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IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship

In a little under two months the 30, 31 March and 1 of April the National U19 teams of Belgium, Brazil, Catalonia, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal and Turkey will face each other at the IKF U19 Open European Korfball Championship 2018 in Friesland, The Netherlands.

This year’s U19 tournament is a special one, while for the first time ever this long existent event has got an official IKF status. In 1996 the former district of the Royal Dutch Korfball Association (KNKV), Friesland, organised an inaugural tournament for U19 players from countries all over the world. The tournament was the idea of the late Jan Hanekroot who was then the IKF Development Officer for England. The first edition involved five countries and was very successful and since then the Junior World Cup, later converted into Korfball World Cup, has grown throughout the years in quantity and quality. A great achievement!

The Netherlands’ representation in the tournament began with a regional Frisian team and was followed in subsequent years by the Junior Talent Team from District North, now named The Netherlands RTC North. Since 2008, the national under 19 squad has been participating in the tournament. In this year’s edition The Netherlands RTC North will complete the participants of the event for the last time. Starting with 2019 only National teams of countries will be allowed to participate.

From now on the former IKF patronaged U19 Korfball World Cup will continue as a biannual IKF U19 (Open) European Korfball Championship altered with a biannual IKF U19 World Korfball Championship. This automatically means that in the future the IKF U19 events are open for bidding for all IKF member countries. Nevertheless, the first IKF U19 World Korfball Championship in 2019 already has been allocated to the Dutch Royal Korfball Federation (KNKV).

The 13 teams of the 2018 edition are divided into three pools. On the first day of the tournament most of the pool matches will be played. The remaining pool matches will be played on the first part of the second day. Later that day the 8 highest placed countries will play the quarter- and semi-finals. While the 5 lowest ranked teams will continue their tournament in a new pool. On the third and last day the final classification will be decided and will it become clear who can call themselves IKF U19 Open European Korfball champions of 2018.

Each match (except the final day) will last two times 15 minutes real playing time with a 4-minute halftime break. If there’s no winner after regular playing time, a golden goal period of 5 minutes will decide who comes out as winner.

Would you like to see the korfball talents of each country live? Visit the event during the Easter weekend at ‘t Kalverdijkje in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The first match is scheduled to start at 9:00 AM on the 30th of March. The final match is scheduled to start at 2:45 PM on the 1st of April, after which the medal ceremony will start at 4:00 PM.

More info, pools & playing schedule you can find at: www.ikf.org/event/ikf-u19-open-european-korfball-championship.


Livestreaming of the games & interviews:
Livestream: Hall 1
Livestream: Hall 2

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U19 Korfball World Cup 2017 ranking

After another exciting event in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, the final ranking in the U19 Korfball World Cup 2017 is:

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Chinese Taipei
  3. Belgium
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Dominican Republic
  6. England
  7. Catalonia
  8. Portugal
  9. Germany
  10. Hungary
  11. Hong Kong China
  12. Poland
  13. China

Belgium was beaten in an exciting semi final by the team from Chinese Taipei 12-11. The Dutch U19 team overpowered the Czech team in the second semi final 25-5. In the bronze medal match the Belgian team won clearly from the Czech Republic 15-7

The Dutch youngsters, with Leon Simons, – former Dutch international – as coach, proved in all matches high quality qualifications both technical as tactical. The U19 KWC final showed quality korfball between Chinese Taipei and the Netherlands. At half time – after 20 minutes real playing time – the score was 6 – 13 and the difference was made as result of high scoring percentages of the Dutch team. In the second half the Dutch players continued their excellent match and extended the lead. The final whistle by referee Peter Busik showed 16 – 28 on the scoreboard. The Netherlands wins the U19 Korfball World Cup 2017.

U19 KWC 2017 IMAGES:
Fri, 14th: goo.gl/d0M7WH
Sat, 15th: goo.gl/APkMuT
Sun, 16th: oo.gl/MjlwVk

The U19 Korfball World Cup 2017 will start 14 April

The 22th edition of the U19 Korfball World Cup will start 14 April 2017 in Kalverdijkje Sportshall in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. This tournament is an IKF Patronaged Event. The Royal Dutch Korfball Federation (KNKV) is the organiser.

In the 2017 edition 13 under 19 teams will participate:
  • Belgium
  • Catalonia
  • China
  • Chinese Taipei
  • Czech Republic
  • Dominican Republic
  • England
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong China
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal

The semi-finals and finals will be on Sunday 16 April.

