IKF Korfball World Congress 2019

The next IKF Korfball World Congress will take place on August 7 and August 8 in the Garden Court Marine Parade Hotel, Durban, South Africa, during the IKF World Korfball Championship 2019.

This year’s edition of the congress aims to promote the sharing of experiences and ideas among members focusing on two main themes: Global Korfball Development and Strengthening Our National Organisations.

The registration for the IKF Korfball World Congress is still open until July, 8th 2019 and it must be done by email to office@ikf.org

You can consult the detailed program of the IKF Korfball World Congress here.

IKF extends contract with CEO Tilbert La Haye

The International Korfball Federation has extended the contract with its CEO Tilbert La Haye. La Haye, a Dutch national, joined the IKF in 2016. He has headed the IKF operations since then with great success. Under his leadership, the professionalism in day-to-day operations has increased substantially. Furthermore, he has taken new initiatives such as the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup series, and programs to develop the administration and playing strength of the many young national organizations that have joined the IKF in the past decade.

IKF President Fransoo: “We are very happy to have reached an agreement with Mr La Haye. With his expertise, knowledge, and energy, he has brought new initiatives, and new structure to the operations and development of the IKF. We look forward to seeing our sport, our federation, and our national organizations develop further under his executive leadership.”

Tilbert La Haye: “I am very proud of the confidence the IKF shows by extending my contract for the years to come. We have been making major steps forward with our intensified international competition calendar – particularly in youth –  and the development of the IKF Beach Korfball World Cup series, with events upcoming in Belgium, Hong Kong and China. This is a good foundation for extending our marketing and sponsorship proposition, which we are currently aligning with our unique gender-equality requirement in every single korfball match played wherever.”

Adri “Swan” Zwaanswijk dies after dedicating his entire life to the development of korfball

The International Korfball Federation is deeply grieved to announce the passing of its Honorary Member Adri “Swan” Zwaanswijk in Amsterdam (Netherlands) yesterday morning at the age of 88.

Swan, as Zwaanswijk has been known to most that have had the pleasure to work and be inspired by him, was a korfball innovator over more than half a century. When he retired as national coach of the Netherlands korfball team, he was offered a trip around the world. He used this trip to promote and develop korfball outside Europe. At that time, korfball outside Europe was only present in Dutch and former Dutch colonies. Among other countries, he was the key figure of korfball introduction and development in India and Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) who are current korfball power houses in Asia. Famous was also his development work in the jungle parts Papua New Guinea where he built upon the earlier work of Roy Kirkby and he supposedly was offered an entire island by one of the local tribal chiefs.


Adri “Swan” Zwaanswijk in 2013 (photo credit: Swan Fund)

At elite level, Zwaanswijk played 11 times for the Netherlands national korfball team in a period that there was effectively no preparation for matches, and players met each other on the train to Antwerp for their annual international match series. Later, in 1962, he became the first national korfball coach in the Netherlands and introduced the concept of training and preparation. After his retirement as national coach in the Netherlands in 1978, he worked tirelessly for the development of our sport, in particular in (but not limited to) Asia. He also developed coaching courses at the international level for the first time and the famous coaching camps at Papendal in the Netherlands were also his idea. Many of the current and past leading coaches and administrators have been trained by him at one of these Papendal coaching courses.

Next to that, he was also a strong advocate for major changes in the game itself. He pushed the notion that children needed to play on a lower post and with a smaller ball. He was a main driving force behind the elimination of the middle zone (korfball was played in three rather than two zones outdoor until the late 1980s in most countries and until the early 1990s in the Netherlands). Further, he developed a first concept of a synthetic korf to replace the then-common rattan korf. His desire for global development is reflected in the Swan Fund, a charity supporting korfball development in underprivileged countries.

The global korfball community will remember Adri Zwaanswijk for the lasting impact that he has had on our sport in many aspects, along with his consistent optimism, involvement, and passion. We wish his next of kin all the best in dealing with this loss.

The funeral service will be held in private. The family has informed us that a remembrance ceremony will be held at a later date.

New Booklet: IKF AOKC History

Today we publish the new history booklet re. the IKF Asia Oceania Korfball Championship (IKF AOKC). All nine IKF AOKC Events are described. The 10th IKF AOKC is planned in 2018 and awarded to Japan.

Thanks to the work of Mr Erik Buizer, Mr Tim Miller and Mr Inglish Huang this booklet is ready.



