IKF U23 AOKC Quarter finals: HKG, TPE, AUS and CHN to U23WKC

The quarter finals were organised on a cross pool basis with the number 1 in each group playing the number 4 and the number 2 playing the number 3. With only three places available for Asian teams to qualify for next year’s IKF U23 World Korfball Championship it was important that those teams with aspirations to qualify won their match today.

The results were:              PHI – CHN  13 – 34;         TPE – INA    44 – 10;          HKG – MAC     23 – 4 ;  IND  –  AUS    15 – 16

This means that the line –ups for the semi-finals are:

For places 1 – 4
TPE vs AUS (31 July at 13:30) and CHN vs HKG (31 July at 15:20)

For places 5 – 8
INA vs IND (31 July at 17:10) and PHI vs MAC (31 July at 19:00)

Since there are only three Asian teams amongst the semi-finalists for the medal places it also means that TPE, CHN and HKG join AUS in qualifying for the IKF U23 WKC scheduled to take place in the Czech Republic next July. These teams join the six European teams that qualified last year RSA who won the IKF All African Championship earlier this month. The last team, from the Americas, will be known after the IKF U23 Pan-American Championship to be held in Colombia next month.

U23-AOKC-0870a (1)