IKF Pin of Merit awarded to Dani Ezpeleta

Mr. Dani Ezpeleta, a volunteer with the IKF, is our social media officer. He is responsible for much of the content you view every day across our website and multiple social media channels.

Dani has been awarded the Pin of Merit distinction because of his superhuman efforts over many years promoting korfball around the world. It’s very rare to see him without his laptop or a camera in his hand, in today’s hyper-connected world, social media platforms hold the power to amplify voices and build communities, thanks to Dani’s efforts we have a highly engaged and motivated fanbase and following.

Very early on Dani recognized the potential of social media as a force for good and carved a remarkable path for the International Korfball Federation. Thanks to his passion and dedication we have accounts on every social media platform. Dani’s tireless dedication and innovative approach has made a transformative impact on the Federation’s online presence and beyond.

The IKF Executive Committee is forever grateful for the dedication of Dani Ezpeleta, and to all the volunteers supporting the IKF, National Federations and clubs throughout the world.


Jorge Alves & Dani Ezpeleta (c) Photos by Gertrude de Vries and Marco Spelten

IKF PIN of Merit to Dani Ezpeleta (c) Photo by Gertrude de Vries

IKF Pin of Merit awarded to Brian Koppelaar

The International Korfball Federation Executive Committee has today awarded long-term volunteer Brian Koppelaar the IKF Pin of Merit for his outstanding service to the International Korfball Federation. 

Brian is a member of Papendrechtse Korfbal Club (PKC) in the Netherlands and a long-time volunteer with the IKF. The Pin of Merit was awarded for his outstanding contributions to developing and promoting korfball worldwide.  

Brian is a key part of a dedicated team responsible for the production and delivery of our live stream of our events. The platform that Brian has created allows us to integrate with numerous international broadcasters, creating images that are now seen by millions of people each year.  

Brian’s passion and can-do attitude is infectious, there are no challenges too big either, so far, we have not come across a technical issue that he and his team have not been able to resolve.  

The IKF Executive Committee is forever grateful for the dedication of Brian, and to all the volunteers supporting the IKF, National Federations and clubs throughout the world.

IKF President Gabi Kool presents the Pin of Merit to Brian Koppelaar  

Photos: Gertrude de Vries ©

IKF awards Pin of Merit to Piotr Urbanski (POL)

The IKF Executive Committee has awarded the IKF Pin of Merit to Piotr Urbanski, for his extensive contribution to the development of korfball over a very long period of time. The pin was presented to Mr Urbanski by Jan Fransoo, President of the IKF.

Mr Urbanski was one of the first korfball players in Poland since 1987. In 1993, he took on the Presidency of the Polish Student Korfball Association, then a member association in the IKF, and developed this to encompass clubs for youth and adults across Poland, to finally convert this into the Polish Korfball Federation in 2012. In 2017, the Polish Korfball Federation became a member of the Polish Olympic Committee, receiving full recognition as a World Games sport. Piotr Urbanski lead the Polish Federation throughout this extensive period of time, driving the development of youth and competitions, and also obtaining extensive support for the Polish national korfball team. In 2019, Mr Urbanski stepped down from his position to be succeeded by Mrs Iwona Zak.

Photo by: Marco Spelten

Piotr Urbanski pin of merit

Krisztina Kövessyné Pogány (HUN) awarded the IKF Pin of Merit

Just before the start of the medal ceremony of the IKF U21 World Korfball Championship in Budapest, Krisztina Kövessyné Pogány (HUN) was awarded with the IKF Pin of Merit.

Over the last decade the Hungarian Korfball Association has organised multiple successful IKF events, including: (U21) EKC Final Round, EKC First Round and Club events. Ms Kövessyné Pogány has had a leading role in most of these events and always has been able to combine outstanding organisational skills with a warm and emphatic communication style, doing the utmost to make the participating countries and involved officials happy.

On behalf of the IKF Council, Tilbert La Haye (IKF CEO) presented her the well deserved IKF distinction.

Hans Vroegh, long-time international development volunteer, dies at 76

The IKF regrets to announce the passing of Mr Hans Vroegh, bearer of the IKF Pin of Merit, at age 76, following a progressive disease. Mr Vroegh has spent all of his life supporting the development of korfball, with in particular during the past decades an emphasis on international development. He was one of the key figures behind the “Apeldoorn Youth Tournament” which later developed into the IKF Youth World Cup, and invitation tournament for national U23 teams, and for the international development committee of the KNKV East District. Later, after moving to the North of the Netherlands, he also supported the U19 Korfball World Cup for some years. Within the IKF, Vroegh had been active as referee instructor and as development officer for India and Indonesia. He was awarded the IKF Pin of Merit in 2012.

Mr Vroegh is survived by his wife, two children and four grandchildren. A mourning ceremony will be held on January 10 in Oldeberkoop, Netherlands.

Mr Paul Jeanes awarded IKF Pin of Merit

Mr Paul Jeanes (ENG)  – in the middle on the photo, surrounded by two assistants –  ended his career as IKF international referee Saturday 16 January 2016; Click here for details . He was assistant referee during the IKF Europa Cup final.

Paul was international korfball referee since the beginning of this century. He was present in many major IKF events as IKF World Korfball Championship, IKF European Korfball Championship, IKF Europa Cup, IKF Europe Shield. He was respected referee in so many matches in 15 years that the IKF Executive Committee awarded him the IKF Pin of Merit for his long lasting outstanding performances.

IKF Senior Vice-President, Frans Walvis, handed him the pin and the certificate in front of the sold out IKF ECup 2016 venue in Budapest (HUN).


Geert Keuning awarded the IKF Pin of Merit

The IKF has awarded its Pin of Merit to Mr Geert Keuning from Leeuwarden (Netherlands) for outstanding service for the development of korfball. In 1995 Mr Keuning was one of the initiators to organize a youth korfball team from Leeuwarden to travel by bus to Russia as part of the city’s friendship link with Orel. This trip served as the birth of korfball in Russia. Over the subsequent 20 years, Mr Keuning has continued to support the development of korfball in Russia, many years as the official IKF development officer for Russia. To this very date Mr Keuning is active as a supporter, mostly in the background, to assist the Russian with many practical matters. He has also maintained the korfball friendship link between Leeuwarden and Orel, which was captured in a TV documentary of the Frisian TV a few years ago. Apart from his volunteering for the IKF, Mr Keuning has been organiser of the U19 Korfball World Cup since 9 years on behalf of the KNKV to support the Local Organizing Committee of the U19 Korfball World Cup.

IKF President Fransoo presented Keuning with the Pin just before the final of this year’s 20th U19 Korfball World Cup; 5 April 2015.

Geoffrey Picqueur Awarded the IKF Pin of Merit

Belgian International Referee Geoffrey Picqueur has been awarded the IKF Pin of Merit to mark his contribution as an IKF International Referee over a period of more than eight years. The presentation was made by IKF President Jan Fransoo on the occasion of Geoffrey’s last international match on the final day of the World Games in Cali.