IKF Level III Youth Camp a great succes

All participants in the IKF Level III Youth Camp finished the camp very successful.

Guided by Mr Ben Crum as project manager the group was very eager to absorb korfball training and coaching knowledge. Ben Crum is a well known Dutch coach with PKC, writer of various korfball training books and IKF Honorary member.

Ben had former Dutch national coach, Mr Jan Sjouke van den Bos to do lectures and sessions during the week as well.

After the presentations all 22 partuicipants showed up for the photo.

All 5 IKF continents were active and represented in the youth camp.

Ben Crum and Frans Walvis in the closing ceremony


IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp” join International Week Dordrecht 2015

Some exciting events are underway this week from 16 to 22 August in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. First of all, IKF in liaison with KNKV run the IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp”. An international group of 22 coaches perform under guidance of current coach of Dutch korfball champion PKC, Mr. Ben Crum. He is appointed as a program manager for this course. Mr. Crum lead a group of prestigious coaches invited to guide the participants in the “Youth coach camp” and learn all about coaching drills at youth level. Amongst this group of tutors, coach of Dutch national team Mr. Wim Scholtmeijer, Mr .Jan Sjouke van den Bos, head of coaches for the KNKV and Mr Detlef Elewaut, coach of Belgium national team, conduct some of the sessions.

During the week several training sessions take place at different Dordrecht clubs featuring local korfballers from 11 to 16 years coming from the clubs: DeetosSnel, Sporting Delta, Movado, Oranje Wit, KC Dordrecht together with some players from KC Barcelona. The training sessions will be useful as a practice for the 22 coaches from 15 different countries representing all five continents. They participate this week in order to obtain the IKF level III diploma for international coaches:

Coach Country M/F
1 Javi Navarro Catalonia M
2 Nigel Cooper Scotland M
3 David Konecny Czech Republic M
4 Bandor Nagy Hungary M
5 Kevin De Waele Belgium M
6 Joe Stirling England M
7 Liandri Theyse South Africa F
8 Danie Smith South AFrica M
9 Pardeep Dahiya India M
10 Alice Chinese Taipei F
11 Bird Chinese Taipei F
12 Karen Fuchs Germany F
13 Keisuke Mashiba Japan M
14 Anna Schutze Germany F
15 Daniel Rivillini Brazil M
16 Maria J. Capparelli Argentina F
17 Sebastian J. Iula Argentina M
18 Diego Rodrigo Argentina M
19 Luciana Bortoletto Brazil F
20 Rosa Cooper New Zealand F
guest Chattha Imtiaz Ahmad Pakistan M
guest Hashmi Shamsa Pakistan F

For some years, IKF and KNKV work closely together in order to involve all korfball nations pursuing to raise their level of play.

For that purpose we provide coaches with a complete program for coaching youth teams. This should be planned and executed with accuracy; furthermore the IKF Level III “Youth Coach Camp” is an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, sharing one week with coaches from all around the world in the excellent environment of one of the greatest korfball cities in the world and hosted by well-known club DeetosSnel. The clubs from Dordrecht opens its doors to an international program for coach education and provide the best facilities to perform during this week.


IKF anti-doping rules in line with 2015 code

The IKF is on the list of International Federations published by WADA that the IKF anti-doping rules are in line with the 2015 World Anti-Doping Code.

The IKF has drafted and submitted to WADA the revised IKF anti-doping rules some months ago.

WADA is the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The full list is available: click here


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The IKF Council sends the best wishes for a healthy 2015 to the whole korfball community and all others around the globe. May korfball contribute to a better world.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year

2015 IKF EXco / Council Meeting Schedule

The IKF Executive Committee scheduled the formal meetings for 2015.

  • 7 February 2015; IKF Exco meeting
  • 6 June 2015; IKF Exco meeting
  • 5 September 2015; IKF Exco meeting in Antwerp

During the IKF World Korfball Championship in Antwerp, Belgium:

  • 4 and 5 November 2015; IKF World Korfball Congess
  • 6 November 2015; IKF Council Meeting; 0900 AM
  • 7 November 2015; IKF General Meeting; 0900 AM

New age groups and Korfball event planning

Following the IKF Congress discussions in Lisbon end October 2013 and ongoing development in the IKF Competition Committee the IKF introduces a new programme of age related korfball events based on a four year cycle.

The details are in two documents:

  1. IKF Global & Continental Competition outlook 2015-2025 incl New Age Groups
  2. New Age Group IKF Competitions 20141119