IKF suspends ties with SportAccord

The International Korfball Federation has just suspended their ties with SportAccord. The suspension follows a month of turmoil initiated by President Vizer of SportAccord, who attacked the International Olympic Committee and in particular its President Thomas Bach on a lack of transparency and a lack of reforms. The remarks by Mr Vizer has not been approved by the SportAccord Council and Mr Vizer had not consulted the International Federations prior to releasing these comments.

UPDATE 31 May — Mr Marius Vizer has resigned from the Presidency of SportAccord.

In a letter to Mr Vizer, IKF President Fransoo, after consultation and with unanimous support of the full IKF Executive Committee, writes:

“Like many other SportAccord members, we were unpleasantly surprised by your remarks “on behalf of the International Federations” at the opening of the SportAccord General Assembly in Sochi. The remarks do not represent the position of the International Korfball Federation, and we have not been consulted in any way before these remarks were delivered.

Based on your letter to President Bach of 20 May 2015, which was sent in copy to all International Federations, we have to conclude that you continue to express your position without consultation of the SportAccord membership.[…]

We strongly support the Olympic Agenda 2020. We have been invited on many occasions to contribute to that Agenda and we feel part of its mission. A further improvement of the position of the International Federations is only possible if all Federations, whether currently on the Olympic Program or not, work together towards a common aim to develop sport. The divide that has emerged as a consequence of your remarks harms the position of all international federations, including ours.”

The International Korfball Federation stresses that SportAccord, as an association of all international sports federation, bring great value to the IKF: “The value of SportAccord and the SportAccord Convention lies in the close collaboration between the International Federations. We value the close collaboration within SportAccord with all International Federations. We look forward hence to continue collaboration with our colleagues in ARISF, ASOIF, AIOWF, and AIMS, and are looking forward to resume our good cooperation within SportAccord and the related activities when the present situation will be resolved in a positive manner for International Sport.”

Prior to the IKF suspending their activities related to SportAccord, more than 20 Olympic Federations had made similar moves. This weekend, two other Recognized International Federations moved in a similar way as the IKF, namely the Federation Internationale de Automobile FIA and the World Karate Federation WKF. More suspensions are expected.

UPDATE 25 May: The International Orienteering Federation has suspended their ties with SportAccord

UPDATE 27 May: The World Basebal Softbal Confederation has suspended its membership of SportAccord

UPDATE 27 May: ARISF, the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federations, has suspended its relationship with SportAccord

UPDATE 28 May: The International Floorball Federation also suspended their activities with SportAccord on 25 May

UPDATE 28 May: The International Raquetball Federation has suspended its membership of Sportaccord.

UPDATE 29 May: The International Surfing Association has suspended their activities with SportAccord