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Spectacular show in IKF ECup 2013 final

During the 47th IKF Europa Cup final in Budapest in January 2013 the Hungarian Face team gave at half time an excellent performance; show, dunks and very spectacular other acts with 2 korfs and some balls.

Have a look and watch the summary:

IKF ECup final day

Schweriner Korfball Club e.V. ’67 – Club Esportiu Vilanova i La Geltru (referee: Ondrej Fridich)

The first match of the day is decisive for the 7th and 8th place in the final ranking. One would have expected that both teams would have played for a higher ranking because of previous results in IKF ECups .

To start playing early in the morning is rather unusual and that may be the reason that the score went up very slowly. At half time it seems impossible to predict who would take the seventh place (7 – 8)

Same concept in the second half. Both teams struggling to create a score difference and in cases when this seem to happen the opponents immediately close the gap! (13 – 13) When everybody settles for a golden goal the Germans prove to be the most fortunate. (17 – 16)

Trojans K C – State University –HSS (referee: Ronald Buis)

It has been a while since we have seen such a good Russian team. New outfits, a top coach and a good tactical plan, it all seem to give a revival to Russian korfball.

Trojans on the other hand, played a strange tournament. Beaten by the Czechs it took much effort to take revenge against Schweriner and we were curious how they would have recuperated.

As this proved to be a problem, Russians made it clear at halt time that there would be no discussion about the 5th place (7 – 20)

Same scenario in the second half with a dominating Russian team that was happy to score over 30 goals! (16 – 34)

KCC Sokol Ceske Budejovice – Núcleo Corfebol Benfica (referee: Miguel Wensma)

This is all about prestige! A third place in the IKF ECup  is an indication of the progress in a country. Benfica is very determined to show that their good result from last year is not a coincidence and Ceske Buejovice struggles for the status of the past period.

Young Portuguese enthusiasm against experience by age results in 8 – 9 at the start of the real playing time. At half time the score is 8 – 13 and Benfica seems on its way to victory.

After tea Benfica is the better team! Longer preparation in the attack zone, better shooting and secure defence leads to 15 – 23 just before the end.

Both teams can be proud of their overall performance and will benefit from their ranking in the next edition. (18 – 27)

Kon. Boeckenberg K C – KZ/Hiltex (referee: Paul Jeanes)

Some injuries in the Dutch team, the ranking in the Dutch competition, ingredients for the Belgians to give it a go after many unsuccesful years. But again players in the Korfball league in The Netherlands, the strongest competition in the world, are used to battles like this and the Belgians were too impressed by the power play that they could not avoid the Dutch from dominating the first half. Only a few Belgians showed their top level and that was unsufficient to confuse KZ (6 – 13)

However in the second half a reborn Boeckenberg steadily but surely narrowed the gap creating frustration in the Dutch camp and giving a hard time for the referee (16 – 20) Silence in the camp of Dutch supporters!

The revival started too late. Long Dutch attacks, only meant for killing time, decided about the final score. Boeckenberg was the best team in the second. KZ in the first! It has been a while since we witnessed such a thrilling final

18 – 20

IKF ECup day 3

Korfball Club BEOGRAD  – FJEP Bonson (referee Tamás Elekes)

The best French player starts the match despite of a serious injury the day before.

Bonson is the best team in the beginning and with penalties the score goes up to 2 – 5. Beograd does not seem to find solutions to disrupt the French attacks and 5’ before the end of the half time Bonson feels comfortable with 3 – 9.

When the referee blows the whistle for half time the score is 7 – 12.

After tea spectators see another Beograd that progressively starts to work to close the gap (10 – 13). Bonson tries to control the game but despite a second yellow card for a Serbian player the match ends with 17 – 17.

In the golden goal period the first French attack is unsuccessful whereas the second Serbian shot is the good one (17 – 18)

Szentendrei Korfball Klub – Megasports Warschau (referee: Ronad Buis)

The decisive match for place in the next edition of the IKF ECup starts with two teams both afraid to loose. A very long study round and a low score as a result together with the respectable age of some of the players leads to an equal score 5 – 5.

This is a match without tempo. Scores are a result of mistakes by defenders or unprepared long shots rather than tactical set ups. The home team benefits from the support of the enthusiastic crowd to lead with 10 – 8 at half time.

Same situation in the second half although due to some secure shooting score goes up regularly. When the Hungarians succeed in creating a small margin, Warschau has to take some risks. Former player of the year Horvath with a spectacular assist and the last successful shot decides about who will join the next IKF ECup (24 – 20)

Trojans KC – Schweriner Korfball Club e.V. ’67 (referee: Miguel Wensma)

The match between German and English champions reminds us of the old days when ECups were played outdoors with just one representative of both countries.

