IKF Erasmus+ Sport Grant 2021

The IKF is proud to announce that its Erasmus+ Sport 2021 application has been selected for funding by the European Commission. The project has a duration of 1 year and will start in January 2021.

The Erasmus+ project helps national korfball federations to strengthen their organisation. During multiple sessions, they will follow a step-by-step method to identify their main goals, challenges and opportunities, as well as ideas to address those. This will lead to a development- and action plan to increase korfball participation in their korfball communities. They will involve the local clubs in this process so that those can assist in the practical implementation of the plans. Furthermore, all partners will organise youth korfball activities, to kick-off the practical implementation of their plans.

The partners of the project are SWISS Korfball, Polish Korfball Association, Federation Korfbal France, All-Ukrainian Korfball Federation and Slovak Korfball Association. There are options to include more European national korfball federations in this project if there is an interest for this. IKF Europe members that are interested to hear more about this project and possibly get involved as well are encouraged to contact us at