.”

U16 Korfball World Cup

10 Countries will compete in the U16 Korfball World Cup 2013.

This international korfball tournament for players under 16 will be held in the sports centre “Dioscuren” Schijndel Saturday 16  and Sunday 17 March 2013. The KNKV assisted by the local club ‘De Boemerang’ organises this youth event. It is patronized by the International Korfball Federation (IKF).

To compose the pools, the latest IKF under 16 ranking has been used and resulted in the following groupings:

Group A:   The Netherlands, England , Russia , Hungary and Catalonia.

Group B:   Chinese Taipei, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus and District South


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