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The IKF recently launched a specially designed website for beach korfball:

Due to the continuously growth of beach korfball all over the world and the first ever IKF Beach Korfball Championship this next weekend, the need is there to give beach korfball it’s own communication platform.

On you will find all relevant information about beach korfball in general and daily reports of this 1st IKF Open European Beach Korfball Championship 2017 that will be held in The Hague from 19-20 August.

As usual, all images, reports, interviews, videos and curiosities will be also available live 24/7 on IKF social media profiles (and via hashtags #beachkorfball & #korfball):



Referee Clinics and Workshops Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong

Mr Graham Crafter, IKF Secretary General and former Elite Referee for the IKF, conducted a two days Chinese Taipei Level B Referee Course on special invitation of Chinese Taipei Korfball Association. More than 20 candidates participated on 5 and 6 August. Mr Liu, a councelor of New Taipei City visited the Beach Korfball practical refereeing session in the Sunshine Sport and Recreation Part and expressed his interest and support to the future korfball activities in this city with the biggest population in Chinese Taipei.

After sharing his wide experience with referees from Chinese Taipei, Mr Crafter visited Hong Kong as special guest and chaired ongoing workshops on 9 and 11 August for the IKF appointed referees of the 2nd IKF Asia U19 & U16 Korfball4 Championships.

In the above mentioned referee educational events in Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong, the main focus was on the comparison among the rules of Korfball, Beach Korfball, Korfball4 (2 korfs) and 1-Zone Korfball (1 korf).

referee practical session combined with the training of TPE beach korfball squad on 6 August

Group draw IKF Open European Beach Korfball Championship 2017

A total of 16 teams from 12 different countries will participate in the IKF Open European Beach Korfball Championship 2017 on 19 and 20 August in The Hague, The Netherlands. The last of these teams needs final confirmation and will be communicated later.

A and B classified countries were permitted to subscribe two teams for the tournament. The draw for the tournament is shown below.

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
The Netherlands 1 Belgium 2 Poland Wales
Czech Republic 1 Hungary Portugal
Serbia France Czech Republic 2 Belgium 1
Suriname The Netherlands 2 Chinese Taipei Germany

The teams will compete in 4 groups of 4 teams each. After the group phase the tournament will continue in a knock out format. The two highest ranked teams of every group will qualify to play the quarter finals and thereby will compete for the first 8 places. The two lowest ranked teams of the group will continue playing for the places 9 to 16.

Location of the tournament will be The Hague Beach Stadium. The winner of the tournament can call itself the first ever winner of an official IKF beach korfball tournament.

IKF launches beach korfball website

The IKF is happy to announce the launch of a specially designed website for beach korfball:

With the continuously growth of beach korfball all over the world and the first ever IKF Beach Korfball Championship on it’s way, the need is there to give beach korfball it’s own communication platform.

On the you can find all relevant information about beach korfball in general and the Open IKF European Beach Korfball Championships 2017 that will be held in The Hague from 19-20 August. In the coming months more detailed information about beach korfball and the coming event will be posted. If you feel that important or interesting information is missing, please let us know through so that we can make the website even better!



IKF Open European Beach Korfball Championship 2017

The IKF is proud to announce its first ever beach korfball tournament:  ‘IKF Open European Beach Korfball Championship 2017’! The event will take place in the weekend of 19 and 20 August 2017 and will be held in The Hague, The Netherlands. The organiser is the Royal Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV).

Beach korfball is already played in multiple countries in all continents around the world. It has a different lifestyle approach and is especially popular with the younger age groups. Therefore IKF is convinced that beach korfball helps to invest in the future of korfball. To point out this important role in development, the tournament in The Hague will consist both of a Senior and an Under 19 category.

With only four players needed to form a team, instead of eight in regular korfball, IKF is aiming to make it easier for national associations to initiate new korfball activities and reach new players. On the competition level IKF believes to create more equality between the teams and lower costs for national associations by having less athletes involved and using a short tournament format.

The venue of the tournament will be ‘The Hague Beach Stadium’. This unique accommodation is located directly on The Hague Beach and has all the necessary requirements for hosting a top beach sport event. The spectacular location at the waterside is perfect to host multiple side events and really involve korfball fans and visitors with the event. With the track record of the KNKV in organising events, the IKF Open European Beach Korfball Championship 2017 can only end up being a success!

More updated information on




IKF Council extends World Championship participation to 20 countries, sets rules for Korfball4 and Beach korfball

The Council of the International Korfball Federation met today in Dordrecht (Netherlands). One of the main topics on the table were a number of key decisions regarding the 2019 IKF World Korfball Championship due to be held in Durban (South Africa). Due to the growth of Korfball playing countries in Africa and the Americas and to avoid having to reduce the number of countries qualifying from Asia and Europe, the IKF Council has decided to increase the number of participating countries from 16 to 20. A new competition format has also been proposed within which the total duration of the event will not exceed 10 days, which has also been the duration of the previous two World Championships with 16 teams. Elimination matches will start immediately following the pool matches.

Qualification quota for each of the continental federations have also been decided, with normally 2 places for the Americas, 2 for Africa, 6 jointly for Asia and Oceania (with a minimum of 1 for Oceania) , and 10 for Europe. Detailed quota have been determined for different scenarios, depending on the number of countries entering the Pan-American Championship (2018), the All-African Championship (2018), the European Championship (Netherlands, 2018) and the Asia-Oceania Championship (Chiba, Japan, 2018).

Further, the Council set the rules for korfball4, a new and dynamic format where teams of 4 rather than 8 players compete. Both a one-korf format and a two-korf format for korfball4 have been regulated, enabling member countries to set up leagues and tournaments in either of the two formats. Also the beach korfball rules have been updated in preparation for the likely start of official championships in several continents.

Successful “1st Beach Korfball Tournament” in Belgrade (Serbia)

9 July 2016 KORFBALL FEDERATION OF SERBIA organized the “1st Beach Korfball Tournament” in Belgrade, in Ada Ciganlija lake sports venues. 10 teams with more than 70 players took part during 8 hours of matches.

There were also 3 teams with new players from Belgrade University, an important and huge first step to achieve a new young generation of korfball players in Belgrade and from all university centers in Serbia, which is one of the prime goals of KFS in recent future.










IKF Beach Korfball Rules published

After approval by the IKF Executive Committee we could publish the IKF Beach Korfball Rules. The rules are valid as of 1 June 2016.


Draft rules for Beach Korfball

At its recent Congress – 25 and 26 October 2013 – held in Lisbon (POR) the IKF announced that it will, in the coming months, be rolling out draft rules for different korfball disciplines.

The first of these sets of rules are the Rules for Beach Korfball. Designed to be played 3 vs 3 at the highest level, or 4 vs 4 at recreation level, the game is expected to be played with a field size of 18 m x 9 m or 20 m x 10 m, no halfway line, two posts set in from the ends like the traditional variant of the game and in four quarters of 2 1/2 minutes . Teams will consist of 3 male and 3 female players and unlimited substitutions will be allowed.

The IKF member countries are being encouraged to try out these new draft rules and feed back their experiences so that a final set of rules can be put in place by the end of 2014.

Under ‘Documents‘ and ‘Playing Rules‘ these Draft Rules for Beach Korfball are published.


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