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6.3 To shoot from a defended position

Whenever an attacker player shoots the ball towards the korf while a defender satisfies all the following conditions:

a) is actively trying to block the ball;
b) is within one (1) arm’s length of the attacker;
c) is nearer the post than the attacker;
d) he has his face turned towards the attacker.

The rule is based on the desire to encourage players to cooperate together to attain free positions from which shots may be taken and prevent slick hand and arm movements being rewarded by a goal.

Exceptions where a shot must still be considered defended when one of the four (4) conditions are not satisfied:

Condition a) cannot be deemed when:

  • the attacker is much taller than the defender, and because of that, the defender cannot actually block the ball;
  • the attacker, having jumped up, shoots or taps the ball over the hindering arms of the defender towards the korf;
  • the attacker has received the ball while he has his back to the korf and the defender is behind him.

Condition b) cannot be deemed when:

  • the attacker standing in a defended position steps, or jumps backwards, without infringing 6.1 (to run with the ball) and shoots. If the defender tries to follow his movement and actually tries to block the shot, even if the attacker is out of an arm’s length.

Condition c) cannot be deemed when:

  • the attacker is so close to the post that the hindering defender cannot stand nearer the post and the defender and the attacker are on opposite sides of the post.

A shot cannot be considered defended if:

  • the defender doesn’t actually try to block the shot (the simple raising of the arm is insufficient);
  • the body of the defender is further from the post than that of the attacker. It is not sufficient when the defender’s hand or arm is nearer the post. The reference must be most of the torso (upper body) being closer to the post;
  • the defender is unaware the attacker has the ball in his possession (very fast shot, tapping);
  • during a shot against a tall defender or when the defender jumps up the ball is touched but the defender was not within an arm’s length at the instant the shot is taken.
  • during an underhand shot against a tall defender or when the defender jumps up, the defender does not follow the attacker movement and does not actively tries to block the ball.