Bi-annual IKF General Meeting of all member countries


Jan Fransoo presents distinctions during the World Korfball Awards 2023

International Korfball Federation President, Jan Fransoo, during his final IKF General Meeting on Saturday 28 October, presented distinctions to members of the IKF who have dedicated multiple years of service to the IKF and the sport of korfball.  Congratulations to all and thank you for all that you have done. 

The World Korfball Awards 2023 for National Federation winners was also announced during the IKF General Meeting.    

Gert DIJKSTRA – IKF Badge of Honour 

Gert Dijkstra has had a lifelong involvement in korfball, and also has been active internationally in many roles, primarily as a referee and jury member, joining the IKF in 2004, before joining the executive committee officially from 2011.  

Fransoo said: “Under Gert’s leadership, the IKF competition calendar has grown tremendously, and probably faster and to more events than Gert considered to be feasible. In many of these events, especially many major events like World Championships, World Games, and European Championships, Gert served as Coordinating Officer, working closely with many of you in our National Organizations” 

“As a chair of the playing rules committee, Gert oversaw major changes such as the new free pass rules and the shot clock. Very importantly, Gert always closely aligned initiatives with the major national korfball leagues to ensure we keep a single set of korfball playing rules globally.” 

Jan Fransoo awards IKF Badge of Honour to Gert DIJKSTRA. Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

Jan Fransoo awards IKF Badge of Honour to Gert DIJKSTRA. Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

Danielle RUTS – IKF Badge of Honour 

Danielle has been Treasurer of the IKF for 16 years. Initially Danielle combined this with also being treasurer at the Royal Belgian Korfball Federation (KBKB). 

Fransoo said: “Danielle combined the IKF role with the Presidency of the KBKB. This was a very successful Presidency, with probably as highlight the World Korfball Championship in 2015 in the presence of King Filip of Belgium, and the centennial of the KBKB in 2021. 

“I have appreciated Danielle for always, and I repeat, always, prioritizing korfball ahead of any national or continental interests” 

“Danielle, for all your efforts in korfball, the IKF Council has decided to award you the IKF Badge of Honour.” 

Jan Fransoo awards IKF Badge of Honour to Danielle RUTS. Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

Jan Fransoo awards IKF Badge of Honour to Danielle RUTS. Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

Professor Inglish Huang – IKF Honorary Member 

A special presentation was awarded to Professor Inglish HUANG, IKF Vice-President for Asia, President of IKF Asia, and former Secretary General and Vice-President of the Chinese Taipei Korfball Association.  

President Fransoo said: “Inglish has joined the IKF Council in 2003, at the same time as I was elected as your President. This implies that Inglish today celebrates 20 years of membership of the IKF Council, and 20 years at the helm of IKF Asia. And it only testifies to your enormous recognition in this massive continent that earlier this week you were re-elected unanimously as President of IKF Asia 

“Inglish played for many years on the national team of Chinese Taipei. He was designated by CTKA founder Professor Eugene Chen to lead the development of korfball in Taiwan and Asia 

“Inglish’s major contributions for korfball have been in the very impressive development of korfball across Asia. Almost all countries in Asia bear Inglish’s signature. Korea has been established through the exchange program of Inglish’s school. Inglish joined me and Ben Crum on the first korfball promotion trip to China in 2004. All countries in continental South East Asia have been established through Inglish’s efforts. Inglish spans a very wide set of skills, as he is not only excellent at building and developing relationships, but also is an excellent instructor for coaches and national teams. As part of his activities and initiatives, the CTKA and many korfball players have actively helped in across many countries, oftentimes contributing by funding this out of their own pocket… Inglish has created a culture of mutual support among all the Asian countries, to which many countries in other continents can take an example.” 

“Inglish continually surrounds himself with powerful female organizers in IKF Asia, such as Esther, Akiko, Daphne, Supranee, Lisa, and Penny, just to name a few of the recent ones. These Asian women as leaders in korfball are a profound example to many other places in the world” 

“… I want to make an important proposal to the General Meeting, and that is to appoint Professor Inglish Ying-Che Huang as Honorary Member of the International Korfball Federation” 

Jan Fransoo awards Inglish Huang with the IKF Honorary Member. Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

Jan Fransoo awards Inglish Huang with the IKF Honorary Member. Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

IKF World Korfball Awards 2023 

1) Excellence in Governance 

Awarded to: Malaysia Korfball Association 

Malaysia Korfball Association has had a spectacular development in recent years. The association is led by a board setting clear and realistic development goals with accompanying action plans. The volunteers are structurally involved in the association, and furthermore actively contribute to IKF developments by being members of committees. Their strong rise of development includes various korfball courses in online, onsite, and hybrid formats. Their communication with the IKF is always open, transparent and timely. They are undertaking continuous efforts to get the recognition and support of national sport institutions. 

Presented to: Ms. Daphne Lau Wai Fun – President 
Presented by: Danielle Ruts 

Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

2) Best grassroots development 

Awarded to: Fédération Korfball France 

Fédération Korfball France gets this award for its school projects and the impact thereof. The federation has been involved with the 2021 Erasmus+ project; managing with a vision. This was a collaboration between IKF and 6 European National Federations (France, Wales, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Switzerland). Through this project the FKF defined a development goal to increase the number of players, with action required in three pillars. One of these pillars was korfball at schools. They formed partnerships with two umbrella school sports organizations, to teach the PE teachers about korfball. This school program is thus not only focused on increasing the number of kids playing korfball, but also on educating PE teachers across the country. 