A good playing level, fast actions of two teams equal in talent and in strength lead to score of 8 – 8 minutes before half time (11 – 11)

Same struggle in the second half! Trojans is constantly ahead but only by small margins whereas Schweriner desperately tries to keep the goal difference as small as possible. They even manage to equal the score just before the start of the real playing time (15- 15) but cool English decisions in attack prevent Schweriner from bridging the gap (18 – 17)

State University –HSS – Club Esportiu Vilanova i La Geltru (referee: Paul Jeanes)

When a Catalan team is on the field one can expect physical play. The spectators are curious how their Russian opponents will deal with this. We see very good korfball on both sides with defenders stronger than their respective attackers. Only at the of the first half HSS manages to create an gap the be maintained till the end of it (14 – 10)

The Catalans, very aware of the rebound supremacy of the opponent, start intensively working to stay in the game and they even succeed very well. This effort cannot be maintained and Russian shots disrupt a possible equalization (21 – 17).

This is a high level game and there is a clear revival of the University under their new coach Nizovski. In the final stage Catalans suffer from a scoring problem and the Russians slowly but surely head for an well earned victory (28 – 21)

KCC Sokol Ceske Budejovice – Kon. Boeckenberg K.C. (referee: Sandra Anus)

(19 – 39)

KZ/Hiltex – Núcleo Corfebol Benfica  (referee: Ondrej Fridrich)


IKF ECup day 2

Megasports Warschau – Korfball Club BEOGRAD  (referee Ondrej Fridrich)

Two teams that lost with a big difference on the first day proved to have well solved their failures during unsuccessful opening games. Beograd with more athletic skills managed to take the lead after 20 minutes in the first half although it seemed that Megasports Warschau was tactically the better team.  The score difference was merely determined by the scoring opportunities which were more successful for the team from Serbia. The Polish however, very aware of the danger, managed to reduce the score during the final stage of the first half (7 – 8)!

In the second half Warschau proved to be the better team. Tactical dominance and more success in scoring resulted in the first lead although Beograd refused to decline (15 – 15 with 8 minutes to go) Surprisingly the older and therefore more experienced Polish players showed no sign of lack of physical condition and it turned out to be Andrzej Czyzak who scored the winning goal (18 – 17)

Szentendrei Korfball Klub – FJEP Bonson (referee: Paul Jeanes)

The French team played well in the beginning of the game and the scoreboard showed two equal teams (5 – 5). Maybe the Hungarians suffered from the disillusion from their unfortunate performance the day before when they could not manage to clinch the frame after a lead with 8 goals at half time.

When French passing became more difficult due to pressure  and Hungarian rebound lead to multiple shots, slowly but surely Szentendre moved away from his opponent (half time: 12 – 8)

Bad organization in the French attack and no plan to solve the Hungarian rebound supremacy was the reason that there hardy a struggle for the victory. When Szentendre started thinking about their final ranking they somewhat slowed down the tempo. This created some opportunities for the opponents to end the game with a reasonable result (18 – 14). No disappointment for the French captain who stated that Bonson played a better tournament than last year.

KZ/Hiltex – State University –HSS (referee: Sandra Anus)

Playing a Dutch team needs power and courage. This is exactly what the Russian team showed after their uncomfortable win the day before. They scored the first goal and managed to stay in the game for the first 15 minutes. Spectators surprisingly saw female Russian players taking care of rebound and assist position. Talking about a déjà vu!

Anyway the system worked and KZ played their best level to create a small margin (12 – 8) When scoring became difficult for the University due to a missed penalty and outrebounded shots, they changed the tactics which did not result in solutions against a well oiled Dutch team. Half time 17 – 8

It may be that during the second half the Russians suffered from the celebration of the victory from the day before. KZ did not have to play well to end with a 43 – 14 win.

This may not keep us from remembering all the good korfball we saw at first.

Trojans KC – KCC Sokol Ceske Budejovice (referee: Tamás Elekes)

A furious start of  the Czechs resulted in an early advantage and a time out was needed to rephrase the English tactical plan (4 – 6 after 15’) Rough play resulted in many infringements and players preferred to complain to the referee rather than to use their skills. Bad passing from both teams emerged much frustration. It seemed that Trojans had the better period just before half time with an unpredictable winner as a result (8 – 9)

A reborn English team succeeded in matching the score when the Czechs remain silent in the attack zone. Shortly after they even took their first lead. Unexpectedly however Ceske gained confidence from a few English mistakes to level the score (12 – 12).

