Open Call – IKF RFP live stream & social media platform

The International Korfball Federation is setting out an Open Call for Requests For Proposal (RFP) to select a strategic partner for our ambition to create and operate our own global live streaming/social media platform. The IKF solicits feedback and proposals from interested parties. For detailed information about the RFP click here.

The IKF is actively driving global awareness of korfball as a spectator, mixed gender, media oriented and innovative team sport. The IKF currently broadcasts its live streams of various competitions and korfball material via the IKF YouTube channel: Over the past years these videos have attracted already more than 50 million views, with some of the videos reaching close to half a million viewers. IKF has the ambition to become a leader among international sports federation when it comes to digital marketing initiatives in order to help grow our sport, international reach and popularity among players, fans and sponsors and in support of national federations and event organising committees.