TOP/Solar Compleet (NED): IKF Europa Cup 2018 Champion!

The IKF Europa Cup 2018 has a champion: the Dutch TOP/Solar Compleet, after beating the Belgian AKC/Luma in today’s final in Platja d’Aro (Costa Brava – Girona, Catalonia).

A great tournament finished with the German SG Pegasus winning the Bronze medal for the first time. Congratulations!

IKF ECUP 2018 Final Ranking:

1️⃣🏅Korfbalvereniging TOP/SolarCompleet (NED) 🏆
2️⃣🥈 AKC/Luma Korfbalclub (BEL)
3️⃣🥉 SG Pegasus (GER)
4️⃣ Núcleo Corfebol Benfica (POR)
5️⃣ Trojans Korfball Club (ENG)
6️⃣ KCC Sokol České Budějovice (CZE)
7️⃣ Club Korfbal Vallparadís (CAT)
8️⃣ 1908 SZAC Budapest Korfball (HUN)

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A big thank you and a great acknowledgement to Platja d’Aro Korfbal Club and local and regional authorities as organizers of such a wonderful and magnific event. Also thanks to all volunteers, to the Catalan Korfbal Federation, to IKF officers, jurys, referees, teams, players and fans that did their best to make this ECUP 2018 an incredible nice and successful event.

IKF Europa Cup 2018 Final: TOP/Solar Compleet (NED) 28 – AKC/Luma (BEL) 21

Bronze medal game: NC Benfica (POR) 19 – SG Pegasus (GER) 22

For 5th-6th place: Trojans KC (ENG) 30 – KCC SOKOL Ceske Budejovice (CZE) 18

For 7th-8th place: 1908 SZAC Budapest (HUN) 17 – CK Vallparadis (CAT) 24

Day 3 Image gallery (by Marco Spelten and Gertrude de Vries)

IKF ECup 2018 (Day 1): Live update & reports

End of Day 1 at the IKF Europa Cup 2018 in Platja d’Aro. A great first day of competition, with some really close, surprising and exciting games. Take a look at today’s reports and results.


KCC SC Budejovice – SG Pegasus 15-16

For those that like close games, the first day of the tournament could not have a better start. The German champion was nearly always leading with the smallest difference. As it seemed to come to a golden goal, at the end the Czech team did not manage to close the gap. Both teams may look back on a excellent performance.

CK Vallparadis – AKC Luma 8 – 15

In the first half it seemed unpredictable to determine a winner (6-8) The Belgians had much trouble with the inside moves of the Catalan team with penalties as a consequence. After tea the Catalans missed many opportunities to keep in the loop and AKC seized the occasion to bring in reserve players.

Top/Solar Compleet – Trojans 20 – 10

Both teams started slowly giving Trojans the chance to have the lead in the beginning of the match. However once the tactical setup was respected, the Dutch created what would turn out to be a big difference at the end. It was not easy for the Trojans to keep the motivation against the giants of TOP. Both teams, focussing on other projects, tried to avoid injuries rather than to struggle for the possession of the ball.

NC Benfica – SZAC Budapest 15 – 13

Nobody could predict that the champion team of Portugal would have to struggle so hard to beat the best Hungarian team in years. Korfball is flourishing in both nations. Both organised many tournaments in the recent past and, especially in Hungary, exchange of experience was beneficial for the level of play. Only at the very end of the match, Benfica was able to assure a narrow win.

Top/Solar Compleet – SG Pegasus 30 – 20

AKC/Luma – SZAC Budapest 19 – 6

CK Vallparadis – NC Benfica 16 – 18

The battle of the Iberian peninsula is always a thrilling match, highly enjoyed by numerous spectators. Earlier that day Benfica had much trouble to beat SZAC. However in this game they started extremely motivated with much pressure in defence and quick moves in attack. Vallparadis tried everything to take the lead but every time when it seemed that they would be able to equalise, the Portugese champion answered accurately.

KCC Budejovice – Trojans KC 17 – 25

With only four teams in the Czech extra league, suffering from a lack of high levelled matches, Budejovice could never claim a victory against a very experienced team of Trojans. One could have expected a close game between teams that are considered to be equally strong. This was clearly not the case. Trojans remain with high hopes for the rest of the tournament.