Excitement when with 5’ left everything still remains possible for a place from one to four in the final ranking (14 – 15). After a thrilling end Ceske wins the game (15 – 16)

Núcleo Corfebol Benfica – Club Esportiu Vilanova i La Geltru (referee: Miguel Wensma)

Specialists expected the most exciting game to be the last of the day. Both teams started very concentrated but the overacting resulted in a couple of penalties for both. The battle of the Iberian Peninsula was as ever very physical with a high degree of emotion. Difficult to say, even for experienced korfball assessors, to what degree this game could develop. (10 – 10)

Spectators that went home early will regret what turned out to be the most spectacular game of the day. Quick play, strong determination, emotion on the benches and a good referee, ingredients for korfball at his best!

With 8 ‘ to play on the time clock Benfica had the lead (22 – 20) but no way that Vilanova was going to give up! When Benfica shooters proved to be the most succesful and on the other hand  Vilanova had trouble worrying the Portugese defence the game ended in a win for Benfica. (26 – 22) What a thril, what a spectacle

Livestream 47th IKF Europa Cup

The 47th IKF Europa Cup in Budapest, Hungary, will be LIVE on the Internet.

All matches on Thursday 17, Friday 18 and Saturday 19 January can be followed LIVE on the ikfchannel in YouTube.

We will publish the specific direct links to the matches daily on this page: IKF EUROPA CUP

The match schedule, competing teams and related news articles can also be found on this page.

ikf europa cup korfball 2013 logo

IKF Europa Korfball Cup 2013 Match Schedule

Below you find the Match Schedule of the IKF Europa Korfball Cup. In the period Wednesday 16 till Saturday 19 January 2013 the 47th edition of the IKF Europa Korfball Cup is played in Budapest, Hungary. The 12 participants battle for the prestigious title.

The 12 participants are:

KZ/Hiltex (NED) State University -HSS (RUS) Szentendrei Korfball Klub (HUN)
Kon. Boeckenberg K.C. (BEL) Schweriner Korfball Club e.V. ’67 (GER) Megasports Warschau (POL)
Trojans KC (EKA) KCC Sokol Ceske Budejovice (CZE) Korfball Club BEOGRAD (SRB)
Núcleo Corfebol Benfica (POR) Club Esportiu Vilanova i La Geltru (CAT) FJEP Bonson (FRA)


The IKF Europa Korfball Cup 2013 match schedule is:


Wednesday 16 January 2013
11:00 Match D Club Esportiu Vilanova i La Geltru FJEP Bonson
12:50 Match B Schweriner Korfball Club e.V. ’67 Megasports Warschau
14:40 Match C KCC Sokol Ceske Budejovice Korfball Club BEOGRAD
17:00  Welcome Ceremony
18:00 Match A Szentendrei Korfball Klub State University -HSS
Thursday 17 January 2013
10:30 Match E Loser match B Loser match C
12:20 Match F Loser match A Loser match D
14:10 Match I KZ/Hiltex Winner match A
16:00 Match J Kon. Boeckenberg K.C. Winner match B
17:50 Match K Trojans KC Winner match C
19:40 Match L Núcleo Corfebol Benfica Winner match D
Friday 18 January 2013
10:30 Match G Loser match E Loser match F winner placed 11th, loser 12th
12:30 Match H Winner match E Winner match F winner placed 9th, loser 10th
Winner of Match H qualifies for the IKF Europa Cup 2014; Loser qualifies if host is placed in 1 to 9
14:30 Match M Loser match K Loser match J
16:30 Match N Loser match I Loser match L
18:30 Match O Winner match K Winner match J
20:30 Match P Winner match I Winner match L
Saturday 19 January 2013
10:00 Match Q Loser match M Loser match N winner 7th; loser 8th
12:00 Match R Winner match M Winner match N winner 5th; loser 6th
14:00 Match S Loser match O Loser match P winner 3rd; loser 4th
16:00 Match T Winner match O Winner match P winner 1st; loser 2nd
17:30 Prizes and medals ceremony

IKF Europa Cup 2013 logo

The IKF Europa Cup 2013 logo in Budapest, Hungary.

ikf europa cup korfball 2013 logo

The event takes place from Wednesday 16 – Saturday 19 January 2013.

It is the 47th IKF Europa Cup in a row. The first event was in 1965 in England.


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