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Ranking criteria

  • The IKF World Ranking 2018 (from 1 July 2018) is based on the revised world ranking criteria 2018, approved by the IKF EXCO in June 2018. 
  • Due to the continuously development of  korfball around the globe and the establishment of  the IKF Competition Calendar 2018-2021, an update of the world ranking criteria was required.
  • For the IKF World Ranking, the total number of points of each country is determined by adding:
    1 . The basic points of each country, according to overall participation and development.
    2. The points from IKF National Team Events of each country according to its ranking on IKF official events and the specific weightings, over the last four-year period.
  • Points for the ranking are mainly earned through participation in official IKF National Team Events, according to the classification of each country and the specific weightings, over the last four-year period.
  • Weights are given to different continental competitions to reflect the prestige of the tournament and to ensure that ratings are comparable across regions.
  • A year weighting is implemented to reward teams for most recent participation and performances and in order to prevent all games over the four-year period from carrying the same weight and receiving the exact same value.
  • If there is a specific qualifying round event for a main World or Continental event, the countries that do not qualify for the final round of a championship will still be given a position according to the final ranking obtained in the qualifying round event and will earn points according to it. The points earned in the qualifying rounds will only be added to the World Ranking when the points of the main event are added.
  • The official IKF World Ranking will be published:
       – immediately after each IKF World Korfball Championship, The World Games and IKF U21 World Korfball Championship;
       – immediately after the last IKF Continental Korfball Championship and IKF U23/U21 Continental Korfball Championship, of the year;
       – in December of each year, with the addition of the Basic Points of that year.