IKF World Beach Korfball Weekend 2020

It is time to announce a new korfball community building event: the IKF World Beach Korfball Weekend 2020!

The current corona situation maybe prevents us from organising events where we can meet in person, but it doesn’t prevent us from staying connected as korfball community. To strengthen the connection between all IKF member countries, korfball clubs and individuals, the IKF has decided to launch the IKF World Beach Korfball Weekend 2020.

This ‘event’ is held in the weekend of 29 and 30 August and will be created by everyone together. Combining all type of beach korfball activities in the same weekend. We challenge all korfball lovers over the world to organise a beach korfball activity in this weekend. A tournament, a match, or whatever kind of activity you like to do and show. Just connect your activity with the IKF World Beach Korfball Weekend 2020 and be part of the event!

Let’s be very clear; Safety goes first! So please make sure that you are well informed and always respect the guidelines of the (local) government to avoid spreading the corona virus. Don’t organise activities that can harm the health of yourself or others.

Having said that, the corona situation and imposed limitations are very diverse all over the world and in many countries sport activities, specially outdoors, are allowed and even stimulated. Physical activity or exercise strengthens your immune system and lower the risk of getting sick. And maybe more importantly, doing sports is fun and helps both your body and mind to stay healthy!

Make sure to follow the IKF Social Media Channels to know how you can connect your beach korfball activity. And of course, in the case there is no beach available where you are located, but you still want to be part of the event, you are more than welcome to connect any another kind of korfball activity!


Share and follow all the activities using the hashtags #WorldBeachKorfballWeekend and #WBKW2020

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