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IKF Korfball Champions League Round 1 – B

September 23, 2022 - September 25, 2022


The first edition of the IKF Korfball Champions League will start with two first rounds. The IKF KCL Round 1 - B will be held in Oleśnica, Poland, from 23-25 September 2022. The participants are: Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds Avant-Garde Basket (SJBAGB), Glasgow Korfball Club,  AZS Balluff Wrocław, SKK Dolphins Prievidza, Tornadoes Korfball Club, Korfbal klub Brno, Yıldız Teknik University SC, Kékvölgy SE. In order to allocate participants to R1A and R1B (Portugal and Poland) for the KCL 2022/2023 the following process was used. Participants were approached according to the following ranking:

Ranking Country/team   Ranking Country/team   Ranking Country/team
1 NED1   13 ENG2   25 GRE1
2 BEL1   14 GER2   26 SWE1
3 NED2   15 CZE2   27 UKR1
4 BEL2   16 CAT2   28 ARM1
5 GER1   17 POR2   29 ENG3
6 POR1   18 FRA1   30 GER3
7 ENG1   19 SVK1   31 CZE3
8 CZE1   20 WAL1   32 CAT3
9 CAT1   21 SCO1   33 POR3
10 HUN1   22 SUI1   34 TUR2
11 TUR1   23 SER1   35 HUN2
12 POL1   24 IRL1   36 POL2

The first ten (subscribed) ranked teams have been entered into R2, R3, and the Final Round as per the KCL structure. The remaining (sixteen) Subscribed teams were then paired in ranking order, and allocated to R1A and R1B using a modified Slang (snake) method designed to minimise any unnecessary travel required and maximise participation in year 1 --- allocating clubs from host countries to their own event and attempting to allocate ‘nearby’ participants to their local event where possible. This process is intended only for use in the inaugural 2022/2023 event, with the ranking (and therefore allocation) for future events to be KCL performance based as previously communicated. It should also be noted that not all invited participants (from either the initial or reserve lists) subscribed. R1A and R1B will each have two pools of (four) teams created, using a Slang (snake) method. The winner of R1A and the winner of R1B both progress to Round 2 (R2). They will be allocated to their respective pool in R2 by a draw.


All fans around the world will be able to follow this tournament live on youtube.com/ikfchannel and on www.worldkorfball.sport (with live results and streams, statistics, scorers, play-by-play ...), as well as on social media, to find the best images, clips and highlights.

You can find all this content visiting the following official @IKFeurope and @IKFKCL profiles, as well as the regular and well-known IKF profiles (see below) and via the hashtags #KCL and #korfball:

► facebook.com/korfball.org
► twitter.com/korfball
► instagram.com/korfball_org
► tiktok.com/@korfball.sport

Match Schedule
Pool A       Pool B    
A1 - ENG2 Tornadoes Korfball Club B1 - POL1 AZS Balluff Wrocław
A2 - CZE2 Korfbal klub Brno   B2 - FRA1 SJBAGB  
A3 - SCO1 Glasgow Korfball Club B3 - SVK1 SKK Dolphins Prievidza
A4 - HUN3 Kékvölgy SE     B4 - TUR2 Yıldız Teknik University SC
Match Scenario D3          
Preparation time 10 min   Playtime 40    
4x 8 min RPT   Warmup 10    
1x TO per team   Timeout 4    
6x subs per team   HT 5    
HT 5 min     Golden Goal 8,25 average procedure
GG 5 min RPT   Protocol 3    
      Match time 70,25 minutes  
Day Game Name   Time Home Away  
Friday 1   12:30 B1 B3  
  2   13:40 B2 B4  
  3   14:50 A2 A4  
  4   16:00 A1 A3  
  5   17:10 B2 B3  
  6   18:20 B1 B4  
  7   19:30 A1 A4  
  8   20:40 A2 A3  
Saturday 9   09:30 B1 B2  
  10   10:40 A1 A2  
  11   11:50 B3 B4  
  12   13:00 A3 A4  
  SF1   16:00 Place A1 Place B2  
  SF2   17:10 Place A2 Place B1  
  XF1   18:20 Place A3 Place B4  
  XF2   19:30 Place A4 Place B3  
Sunday 7th-8th   09:00 Loser XF1 Loser XF2
  5th-6th   10:10 Winner XF1 Winner XF2
  3rd-4th   11:20 Loser SF1 Loser SF2
  1st-2nd   12:30 Winner SF1 Winner SF2

Event Rules here.  


Saint-Jean-Bonnefonds Avant-Garde Basket (SJBAGB) Glasgow Korfball Club AZS Balluff Wrocław SKK Dolphins Prievidza Tornadoes Korfball Club Korfbal klub Brno Yıldız Teknik University SC Kékvölgy SE


September 23, 2022
September 25, 2022
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Oleśnica, Poland
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