Dot Sport new domain name IKF websites

The International Korfball Federation (IKF), has decided to acquire a new domain name portfolio for its websites; “.sport” The .sport Internet extension replaces the .org domain and is a project of the Sport community.

Effectively this means that the domain name of the three current IKF websites have been amended:

  • Main IKF website with all organisational and general korfball information
  • IKF tournament website with tournament information, statistics and live streams
  • IKF beach korfball website with all information about beach korfball (events)

The project is entrusted to the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), who manages and operates the whole project. GAISF, established in 1967, is the umbrella organisation for both Olympic and non-Olympic international sports federations. GAISF includes 92 full members (international sports federations; including the IKF) and 17 associate members (organisations which conduct activities closely related to the international sports federations). GAISF’s mission is to support, promote and serve its members and the global sport community by providing services in various fields, including digital development.

In the crowded and complex world of the internet, the use of a .sport domain gives the IKF a greater degree of visibility and searchability and, because of the criteria applied by GAISF, confers approval and membership of an exclusive community. Possessing a unique and identifiable domain is a symbol of each organisation’s trust, authenticity and visibility within the sports movement, and offers successful applicants a significant brand-building tool with increased commercial opportunities.

Since the launch of the. sport initiative in September, when GAISF officially began accepting applications, over 200 organisations have registered for a domain. This includes major events organisers, brands, broadcasters, media outlets as well as other International Sport Federations.