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10/2PKC/Vertom claim second consecutive Korfball Champions League title
8/2KCL Final: Daily Recap
2/2KCL Final Streams Live on Olympic Channel!
28/1KK Brno triumphs at the KCL Challenger Final 2024!
24/1All ready for the KCL Challenger Final!
20/1Schweriner KC (GER) wins the Satellite Final
16/1 – The Satellite Final is ready to start!
30/12 – The Challenger Final is coming to Lisbon!
22/12KCL Satellite Final: Match schedule
19/12KCL Final: Match schedule
14/12KCL Final Groups Live Draw
14/12 – IKF KCL 2024 final group stage draw
3/12 – IKF KCL Round 2 Recap
27/11 – Follow here the KCL R2
25/9 – IKF KCL Round 1 Recap
20/9 – The IKF KCL is ready to start!

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THE ROAD TO THE FINALS | Updated competition set-up

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