IKF extends contract with CEO Tilbert La Haye

The International Korfball Federation has extended the contract with its CEO Tilbert La Haye. La Haye, a Dutch national, joined the IKF in 2016. He has headed the IKF operations since then with great success. Under his leadership, the professionalism in day-to-day operations has increased substantially. Furthermore, he has taken new initiatives such as the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup series, and programs to develop the administration and playing strength of the many young national organizations that have joined the IKF in the past decade.

IKF President Fransoo: “We are very happy to have reached an agreement with Mr La Haye. With his expertise, knowledge, and energy, he has brought new initiatives, and new structure to the operations and development of the IKF. We look forward to seeing our sport, our federation, and our national organizations develop further under his executive leadership.”

Tilbert La Haye: “I am very proud of the confidence the IKF shows by extending my contract for the years to come. We have been making major steps forward with our intensified international competition calendar – particularly in youth –  and the development of the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup series, with events upcoming in Belgium, Hong Kong and China. This is a good foundation for extending our marketing and sponsorship proposition, which we are currently aligning with our unique gender-equality requirement in every single korfball match played wherever.”