Jorge Alves Named Senior Vice President of the International Korfball Federation

The IKF is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Jorge Alves as the Senior Vice President. This decision, made by the Executive Committee, recognises Mr. Alves’ outstanding commitment and contributions to the IKF.

Mr. Alves has been a dedicated member of the IKF for several years, actively promoting the growth and inclusivity of korfball globally. The appointment reflects the Executive Committee’s confidence in his ability to further enhance the sport’s reach and impact.

The IKF congratulates Mr. Jorge Alves on this well-deserved appointment and looks forward to his continued leadership in advancing korfball internationally.

Header images: Krit Suttipithuk

Gabi Kool Elected as International Korfball Federation President: Charting a Progressive Course for Global Korfball

Taipei City, October 28, 2023 – The International Korfball Federation (IKF) convened for a significant General Meeting in Taipei City, during which Dutch national and resident of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Mr. Gabi Kool was unanimously chosen as the federation’s 8th President. 

Mr. Kool, with his roots as a former elite korfball athlete and subsequent experience in leading global marketing initiatives, is uniquely positioned to take the helm. Known for his talent in nurturing brands and amplifying fan engagement, his expertise promises to usher in a new era of growth and connectivity for korfball on a global scale. 

Having already demonstrated his leadership capabilities by taking over the management of the IKF Executive Committee last year, Mr. Kool’s tenure saw the collaborative creation of ‘2032+ – Better Together’, a vision for korfball’s future. This blueprint was diligently formed across a series of workshops in 2023, harnessing insights from many national federations, signifying a collective ambition for the sport. 

Further enriching the IKF’s global landscape, the General Meeting proudly welcomed four new national korfball federations: 

  1. Egyptian Federation for Recreational Sports and Games (EGY) 
  2. Federación Mexicana de Korfball (MEX) 
  3. Federação de Corfebol de São Tomé e Príncipe (STP) 
  4. Uganda Korfball Association (UGA) 

This expansion brings the global korfball federation count to an impressive 71. Preceding this crucial General Meeting was the World Korfball Congress themed ‘Rising in a Changing Society’. Here, innovative plans for the growth of beach korfball and the forthcoming urban korfball format were unveiled. For an insightful look into these disciplines, Mr. Kool’s brief presentation prior to the bronze medal match at the World Championship can be viewed below.

Future tournament locations also saw the light of day, with Pattaya, Thailand, securing its position as the host for the World Beach Korfball Championship from 26-28 April 2024. Additionally, two World Cup tournaments planned for 2024 in Europe and Asia will soon be unveiling their host cities. Importantly, these events will be crucial qualifiers for the 2025 World Games in Chengdu, marking the debut of Beach Korfball and further expanding the competition’s scope. 

The IKF wishes to extend its heartfelt thanks to Mr. Jan Fransoo for his unwavering dedication since 2003 and warmly embraces Mr. Gabi Kool as its new guiding force. Under Kool’s leadership, the IKF envisions a future where korfball reaches newer heights and further strengthens its global presence. 

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Jan Fransoo awarded Honorary Life President after 20-year term as IKF president

Jan Fransoo today concluded an extraordinary 20-year term as International Korfball Federation (IKF) President. Fransoo has been succeeded by Gabi Kool who was voted in as the new President of the International Korfball Federation during the General Meeting 2023.

At the IKF General Meeting held on Saturday, 28 October in Taipei City, Jan received multiple standing ovations as well as a moving tribute by IKF CEO and General Secretary, Joana Faria.

The IKF General Meeting awarded Jan Fransoo with the Honorary Life President award for his outstanding contributions to the sport.

Jan Fransoo and Joana Faria (IKF General Secretary and CEO)

Joana said to the General Meeting and IKF officials that had gathered in the conference hall: “It is an honour to stand before you today and pay tribute to Jan Fransoo, the President of the International Korfball Federation, for his twenty years of service and unwavering commitment to the sport of korfball.

“Under his leadership, the sport has grown and flourished to become a truly global organisation. Today, we gather not only to acknowledge his outstanding contributions to our beloved sport but also to celebrate his leadership, vision, and unwavering dedication to the IKF

“The growth of continents outside of Europe, the professional presentation of our sport and the increased exposure through different media channels has been a big factor in this global growth of our sport.

“But Jan’s impact goes beyond the numbers and statistics. It is in the countless lives he has touched, the inspiration he has provided, and the sense of belonging he has nurtured. He has not just been a President; he has been a mentor, a role model, and a friend to many within the korfball community.

“Over the past two decades, Jan has demonstrated an exceptional ability to unite people from all corners of the globe under the banner of korfball. His passion for the growth of our sport has paved the way for countless countries to play korfball both at grass roots, and international level. His dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion has made korfball a sport that welcomes people of all backgrounds, cultures, and abilities. Jan’s commitment to fostering a sense of belonging in our korfball community is truly commendable.

“Under Jan’s guidance, the IKF has successfully hosted increasingly bigger and more professional tournaments such as World Championships and World Games events, showcasing our sport on the world stage in a way that korfball had previously never been seen. His determination to push the boundaries of the sport has resulted in increased recognition and respect for korfball across a variety of international sporting circles.

“Jan has been actively involved in promoting korfball development programs, supporting new technology initiatives, and advocating for gender equity within the sport. His commitment to equality has set a shining example for many others to follow. By promoting mixed-gender teams and equal opportunities for athletes all over the world, Jan has made the sport more inclusive and inspiring for us all.

