Updates IKF Events 2021

The developments of the corona pandemic continue to influence the IKF Competition Calendar. All updates about the IKF events of 2021 can be found on this page, which will be updated regularly.

IKF World Beach Korfball Championship 2021 (10-11 September, Morocco)

Whilst it is realistic to think that it would be possible to play korfball in Morocco in September, the current situation on the ground makes it impossible to allow progress with tournament preparations, and time effectively ran out before a firm decision needed to be made. Therefore, the LOC and IKF have taken the joint decision to postpone the event until 2022. The main issue in Morocco at this time is that the country is still in a state of emergency, and it is not known when this will be released and borders will (fully) open up. It is also unclear if Morocco will allow flights from all continents and to what extent such tickets would be affordable for all subscribed teams. Taken together, this brings too much risk for both the participants and the Local Organisers and therefore the difficult decision to postpone the WBKC has been made. More information about the rescheduling of this event for next year will follow later this year.

IKF U21 Korfball World Cup (24-26 September, France)

Both the IKF and French Korfball Federation are positive about the Covid-19 developments within France (and Europe) and feel confident at present that the event can take place as planned. It is, however, more difficult to say whether it will be possible for teams from outside Europe to travel to, and participate in the event. This due to the ongoing restrictions on inter-continental travel throughout Europe and beyond. However, since the main aim of this event is to give as many countries as possible the opportunity to compete in an U21 age group event, we intend to continue with the event even in the case that only European participants are able to travel to France. It is for these reasons that the U21 KWC is a standalone event with no direct relationship with either the regular IKF U21 Competition Calendar or the IKF World Ranking.

The biggest focal point at this moment is the Covid-19 protocol that needs to be put in place for the event. IKF is working together with the IKF Medical Committee and the Local Organisers on this. This Covid-19 protocol willl be discussed with the subscribed teams at the beginning of July in order to make a final call on the continuation of the event.

IKF European Korfball Championship B-Division (4-9 October, Poland) &

IKF European Korfball Championship A-Division (25-30 October, Belgium)

 Just like for the U21 event, the outlook for the two European Korfball Championships is currently positive. As in France, the situation in Poland and Belgium is getting better and better, and with more and more people vaccinated in Europe the IKF and the two Local Organisers are confident that the events can take place as planned. As per the U21 KWC, the IKF is in contact with the IKF Medical Committee and Local Organisers of the EKCs to prepare a Covid-19 protocol. This protocol will be discussed with the participants in the month of July, again with the intention of making decisions about whether to continue.

The IKF would like to express its gratitude to the different host countries for their collaboration and efforts in the preparation of the cancelled or postponed events.