Korfball Indonesia united

The International Korfball Federation is pleased to take notice of the agreement between the two korfball factions in Indonesia to unite in a single Indonesian National Korfball Association PKSI. The IKF President has subsequently recognized Ms Lisa Roedhianita as President of the PKSI and revoked any earlier decisions on the matter. It also implies that from now on, the PKSI can again represent Indonesia under the leadership of President Roedhianita.

The agreement is important, since korfball is a rapidly growing sport in Indonesia, and has received full recognition by the National Olympic Committee KOI and the National Sports Council KONI. As part of this agreement, korfball has been included in the Indonesian national games, in which all provinces of the country compete in a large number of sports.


Indonesia moves towards single korfball federation

The IKF Executive Committee has rendered a decision in the dispute between two rival korfball federations in Indonesia, both using the banner Persatuan Korfbal Seluruh Indonesia. The IKF has recognized the PKSI headed by Mr Budiono Kartohadiprodjo, and lead operationally by Mrs Adelaida Koraag.

Unfortunately the two factions were unable to resolve the situation by themselves, and both had requested last year the IKF to intervene and make a decision, where both factions committed to abiding by the IKF decision and seeking reconciliation following this. The IKF has written to both factions on the decision, requesting the now official PKSI to lead the reconciliation process, while the now-defunct PKSI led by Lisa Roedhianita has been requested to disband itself. The National Sports Commission in Indonesia has offered to assist in the reconciliation process.