The IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course is ready to start 27th August

Everything is ready for the start of first edition of for IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course during the week from  27th August to 1st September 2013. The city of Dordrecht and the great accommodation of DeetosSnel will host the first stage of a course that will be developed during the period August – December 2013.

During this first stage attendants will receive the instruction designed by Program Manager Mr Ben Crum. The “korfball guru” has designed a program of topics that will be developed by the best assortment of tutors and coaches possible, in order to implement the theory contained at his last “IKF Guide to korfball coaching” successful book.

Coaches and tutors appointed to run the different topics will be from in and out the korfball sphere. As korfball instructors, some names appointed to run the different topics are:

–       Jan Sjouke van den Bos (Coach Dutch National team 1999-2013)
–       Gert-Jan Kraaijeveld (Assistant Coach Dutch National team 2009-2013)
–       Wim Scholtmeijer (Coach Dutch National U21/U23 team period 2010-2013 and new Coach senior National Team)
–       Daniel de Rudder (Coach Belgium National team 1984 -1990 and Coach of National Teams of South-Africa, Poland and Turkey in different periods) and
–       Wim Bakker (Coach at Koog Zaandijk. Dutch Indoor Champion 2008, 2010 and IKF Europa Cup Champion 2009)

At the same time, there are other non-korfball lecturers involved to support the program of the IKF Level IV “High Performance Coach” course; tutors Raymond Verheijen and Peter Beek, are expected to deliver and outside vision about their main topics respectively: “Sport physiology and Physical Conditioning” and “Neurology and motor learning”.

Tutor Raymond Verheijen is well known in the football world as a founder of UK Football Academy and Dutch Football Academy, but also as assistant coach and physical trainer specialist performing in National Teams of The Netherlands, South-Korea, Russia or Wales but also at club level with Glasgow Rangers, Barcelona or Chelsea.

On the other hand, Peter Beek is developing a long career already as researcher in “Neurology and motor learning”. He is professor in “human movement sciences” at Department of Motor Behavior, Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, VU University Amsterdam

In order to follow this program starting next 27th August, KNKV TOP 6 Program supports the scholarship entry fee of a number of coaches who have been appointed by the different national organizations according to the terms of the TOP 6 Program:

  Country Attendants M/F National Team Current league team/Country
1 ENG Dave Buckland M Head Coach Seniors   England Tornadoes  /ENG
2 GER Detlef Dulfer M Coach U16 Germany Albatros / GER
3 CZE Ivo Kracik M Head Coach Seniors   Czech Republic Ceske Bujedovice /   CZE
4 CAT Rosendo Garcia M Coach U23 Catalonia CEVG / CAT
5 CAT David Rua M Coach U19 Catalonia CK Montcada / CAT
6 RUS Sergey Nizovsky M Head Coach Seniors   Russia
7 HK Warman Cheng M Head Coach Hong-Kong
8 POR Joana Faria F Coach U19 Portugal  Benfica 2nd   Div/POR
9 TAI Inglish Huang M Head Coach Nat. Team   Chinese Taipei
10 POR Jorge Alves M Head Coach Seniors   Brazil
11 CZE David Schwarz M Coach Czech Republic   Academy Korfball School Decin   / CZE

After the Stage 1 will be celebrated during last week of August , attendants will follow Stage 2 of 15 weeks of on-line lessons during the period September – December 2013, and finally the learning program will finish with Stage 3 during next Challenge Tournament in Rotterdam.