IKF lift suspension of the Korfball Federation of India

The Council of the International Korfball Federation has decided to lift the suspension of the Korfball Federation of India (KFI) with immediate effect. The decision follows extensive reforms that have taken place in the governance of the KFI, and these governance changes have been found to be in line with the requirement of the IKF and the Sports Code of India.

The KFI was suspended by the General Meeting of the IKF in November 2015 following extensive governance problems in the longest-playing korfball country in Asia. In the new governance structure, active korfball athletes are now at the heart of governance, with only states that actively develop korfball now eligible to retain their right to vote in the KFI General Meeting. Further, the voting powers of all others, such as Founder Members, have been removed.

President Mishra of the KFI has committed himself to now focusing on korfball development in the South Asian nation. IKF President Fransoo and IKF Asia President Huang wish Mr Mishra every success in his endeavours and hope to see India develop competitively such that it can reach a top-10 position in the world again. Until 20 years ago, India was among the ten strongest countries in the world when governance problems started to hamper the development of the mixed-gender team sport.

Korfball developments on track in India: IKF President in Delhi

Korfball developments are gaining pace again in Inda after a number of years of administrative turmoil in the most populous South-Asian country. IKF President Jan Fransoo, accompanied by IKF Asia President Huang, was in Delhi on Friday to discuss developments with the leadership of the Indian Korfball Committee IKC. The IKC was instated by the IKF following the suspension of the Korfball Federation of India KFI at the General Meeting of the International Korfball Federation last year.

Fransoo and Huang met with Mr Dilip Kumar, IKC Chairman, and Dr Pramod Sharma, IKC Co-chairman. Work in the area of development has been gaining pace again, with various National Championships having been held again, and an Indian Korfball League started. Furthermore, korfball has been reinstated as part of the University Sports Championships and the School Sports Championships.

To that effect, the Presidents and the IKC leadership met with the Secretary General and Director of Sports of the Association of Indian Universities AIU, as well as with the leading Lakshmibal National University of Physical Education. The AIU expressed extensive support for the further development of korfball and the IKC, IKF and AIU will work closely together on this.

Finally, the governance issue was discussed extensively with the relevant stakeholders in Delhi. Next steps were agreed upon towards re-establishing a formal and recognized national governing body for korfball.