IKF Korfball Champions League Round 1 Recap

The first two event of the IKF Korfball Champions League 2023-24 have been played last weekend. 14 teams competed for 2 places in the IKF Korfball Champions League Round 2, and 4 places in the IKF Korfball Champions League Satellite Final.


IKF Korfball Champions League Round 1-A

The IKF KCL R1A took place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 21-23 September. 6 teams competed against each other in a round-robin format. CK Vallparadís from Catalonia and Schweriner KC from Germany won their first three matches and faced each other on the final day, in what was the expected deciding match for the ranking of positions one and two. Schweriner took a four-goal lead, but Vallparadis turned things around and took over the initiative in Q3 with a three-goal gap. Schweriner came close, but Vallparadis secured their win by a very close 15-14 end score. The team ended the tournament with a win over CCCD Carnaxide and thus qualified for the IKF Korfball Champions League Round 2. Schweriner KC and CCCD Carnaxide qualified for the IKF Korfball Champions League Satellite Final by claiming the second and third place. Yildiz Teknik Üniversitelilier became fourth, SJBAGB fifth, and 1908 SZAC Budapest completed the ranking on sixth place.


IKF Korfball Champions League Round 1-B

The IKF KCL R1B took place in Cardiff, Wales, from 22-24 September. 8 teams were present, but Koceali University Sport Club participated out of competition. Unfortunately, they could not get a team complete due to VISA issues. The team’s athletes that travelled to Cardiff were complemented by local players. The teams competed in two groups, advancing from there to the semi-finals, finals and other ranking matches. Group A winner Clube de Corfebol de Oeiras defeated Cardiff City & Met KC (number 2 group B) in the semi-final, where it faced FJEP Bonson. Bonson defeated SKK Prievidza Dolphins (winner Group B) in their semi-final. Clube Corfebol de Oeiras proved to be the strongest competitor in the event, by winning the final 23 to 4. The match for third place decided which team would claim the last qualification spot for the IKF KCL Satellite Final. Cardiff City & Met KC and the Dolphins were a great match for each other, but eventually, the Slovak champion claimed the victory. The ranking was completed by Tornadoes Korfball Club Academy (fifth place), Glasgow Korfball Club (sixth place), and Newport Centurions KC (seventh place).

The IKF Korfball Champions League Round 2 will be organised in Marki, Poland, from 28 November – 2 December. The IKF Korfball Champions League Satellite Final will be organised 18-20 January in Antalya, Türkiye.



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R1-B | DAY 3 Image gallery | By Tracey Lintern:


R1-B | DAY 2 Image gallery | By Tracey Lintern:


R1-B | DAY 1 Image gallery | By Tracey Lintern:


R1-A | DAY 1, 2 & 3 Image gallery:

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IKF European Korfball Championship 2020 1st Round: TUR & SUI qualified for the IKF EKC “B” 2020

From 1 to 3 November 2019 the 1st Round of the IKF European Korfball Championship 2020 took place place in Lviv, Ukraine. This qualification tournament for the IKF European Korfball Championship 2020 was hosted by the All-Ukrainian Korfball Federation and ended with Turkey and Switzerland playing the final of this tournament and automatically qualify to play next year’s IKF EKC “B” 2020 in Poland (from 5 to 10 October 2020: more info). Greece qualified in 3rd place and will be first reserve team.


POOL A: Turkey (TUR), Sweden (SWE), Ukraine (UKR) and Belarus (BLR).
POOL B: Greece (GRE), Switzerland (SUI) and Armenia (ARM).


1st: Turkey (TUR) – Qualified for the IKF EKC “B” 2020
2nd: Switzerland (SUI) – Qualified for the IKF EKC “B” 2020
3rd: Greece (GRE) – 1st reserve country for the IKF EKC “B” 2020
4th: Ukraine (UKR)
5th: Armenia (ARM)
6th: Sweden (SWE)
7th: Belarus (BLR)

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DAY 1 Results (Friday 1.11.2019)

 Time Pool Teams  Result  Video/Stats
17:00 B GRE-ARM 14-4 📺 / 📊
18:30 A UKR-TUR 3-17 📺 / 📊
19:30 A SWE-BLR 16-4 📺 / 📊

POOL A: 1st: Turkey (+3), 2nd: Sweden (+3), 3rd: Ukraine (+0), 4th: Belarus (+0)
POOL B: 1st: Greece (+3), 2nd: Switzerland (+0), 3rd: Armenia (+0)

DAY 2 Results (Saturday 2.11.2019)

 Time Pool Teams  Result Video/Stats
9:30 B SUI-ARM 17-10 📺 / 📊
10:30 A UKR-SWE 13-9 📺 / 📊
11:30 A TUR-BLR 31-5 📺 / 📊
13:30 B GRE-SUI 9-12 📺 / 📊
14:30 A UKR-BLR 11-3 📺 / 📊
15:30 A TUR-SWE 25-8 📺 / 📊
18:30 RR1 BLR-ARM 5-20 📺 / 📊

POOL A: 1st: Turkey (+9), 2nd: Ukraine (+6), 3rd: Sweden (+3), 4th: Belarus (+0)
POOL B: 1st: Switzerland (+6), 2nd: Greece (+3), 3rd: Armenia (+0)

DAY 3 Results (Sunday 3.11.2019)

 Time Teams  Result Video/Stats
8:30 RR2 BLR-SWE 2-12 📺 / 📊
9:35 SF1 TUR-GRE 18-6 📺 / 📊
10:40 SF2 UKR-SUI 11-15 📺 / 📊
11:45 RR3 SWE-ARM 11-13 📺 / 📊
12:50 3rd-4th GRE-UKR 14-11 📺 / 📊
13:55 Final TUR-SUI 18-8 📺 / 📊

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