IKF WKC 2023 bidding status

The IKF Executive Committee received three (3) bids from IKF member countries as potential organisers of the IKF World Korfball Championship 2023 (IKF WKC).

The bids came from (in alphabetical order) Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

All three bids are received in time and look promising. The challenge is to make the bids even better in the months ahead of us.

The IKF Exco appointed a committee of three (1) to evaluate the bids, (2) to support the countries in further development of the bids, (3) prepare a report for the IKF Exco and the IKF Council and (4) guide the countries towards a formal presentation on day 2 of the IKF Congress Tuesday 6 August 2019 in Durban, South Africa. The presentations are open for all korfball involved persons present in Durban, except for all representatives of the three bidding countries. The IKF Council will evaluate the presentations and the report in its meeting Wednesday 7 August 2019. Based on these evaluations the IKF Council will take a decision. The decision will be made public in the IKF General Meeting Friday 9 August by Jan Fransoo, IKF President.

The evaluation committee of three consists of Joana Faria, Gert Dijkstra and Frans Walvis (as chair).