Korfball in Generation Games as part of Lausanne Olympic Week

Korfball will be featured as part of the program of the Generation Games from 11-15 October in Lausanne, the Olympic Capital. The Games are organized in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee and the City of Lausanne to engage Lausanne citizen in a healthy lifestyle.

The Generation Games organisation is a network of professionals in the field of sport, communication, creative concepts, design, events. The organization works together with several organisations, schools, Universities and internationally operating institutions that share the conviction regarding the importance of stimulating a healthy lifestyle for all ages, through this intergenerational sporting event.

Through this cooperative, cities organising an edition of the Generation Games receive all relevant advice and support. The actual organisation of each edition is the responsibility of a city, based on the concept of the event and guidelines that are provided. Each edition is the result of international co-creation and inspiration.