Philippines is 61st IKF Member

The Philippines Korfball Federation is the 61st member of the International Korfball Federation. The Executive Committee of the IKF today – 13 September 2014 – approved the membership application of the PKF, following positive advice from IKF Asia and subject to final ratification by the IKF General Meeting next year.

Korfball has been played for close to ten years now in the Philippines at the University of Santa Tomas in Manila, one of the oldest modern-era universities in Asia, established in 1611. Recently, the developments have sped up, following courses taught by Hong Kong based IKF Asia instructor Warman Cheng. Currently, Physical Education instructors and professors at more than 20 universities in the Philippines have been trained as korfball coaches, and the participation is growing rapidly.

The PKF hope to send a team to the IKF U23 Asia Oceania Korfball Championship next year in Hsinchu (TPE).