IKF awards Pin of Merit to Piotr Urbanski (POL)

The IKF Executive Committee has awarded the IKF Pin of Merit to Piotr Urbanski, for his extensive contribution to the development of korfball over a very long period of time. The pin was presented to Mr Urbanski by Jan Fransoo, President of the IKF.

Mr Urbanski was one of the first korfball players in Poland since 1987. In 1993, he took on the Presidency of the Polish Student Korfball Association, then a member association in the IKF, and developed this to encompass clubs for youth and adults across Poland, to finally convert this into the Polish Korfball Federation in 2012. In 2017, the Polish Korfball Federation became a member of the Polish Olympic Committee, receiving full recognition as a World Games sport. Piotr Urbanski lead the Polish Federation throughout this extensive period of time, driving the development of youth and competitions, and also obtaining extensive support for the Polish national korfball team. In 2019, Mr Urbanski stepped down from his position to be succeeded by Mrs Iwona Zak.

Photo by: Marco Spelten

Piotr Urbanski pin of merit