Before these two last matches, the audience witnessed an exciting opening ceremony with some young musicians. There were speeches from the president of the organising club, from the mayor of Platja d’Aro and from the coordinating officer, representing the IKF. As always the ceremony was closed with the IKF hymn, a symbol of the united korfball family.

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Day 1 Image gallery (by Marco Spelten and Gertrude de Vries)

The IKF Europa Cup 2018 is ready to start in Platja d’Aro!

From Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 January 2018 in Platja d’Aro (Costa Brava – Girona, Catalonia), the 52th IKF Europa Cup 2018 will take place, with 8 European national korfball champions competing to be the best team in Europe.

All information, pools, tournament rules and matches schedule are available on and

PARTICIPANTS (Country – Club):
BELGIUM – AKC/Luma Korfbalclub
CATALONIA – Club Korfbal Vallparadís
CZECH REPUBLIC – KCC Sokol České Budějovice
ENGLAND – Trojans Korfball Club
GERMANY – SG Pegasus
HUNGARY – 1908 SZAC Budapest Korfball
NETHERLANDS – Korfbalvereniging TOP/SolarCompleet
PORTUGAL – Núcleo Corfebol Benfica

As usual, all IKF Europa Cup 2018 matches will be available through live webcasting. You are invited to watch all the games on, with all the statistics, play-by-play, top scorers, graphics and much more. Or directly through the ikfchannel on YouTube.


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IKF Europa Cup First Round 2018 [Updated]

The weekend of 23 and 24 September is the kick-off weekend for the IKF Europa Cup 2018; the Korfball Champions League for European club teams. In the city of Prievidza (Slovakia) eight national champions will compete in the Europa Cup First Round. The two best teams of this event will automatically qualify for the Europa Cup Final Round in Platja d’Aro (Catalonia) from 11-13 January 2018. They will join the six teams that already secured their spot during last year Europa Cup edition.

[UPDATE 1: You can watch again all the games on and And as usual, all the statitistics, play-by-play and top scorers on]

[UPDATE 2: See below all last results]

Pool A Pool B
A1 SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e. V. (GER) B1 Kocaeli Universiteit Sport Club (TUR)
A2 Association Korfbal Firminy (FRA) B2 1908 SZAC Budapest (HUN)
A3 AZS Balluff Wrocław (POL) B3 Edinburgh Mavericks (SCO)
A4 SKK Dolphins Prievidza (SVK) B4 Cardiff City & Met Korfball Club (WAL)

The match schedule for Saturday 23 September you find underneath. The match schedule for the second and final day will depend on the results of the first competition day. The numbers one and two of each group qualify to play the semifinals and both finalist make it to the ECup Final Round.

09:00 Match A Association Korfbal Firminy (AKF) AZS Balluff Wrocław
10:00 Match B 1908 SZAC Budapest Edinburgh Mavericks
11:00 Match C SKK Dolphins Prievidza SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e. V.
12:00 Match D Kocaeli Universiteit Sport Club Cardiff City & Met Korfball Club
13:30 Match E SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e. V. AZS Balluff Wrocław
14:30 Match F Edinburgh Mavericks Kocaeli Universiteit Sport Club
15:30 Match G SKK Dolphins Prievidza Association Korfbal Firminy (AKF)
16:30 Match H Cardiff City & Met Korfball Club 1908 SZAC Budapest
18:00 Match I SKK Dolphins Prievidza AZS Balluff Wrocław
19:00 Match J Edinburgh Mavericks Cardiff City & Met Korfball Club
20:00 Match K SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e. V. Association Korfbal Firminy (AKF)
21:00 Match L Kocaeli Universiteit Sport Club 1908 SZAC Budapest

IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: DAY 1 RESULTS (Saturday, 23rd)


IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: RANKING POOLS & DAY 2 SCHEDULE (Sunday, 24)


IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: FINAL RANKING POOLS & DAY 2 RESULTS (Sunday, 24)


IKF ECUP 2018 1st Round: Day 1 Image gallery

Images by Theo van der Linde