Digitalised IKF Korfball International Magazines

Up until 2011, the IKF published the magazine Korfball International. Due to the digitalisation of the data and communication on the IKF websites, the magazine was discontinued. However, these magazines hold a lot of information and therefore have a big historical value. To safeguard this value and to make the magazines accessible for everyone, the IKF has digitalised all Korfball International editions. The digitalised magazines offer interesting information about past events, players, officials and organisational news. Furthermore, every edition includes a lot of pictures, which allows all readers to look back at korfball in the old days.

The digitalised editions are freely accessible in the Documents section on the IKF website. Go to IKF Digital Magazine Archive and have a look!

The Korfball Internationals of 1981 up until 1987 will be uploaded soon.