Join the IKF Learning Academy Committee: Shape the Future of Korfball Education!

The IKF is embarking on an exciting new venture with the launch of the Learning Academy. With a mission to spread korfball globally and elevate the sport’s standards, the IKF aims to increase athlete participation and enhance korfball knowledge worldwide. To achieve this, the IKF recognises the crucial role of education programs in supporting the development of its members.

In recent years, the IKF has conducted numerous in-person coach and referee courses across all continents, contributing to the growth of korfball worldwide. However, to further expand and improve these educational offerings, the IKF is committed to enhancing accessibility for National Organisations. The establishment of an online platform is a key solution to facilitate easier access to a variety of courses.

Collaboration lies at the heart of korfball, and the IKF is seeking dedicated volunteers to help establish the Learning Academy. Committee members will work closely with other IKF committees, including Education, Beach, Referees, Playing Rules, Governance, and Urban, among others, to ensure a comprehensive and unified approach to korfball development.

We are seeking volunteers with diverse knowledge and competencies, particularly in areas such as online education, gamification, digital content production, and managing online education platforms.

However, if you have innovative ideas or a passion for korfball education, we encourage you to join our team.

You can check all the details about this open call HERE.

To express your interest, please fill in this FORM with your details.

For further information, you can reach out to Anita Derks (, member of the IKF Executive Committee and the owner of this portfolio.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this new chapter in korfball education. Join the IKF Learning Academy Committee and help shape the future of the sport’s education!