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Posts new release

Tuesday 7 or Wednesday 8 January 2014 the IKF will launch the completely redesigned version of

This on line software system serves the IKF jury in major IKF Events. The jury keeps control of the matches with the support of the software and the connected database. They register players, referees, coaches, scorers, substitutions, reversible substitutions, yellow and red cards; all match related actions. Second goal of the on line system is to give korfball spectators from all over the world the opportunity to follow the game as well behind their Pc, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. There is an Android app as well.

The redesigned system follows the changed IKF rules – including the reversible substitutions, integrates with news form the IKF website and integrates with the ikfchannel on YouTube.

The 48th IKF Europa Cup in Papendrecht (NED) will be the first IKF event with the redesigned jurysoftware.

The first version of the software was released just before the IKF World Korfball Championship in 2007 in Brno (CZE).

New IKF Europa Cup Booklet published

Under ‘Documents’ and ‘Event Booklets’ the IKF has published the complete history from all 47 IKF Europa Cup Korfball Events since the first in June 1967 in England.

IKF Europa Cup Booklet Cover

IKF Europa Cup 2014 match schedule

The IKF Europa Cup final round, sponsored by ELSCO, 2014 match schedule is published.

Under ‘Upcoming Events’ the IKF Europa Cup 2014 is registered. The pools and match schedule are included in that publication.

IKF Europa Cup 2014 qualifiers known

The last two participants for the IKF Europa Cup final are known after the matches of Saturday 23 November in Croydon (ENG) as well; FJEP Bonson (FRA), Edinburgh City Korfball Club (SCO) did earn the 2 tickets.

The match results are:

  • Cardiff City – Edinburgh City Korfball Club; 9 – 12
  • Edinburgh City Korfball Club – FJEP Bonson; 4 – 10
  • FJEP Bonson – Cardiff City; 16- 3

In Belgrade (SRB) the third qualification ticket was the reward for the winner earlier on Saturday. The winner is: Korfball Club Zemun (Serbia).

Korfball Club Zemun did beat Marmara (TUR) with 14 – 13.

IKF Europa Cup 2014 logo

The next IKF Europa Cup Final Round will be played in Papendrecht, The Netherlands in the PKC venue from Wednesday 15 January 2014 till Saturday 18 January 2014.

Twelve teams will participate in this event.

For the first time in the IKF Europa Cup history this event will have an event and name sponsor. The official title is IKF Europa Cup 2014, sponsored by ELSCO.

The 12 participants are:

  1. Boeckenberg, Belgium
  2. VKC Kolin, Czech Republic
  3. KC Barcelona, Catalonia
  4. Trojans KC, England
  5. SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e.V., Germany
  6. 1908 SZAC KSE, Hungary
  7. PKC / Hagero, The Netherlands
  8. NC Benfica, Portugal
  9. State University-HSS, Russia
  10. Korfball Club Zenum, Serbia
  11. Y
  12. Z

Two teams (Y, Z) have still to qualify on Saturday November 23rd and will be part of next week announcement.

The event logo shows the liaison between the strength of national and international korfball. KNKV is the biggest IKF member and PKC/Hagero is the biggest club in the Netherlands with nearby 1,000 members.

The IKF Europa Cup 2014 logo is released today.

General information;

Since the 2013 IKF Europa Cup winner, Koog Zaandijk/Hiltex of The Netherlands did not win the Dutch title this year, there will be a new winner of the IKF Europa Cup in 2014.

PKC/Hagero is the Dutch title winner in 2013, making this its seventh appearance in the IKF Europa Cup event.

KC Barcelona, 1908 SZAC KSE and SG Pegasus Rommerscheid 1991 e.V. are first time participants.

The first IKF Europa Cup was played in 1967 in Mitcham, England, with three teams competing, making the 2014 edition of the event the 48th consecutive tournament.

First round IKF Europa Cup 2014

Saturday 23 November, the last three places for the IKF Europa Cup Final Round will be contested in Belgrade (SRB) and Croydon (ENG). Under Events you may find the matches and match times.

First round IKF Europa Cup

Saturday 23 November 2013 there will be matches in Belgrade (SRB) and Croydon (ENG) to decide the last three participants in the IKF Europa Cup Final round in Papendrecht (NED) from 15 – 18 January 2014. Twelve teams will participate.

The matches are:

Belgrade; 1100 AM; Sumice Zenum (SRB)- Marmara (TUR). The winner qualifies.

Croydon; venue Royal Russel

  • 13:30 Cardiff City (WAL) – Edinburgh city korfball club (SCO)
  • 15:00 Edinburgh city korfball club (SC0) – Bonson (FRA)
  • 16:30 Bonson (FRA) – Cardiff City (WAL)

The numbers 1 and 2 qualify.

IKF Europa Cup 2014 contract signed

Saturday 22 June 2013 the IKF Europa Cup (IKF ECup) contract was signed. The 48th edition of the IKF ECup will take place in Papendrecht, The Netherlands between Wednesday 15 and Saturday 18 January 2014. Twelve club teams from all over Europe will participate in this annual 4-day event in January.

On the left Jan Fransoo, IKF President. In the middle Martin Dekker, President PKC and Local Organiser. On the right Rob Meijer, KNKV President.

German championship has new victor!

On Sunday, 6 April 2013 the Club SG Pegasus Rommerscheid from the city of Bergisch Gladbach took over the crown from last year’s Champion Schweriner KC in the German korfball Championship.

An extra match became necessary after ending the regular competition on equal points and the final result went in the favour of Pegasus.

Two of the hardest working club teams stood in the final and  both teams deserve the right to represent Germany in the upcoming international competitions for clubs in Europe.

In the last match points were equal in the first half, before a 15-minute period where no goals were scored until Pegasus broke away to show supremacy and led to the 24-18 victory for the Rhineland area.

SG Pegasus Rommerscheid will proudly represent Germany in 2014 in Papendrecht (NED) at the IKF Europa Cup, Schweriner KC will fight for medals at the IKF Europa Shield tournament.

IKF Europa Cup 2014 in Papendrecht (NED)

The International Korfball Federation awarded the right to host the IKF Europa Cup final round in 2014 to the Royal Netherlands Korfball Federation (KNKV). The competition will take place in the town of Papendrecht, home of the largest korfball club in the world, PKC. PKC will be the organizer in the sports complex that the 1,000-member club owns. The final round will be held in the from January 15 until January 18, 2014.

Twelve national champion club teams from Europe will compete four days to become the 48th Europa Cup winner.