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6.13 To play in a dangerous manner

Whenever a player plays in a manner that puts in danger any other player.

Examples of dangerous play are:

  • an attacker takes his path in a way that he subsequently forces his defender, who is within an arm’s distance of the attacker, to collide at speed with another attacker;
  • in the above-mentioned situation if the defender is aware of the attacker in his path, or becomes aware of it at such a time that he could avoid a collision and still causes the collision on purpose then the defender shall be punished;
  • a player intentionally throws the ball against the body of an opponent;
  • a player hits the ball in a dangerous manner, for example towards the face of the opponent;
  • a player lands on a stationary opponent after jumping;
  • a player intentionally positions himself where a jumping player will land.

While judging which situation is the case, the referee must take into account the technical and tactical level of the players and the speed with which the attacker moves towards or past the other attacker.

When a light unintentional collision takes place, which does not influence the continuation of the game, the referee may decide to play-on.