Presented to: Jorge Alves who received the award on behalf Fédération Korfball France 

Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

3) Best Elite Development 

Awarded to: Deutscher Turner Bund e.V/Korfball Deutschland 

The senior team of Korfball Deutschland has shown high quality of korfball with matching results at IKF event in recent years. In 2018, they surprised the korfball world by beating Belgium in the semi-final at the IKF European Korfball Championship, claiming silver after the final against the Netherlands. This outstanding achievement turned out to be a omen of what was to come. Germany finished 5th at the IKF World Korfbal Championship, 3rd at the IKF European Korfball Championship A-Division 2021, and 4th at The World Games 2023. Their impressive results are reflected in the World Korfball Ranking, where Germany currently holds 4th position, with just a 10 points difference to Chinese Taipei. 

Presented to: Jochen Schittowksi – Board member Korfball Deutschland 
Presented by: Gert Dijkstra 

Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

4) Best Event 

Awarded to: Association Marocaine de Korfball for the IKF World Beach Korfball Championship 2022. 

After the postponement of the event by one year due to the pandemic, the IKF World Beach Korfball Championship 2022 was hosted by Association Marocaine de Korfball on the beautiful beached of Nador, in August 2022. This was the first IKF event hosted by the federation, and debuting with such a high profile event was no easy task. The federation and its volunteers went above and beyond to create a distinct beach korfball sphere, with lots of spectators, beautiful arenas and excellent competition conditions. They went above and beyond to provide all athletes and attendees with the best possible experience. The event was used by the federation to promote (beach) korfball in Nador and beyond. 

Presented by: Anita Derks who received the award on behalf of Association Marocaine de Korfball.

Photo: Krit Suttipithuk

5) Innovation 

Awarded to: Japan Korfball Association 

The award for innovation is presented to Japan Korfball Association. The federation started a partnership with Other Sports World to promote korfball. Other Sports World is a provider of monthly subscription services, focused on the lesser-known sports. Korfball has been incorporated in their services, which makes a significant contribution to the promotion of korfball. People are trying out the sport and the federation hopes to bind the enthusiasm to korfball for a longer period of time. 

Presented to: Hajime Shinohara – Board member Japan Korfball Association 
Presented by: Bjorn Elewaut 

6) Best initiative for cooperation 

In the global korfball community, there are a lot of cooperation projects between national federations, and this award is created to highlight those projects. The first edition of this award is presented to Chinese Taipei Korfball Association. The CTKA has been critical to the development of korfball in Asia, specifically the South East Asia region, for years. The CTKA has close relationships with the Asian national federations and actively identifies in which areas these federation could use support. Based on the identified needs they provide materials, knowledge and support. For example, recently the CTKA send athletes and coaches to Indonesia to conduct various korfball players- and coach courses. 

Presented to: Vincent HUANG (President CTKA) 
Presented by: Gabi Kool 


IKF World Korfball Congress and IKF General Meeting 2021

The IKF World Korfball Congress and IKF General Meeting 2021 will be be organised from 28-30 October in Antwerp (Belgium), during the IKF European Korfball Championship A-Division. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the related travel restrictions, the Congress and AGM will be organised in a hybrid format. Online attendance options will be made available for those unable to travel to Antwerp. All invitees are required to register upfront.

This year’s Congress is named ‘Reinventing korfball; unite for the future’. There will be particular emphasis on the development of korfball along three dimensions:

– IKF & National Federations; a joint path towards the future;

– Learning Management Platform; needs & experiences;

– Korfball4; moving closer to the Olympics.

The general program is as follows:

– Thursday 28 October 13:00 – 17:00 hrs CET: IKF World Korfball Congress

– Friday 29 October      09:00 – 13:00 hrs CET: IKF World Korfball Congress

– Saturday 30 October  09:00 – 12:00 hrs CET: IKF General Meeting

Both the Congress and the General Meeting will take place in Boeckenberg Sport and Business, Grensstraat 9, 2100 Antwerp.


Morocco, Switzerland and Sri Lanka join IKF

Morocco, Switzerland and Sri Lanka have been accepted as (Associate) Member of the International Korfball Federation in the General Meeting of the IKF in Antwerp (BEL) Saturday 7 November 2015.

The new members were proud to join the IKF and have been working hard on the development of korfball. Moroccan teams have been participating in unofficial U19 tournaments, while Sri Lanka announced it would take part in next year’s Asian Championship which is due to be held in India.

The three countries were joined by six countries whose membership had been given by the IKF Council, and who were ratified today: Philippines, Ghana, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon.

The new set of members brings the IKF membership up to 67, following the expulsion of Surinam and Denmark due to lack of korfball activity.


2015 IKF EXco / Council Meeting Schedule

The IKF Executive Committee scheduled the formal meetings for 2015.

  • 7 February 2015; IKF Exco meeting
  • 6 June 2015; IKF Exco meeting
  • 5 September 2015; IKF Exco meeting in Antwerp

During the IKF World Korfball Championship in Antwerp, Belgium:

  • 4 and 5 November 2015; IKF World Korfball Congess
  • 6 November 2015; IKF Council Meeting; 0900 AM
  • 7 November 2015; IKF General Meeting; 0900 AM

The IKF Executive Committee

IKF Executive Committee in 2013 as elected after the General Meeting 27 October 2013 in Lisbon (POR).
From left to right:
Mr Frank Buvens (BEL), Mrs Danielle RUTS (BEL), Dr Jan FRANSOO (president) (NED), Mr Gert DIJKSTRA (NED), Mr Graham CRAFTER (ENG), Mr Frans WALVIS (NED)