U23 Korfball World Cup live web casting

The U23 Korfball World Cup matches in Rotterdam, The Netherlands you may follow thru the ikfchannel on YouTube.

The links to the ikfchannel are different for the next three days:

Time are mentioned in the Rotterdam time zone.

U23 Korfball World Cup day 1

The U23 Korfball World Cup started earlier today in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The matches are available thru our ikfchannel on YouTube; click U23 KWC 2014

The next three matches will start 28 December 1815, 1915 and 2015. The finals play 30 December 1245 and 1415. All times are in the Amsterdam time zone.

Five teams are in competition: Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, Germany, England and The Netherlands.