Great opportunity for USA Korfball as World Games 2021 are awarded to Birmingham

Immediately following the signing of the contract between the International World Games Association and the City of Birmingham, Alabama, USA, the IKF President met with the Local Organizing Committee of the 2021 World Games to discuss development of korfball in the US towards the 2021 Games. It turns out to be an excellent impetus for korfball in North America.

Birmingham edged Ufa (Russia) and Lima (Peru) in the race to win the 2021 Games. With no presence of korfball in the Southern US, both a challenge and an opportunity exists. President Fransoo discussed the contours of a development strategy with the LOC, who are extremely enthousiastic about korfball following the great performance in Cali. The initial contours of the development plan are aimed at the inclusion of korfball in the program of local schools, with a focus on the inner city of Birmingham, and the joint effort between IKF, USA Korfball, and the LOC to develop a new base of elite players in Birmingham. With six years to go, a focused program with elite athletes should be aimed at developing a competitive US team for the 2021 Games.

President Fransoo: “While there are several dispersed local community groups, school and colleges across the US playing korfball, a good structure and program is not in place. This is an excellent opportunity to work with the City and LOC of Birmingham to work on a common objective to have a competitive US team in the 2021 Games.”