The tournament will start with the opening ceremony on Friday 14 April 10:50 AM.

The U19 KWC website is: www.u19kwc.com

LIVE STREAMING (Hall 1): youtube.com/user/U19KWC
LIVE STREAMING (Hall 2): youtube.com/user/U19KWChal2

U19 Korfball World Cup ranking

First time participant Dominican Republic earned the well deserved fourth place after a loss in the bronze medal match against Chinese Taipei (12 – 15). What  a huge result for this relative new IKF country.

The 2016 U19 KWC final showed a ‘fight’ between the eternal rivals Belgium and The Netherlands. At half time the Netherland had a six goals lead; 13 – 7. The many hundered speactators in the sportvenue and the live webcasting viewers saw an exciting second half. After 15 – 10 the Belgian team scored 5 goals in a row despite a Dutch time out at 15 – 12. In the final minutes the Dutch managed to expand the lead to four goals again. The end result is 22 – 18 and the Dutch win the 21st edition of the U19 Korfball World Cup.

KNKV President, Mr Rob Meijer and the alderman of sport of the city of Leeuwarden Mr Andries Ekhart awarded the prizes in the closing ceremony in front of an enthousiastic crowd.

The full ranking in 2016 is:

1  Netherlands
2  Belgium
3  Chinese Taipei
4  Dominican Republic
5  Portugal
6  Czech Republic
7  Germany
8  England
9  Catalonia
10 Russia
11 Hungary
12 China
13 Morocco
14 Hong Kong China
15 Poland
16 RTC North *


* RTC North play out of competition

All results from the 2016 edition you may see here: All results U19 KWC 2016; click here

The organisers of the U19 KWC supported by the clubs in the area did a great job again to organise this youth event in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Rewatch all U19 KWC games in the following youtube links:
SportsHall 1 – www.youtube.com/channel/UCqYVQCEJD00gW0iNSC0zUeQ
SportsHall 2 – www.youtube.com/channel/UChAkil6v_kR9-qRkIeAvR7w
SportsHall 3 – (streaming not available)

All U19 KWC 2016 tournament (results, reports, images, top scorers and much more in the following links:


Team photos: https://goo.gl/yeZ44J
Day 1 Photos (Friday): https://goo.gl/mw6tXa
Day 2 Photos (Saturday): https://goo.gl/ek1nFd
Day 3 Photos (Sunday): –

(c) All images available in www.u19kwc.com/images



U19 Korfball World Cup 21st edition starts: Live streaming links & schedule

The 21st edition of the U19 Korfball World Cup starts!

Thursday evening 24 March 2016 is the opening ceremony in sportcentre ‘t Kalverdijkje, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands. The opening starts 19.30 PM (CET) [live here: http://goo.gl/NScYTI].

From Friday 25 till Sunday 27 March a record 15 countries compete to become the next U19 KWC champion. The Netherlands is the reigning U19 KWC champion. HongKong China and Dominican Republic are first time participants in this youth event.

Watch all U19 KWC games in live streaming in the following links:
SportsHall 1 – www.youtube.com/channel/UCqYVQCEJD00gW0iNSC0zUeQ
SportsHall 2 – www.youtube.com/channel/UChAkil6v_kR9-qRkIeAvR7w
SportsHall 3 – (streaming not available)

You can follow the tournament in the following links:

Also on IKF social media profiles:

The full match schedule is available: Click here for complete matchschedule, including pools


International korfballers in Dominican Republic

International korfballers, led by KNKV master coach Jan Sjouke van den Bos, are in the Dominican Republic to help promote the sport in Central America’s newest korfball country.

From 22 to 28 February 2016 the Dominican Korfball Association (ASOKODINA) is hosting the visit of the group.

U23 Dutch internationals Anouk Haars (Ovvo/De Kroon), Timo de Wit (Nic/Alfa-College) and Anita de Ridder (KV TOP Arnemuiden) are joined on the tour by Catalan international Jose Alvarez (Ovvo/De Kroon).

Clinics in nine schools are the focus of the seven-day programme of activities, while in the afternoons and evenings the champion coach and international players will join the Dominican Republic’s national U19 and U23 team training sessions. These teams are currently preparing for upcoming international tournaments – U19 Korfball World Cup (U19 KWC) in Leeuwarden , The Netherlands in March 2016 and the IKF U23 World Korfball Championship (IKF U23 WKC) in Olomouc, Czech Republic – with intensive training during the week.

