Hungarians break Czech hearts on Day 4 of IKF U23 WKC 2016

After a level score at half time Hungary reached the end of Q3 with a lead of two goals 12 – 10. With the Czechs scoring once and the Hungarians not at all we reached the last ten seconds and Hungary called a time out. The Czechs had possession in defence and after the whistle played the ball into attack and with just 5 seconds left scored an equalising goal, leading to mass celebrations by players and supporters alike. The Hungarians took the throw off, got one shot away, collected the rebound and shot. Whilst the ball was on its way to the korf the buzzer for the end of the quarter sounded but the ball dropped through the korf (a true buzzer beater goal) and the Czechs joy of a few seconds earlier was replaced by anguish as the Hungarians wildly celebrated their win.

There were two other very close games during the day. In the final match Germany started the better team and opened up a three goal lead. At the end of the quarter they led by two at 4 – 2. In the second quarter they opened the lead to four only to be pegged back to two. (H/T 7 – 5). The second half almost mirror the early part of the game and the closest England got was within one goal. There was a difference of two still at the end of Q3 and also at the end with Germany winning 17 – 15, their better shooting accuracy throughout the match being decisive in the end.

The other close game was between newcomers the Dominican Republic and Hong Kong China. The America’s team had the better of the first half leading 9 – 4 at half time. The Hong Kong team gradually reeled them in, however, and we reached just two minutes to go with the scores level at 15 – 15. Then a long shot from the Dominican team clinched the match 16 – 15, their superior height over the tiny Hong Kong team probably contributing in no small way to their win.

The other matches went rather as expected – the Netherlands beating China 30 – 10, Chinese Taipei beating Poland 31 – 12 and the other newcomers Turkey beating South Africa 19 – 8.

With one round of pool matches left the tables read

Pool A

Chinese Taipiei 12; Germany 9; England 9, Dominican Republic 3; Hong Kong China 3 and Poland 0

Pool B

Netherlands 12; China 9; Hungary 6; Czech Republic 6; Turkey 3 and South Africa 0


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