IKF U23 AOKC Minor Places Determined

In the matches for places 5 to 8 of the IKF AOKC Indonesia defeated Macau China 19 – 15 to earn 7th place.

In the game itself a total of 62 goals were scored as India beat the Philippines 45 – 17 to earn 5th place. Despite their defeat, the Philippines should be congratulated on earning 6th place in their first ever IKF event.

U23-AOKC-1355a U23-AOKC-1399a U23-AOKC-1424a U23-AOKC-1430a U23-AOKC-1439a U23-AOKC-1443a U23-AOKC-1444a U23-AOKC-1475a U23-AOKC-1478a U23-AOKC-1481a

IKF Ranking Match led by two Female Referees

as made today when both the referee and assistant referee were both female in a competition involving national selections. Megan Marks (AUS) and Alice Huang (TPE) officiated in the semi-final match between China and Hong Kong China in the IKF U23 AOKC.

There was a match led by two female officials before in an IKF club competition – IKF Europa Shield in 2012 – and one with a local referee assisting an officially appointed IKF referee but never with two officially appointed event referees from the IKF list.


IKF U23 AOKC Day 3 – Hong beat India in crucial match

The third day of the tournament saw the completion of the pool stages. There were no particular surprises but some big scores with four of the matches having at least 45 goals scored in the game and two games had a total of 60 or more, including the highest total so far in the final game where the hosts beat India 51 – 11. Other scores: – Chinese Taipei vs Philippines 47 – 13; China vs Macau China 40 – 9; Hong Kong China vs India 25 -22 and Australia vs Indonesia 25 – 9.

The Final pool rankings are:

Pool A
TPE 9 pts; HKG 6 pts; IND 3 pts; PHI 0 pts

Pool B
CHN 9 pts; AUS 6 pts; MAC 5 pts; INA 1 pt





IKF U23 AOKC Day 2 – China beats Australia

The second day of the IKF U23 AOKC gave us the lowest and the two highest scoring matches of the tournament so far. Despite the score, the low scoring match was very exciting and eventually the teams had to be separated by a golden goal. The Macau China team were the winners 13 – 12 against Indonesia. The highest scoring match so far was the last one of the day where overwhelming favourites, hosts Chinese Taipei, beat Hong Kong China by 53 – 7. The other high scoring match was the first match of the day where we saw India (who only arrived in Hsinchu around 8 am today) play just a few hours later and beat newcomers the Philippines 42 – 16. The other match saw China gain revenge for their 22 – 11 beating by Australia four years ago by winning here 21 – 16.

Many more photos on the LOC’s home page:

IND – PHI // MAC – INA // AUS – CHN // TPE – HKG





IKF U23 AOKC Day 1 – Large wins for the favorite teams

The opening day of this event saw only three matches because the Indian team had major travel difficulties. The opening match between Hong Kong China and the Philippines saw the Philippines making their debut in an IKF competition. There was also a debut for a referee from Korea (Pony KIM) acting as the assistant referee. Hong Kong showed their experience and easily won the match 36 – 10 but the total of 46 goals in the opening match looked promising for the rest of the tournament.

The second match had Australia defeating Macau China 34 – 6 and in the last match the experienced China team beat Indonesia who were  also making their debut at this level) 36 – 9