“Thank you for your dedication, your passion, and your unwavering commitment to the sport of korfball.”

Mr. Shih-Chung, Director of Sports Administration, Ministry of Education also attended the meeting and thanked Jan for his years of dedicated service to the sport, and presented a First Class Medal for Contributions to the Field of Education. Jan was also presented with an Award Certificate and a special gift for his outstanding contribution to developing and expanding the international sport exchanges of Chinese Taipei.

Jan Fransoo, Mr. Shih-Chung and Gabi Kool

Both the Royal Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV) and the Royal Belgian Korfball Federation (KBKB) awarded Jan Fransoo an Honorary Membership.

Netherlands captain, Daan Preuninger presented a gift to Jan Fransoo on behalf of the KNKV and all athletes both past and present.

Fransoo continues to serve on the International World Games Association Executive (IWGA) Committee. He is serving his second term as IWGA ExCo Member after being reelected in 2023.

His contributions to the sport of korfball are immense and he will be remembered for his dedication and service to the sport. Thank you, Jan.,

Photos: Krit Suttipithuk

Gabi Kool joins IKF Executive Committee, soon to take over leadership

The Council of the International Korfball Federation has appointed Mr Gabi Kool as a Member of the IKF Executive Committee with immediate effect. As per January 22 2022, Mr Kool has been appointed as Executive Vice President of the IKF. In this new role, he will be responsible for the committees of Digital & Marketing, Olympic Format and be leading the IKF strategy with immediate effect. Mr Kool will take over the position of chair of the IKF Executive Committee as of June 1 2022. President Jan Fransoo will remain President of the Council of the IKF until the completion of his current term in 2023, which he has announced will be his last. As of June 1 2022, he will step down from the Executive Committee.

Mr Kool, a native of the Netherlands and residing in Switzerland, has been an elite korfball athlete in the 1990s, before starting a highly successful professional career as entrepreneur and business leader in the loyalty marketing industry and he is currently leading the commercial organization of one of the world’s leading marketing services firms headquartered in Switzerland. He has lived in multiple locations across Europe and Asia, and has been named the loyalty marketing personality of the year. He brings extensive commercial, digital marketing and fan engagement experience to the IKF, that will help the world’s leading mixed-gender team sport to further develop its global and commercial potential.

Gabi Kool: ”It is my great pleasure to join the Executive Committee and support the IKF’s global ambition to grow our sport across the world and connect the korfball community of athletes, fans, national federations, sponsors and organizing committees via the latest digital strategies and solutions. Building on our heritage and great work done under Jan’s leadership over the past decades, developing new and exciting formats with appeal to also the younger generation and the Olympic movement, I am looking forward to contribute to such goals and help lead the IKF in this journey.

Jan Fransoo: “The IKF is extremely fortunate to have been able to secure the leadership, experience of Gabi to lead the global korfball community towards its next phase of development. Combined with his passion for our sport, and his ability to connect personally to our member federation, large and small alike, he is the best possible leader to help realize our ambitions.”

The Royal Netherlands Korfball Association, with the support of multiple other member associations, has announced its intention to formally nominate Mr Kool as candidate for the IKF Presidency as per the next General Meeting of the IKF, which is due to be held in October 2023 in Taipei during the IKF World Korfball Championship.


Photo: Gertrude de Vries |

Jorge Alves (POR) joins the IKF Executive Committee

The Council of the International Korfball Federation has appointed Mr Jorge Alves as a Member of the IKF Executive Committee and Chair of the IKF Development and Education Committee. Mr Alves fills the vacancy left earlier this year following the resignation of Mr Kevin Allen (ENG). Mr Alves has been appointed by the Council until the next General Meeting of the IKF in November 2021, when the position is up for election.

Jorge Alves is a seasoned korfball developer, coach, referee, and coaching and refereeing instructor. He has had a very long and extensive career as an international referee, including having refereed at 5 World Championships, 3 World Games and 18 finals of major events. Apart from this, he has also been coach of multiple teams in the Portuguese Korfball League, and of the national team of Brazil. As an educator, he has taught both referee and coach courses in Portugal and internationally. He is very familiar with both grassroots and elite development of korfball.

Jorge Alves: My passion for Korfball started on the day I first came across our sport, more than 30 years ago, and it has been increasing until today. The fundaments and values of korfball were and are the basis of my dedication and commitment, trying over the years to formally and informally contribute so that this sport develops and is recognized worldwide. I take this new challenge with the conviction I will count on the support and collaboration of korfball friends who share this passion and that we can all work together to spread our amazing sport and its values around the globe.

Jan Fransoo, IKF President: With Jorge Alves, the IKF is fortunate to onboard a seasonal korfball development professional that will give a further impetus to the growth of our sport. In our current strategic cycle, the focus is on strengthening our membership base and national federations, and Jorge will be invaluable given his extensive experience and vast network. Moreover, in the education field, Covid-19 has pulled us into the digital education world, and Jorge will play a leading role to further develop this beyond the period of the pandemic.

Mario Almeida, FPC President: Jorge Alves, over dozens of years dedicated to korfball, has performed functions and activities, both nationally and internationally, including in IKF bodies, namely training and development in the four corners of the globe, which has given him a rich experience, including from realities and cultures, very important for the direction of the development.

With the appointment of Alves, the IKF Executive Committee is again fully gender-balanced with three males and three females on board.