Successful “1st Beach Korfball Tournament” in Belgrade (Serbia)

9 July 2016 KORFBALL FEDERATION OF SERBIA organized the “1st Beach Korfball Tournament” in Belgrade, in Ada Ciganlija lake sports venues. 10 teams with more than 70 players took part during 8 hours of matches.

There were also 3 teams with new players from Belgrade University, an important and huge first step to achieve a new young generation of korfball players in Belgrade and from all university centers in Serbia, which is one of the prime goals of KFS in recent future.










Draft rules for Beach Korfball

At its recent Congress – 25 and 26 October 2013 – held in Lisbon (POR) the IKF announced that it will, in the coming months, be rolling out draft rules for different korfball disciplines.

The first of these sets of rules are the Rules for Beach Korfball. Designed to be played 3 vs 3 at the highest level, or 4 vs 4 at recreation level, the game is expected to be played with a field size of 18 m x 9 m or 20 m x 10 m, no halfway line, two posts set in from the ends like the traditional variant of the game and in four quarters of 2 1/2 minutes . Teams will consist of 3 male and 3 female players and unlimited substitutions will be allowed.

The IKF member countries are being encouraged to try out these new draft rules and feed back their experiences so that a final set of rules can be put in place by the end of 2014.

Under ‘Documents‘ and ‘Playing Rules‘ these Draft Rules for Beach Korfball are published.