Promo group with players U19 at school Colegio Saint Patrick (Santo Domingo)
Promo group with U19 players at school Colegio Saint Patrick (Santo Domingo)

Rep Dominican Promo Tour 2016.5

Meeting with Dominican Republic Sports Minister Mr. Jaime David Fernández Mirabal


U19 Korfball World Cup

A record number of 15 countries have entered the 21st U19 Korfball World Cup 2016 in Leeuwarden (NED). This important international korfball tournament for players under 19 will be held from 24 – 27 March in Kalverdijkje sports centre and the Cammingha sports hall in Leeuwarden and is patronised by International Korfball Federation (IKF). For the very first time Dominican Republic and Hong Kong China are among competing nations.

The official drawing of the pools (according the rules and ranking of IKF) took place on 26 January. The results are as follows:

Pool A: Netherlands, Portugal, Catalonia and RTC North*;

Pool B: Chinese Taipei, Czech Republic, China and Poland;

Pool C: England, Germany, Morocco and Hong Kong China;

Pool D: Belgium, Hungary, Russia and Dominican Republic.

* RTC North play out of competition

Winners of the 2015 edition were the Netherlands, followed by Belgium.

Teaser trailer U19KWC 2016:

Geert Keuning awarded the IKF Pin of Merit

The IKF has awarded its Pin of Merit to Mr Geert Keuning from Leeuwarden (Netherlands) for outstanding service for the development of korfball. In 1995 Mr Keuning was one of the initiators to organize a youth korfball team from Leeuwarden to travel by bus to Russia as part of the city’s friendship link with Orel. This trip served as the birth of korfball in Russia. Over the subsequent 20 years, Mr Keuning has continued to support the development of korfball in Russia, many years as the official IKF development officer for Russia. To this very date Mr Keuning is active as a supporter, mostly in the background, to assist the Russian with many practical matters. He has also maintained the korfball friendship link between Leeuwarden and Orel, which was captured in a TV documentary of the Frisian TV a few years ago. Apart from his volunteering for the IKF, Mr Keuning has been organiser of the U19 Korfball World Cup since 9 years on behalf of the KNKV to support the Local Organizing Committee of the U19 Korfball World Cup.

IKF President Fransoo presented Keuning with the Pin just before the final of this year’s 20th U19 Korfball World Cup; 5 April 2015.

Netherlands wins U19 KWC in 2015

The U19 team from the Netherlnds is the winner of the 2015 jubilee edition of the U19 Korfball World Cup.

In front of more than 1,200 spectators the Dutch youth team beat their eternal rivals from Belgium in an exciting final. Most of the match was very close only in the final minutes of the game Netherlands created a gap. The final whistle of IKF referee, Peter Busik from Slovakia was with 19 – 13.

The bronze medal was for the youngsters from Chinese Taipei. They beat the big surprise of this event Hungary with 16-13.

New Zealand as newcomer in this event achieved the 10th place.

The city of Leeuwarden was three days the center of youth korfball in the 20th edition of this major event.

IKF President, Mr Jan Fransoo handed the cup to the winners.

The total U19 Korfball World Cup ranking in 2015 is:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Belgium
  3. Chinese Taipei
  4. Hungary
  5. England
  6. Portugal
  7. Germany
  8. Catalonia
  9. Czech Republic
  10. New Zealand
  11. China
  12. Brazil
  13. Romania.



U19 Korfball World Cup start

Thursday 2 April 2015 Mr Andries EKHART, elderman of the city of Leeuwarden (NED), welcomed the teams from all over the world. He had warm words for all teams that came to the province Friesland and the city Leeuwarden. His opening was part of a spectacular opening ceremony in front of many hundreds of spectators in Sportcentre Kalverdijkje. Atletic groups, a Korfball4 match, 1-to-1 korfball matches were part.

The U19 KWC in 2015 is the 20th edition of this major youth korfball event. The organisers: KNKV, KNKV district North and the Dutch clubs K.V. Leeuwarden and Mid Fryslan may be proud. The IKF hopes this event will continue for many years.

Friday 3, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April Leeuwarden will be the place to be for youth korfball. Sunday 5 April the finals will conclude this event.

The pools and match schedule for the U19 KWC: Click here for the U19 KWC schedule

The results you may find under: U19 KWC results

City marketing in Leeuwarden:

U19 KWC city marketing


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