IKF Friendly International Matches

On 26 June the national senior teams of Belgium and The Netherlands will play a friendly international match in light of the 100-year anniversary of the Royal Belgium Korfball Association. The Royal Belgium Korfball Association, in alignment with the Royal Dutch Korfball Association, requested the IKF to recognise their match as an official friendly international match. All fans around the world can watch and enjoy this game live for free here below or visiting IKF’s Youtube channel (click here).

Like the two mentioned National Federations, all IKF members can request the IKF to recognise a friendly international match against another IKF member country. Organising an official friendly match adds to the status of the match and furthermore can add a limited number of ranking points to the IKF World Ranking. It is therefore that the IKF very much encourage National Federations to officialise their friendly matches and like this increase the visibility and status of the matches that are being played outside of official IKF competition.

To be able to achieve an official status and be registered, friendly matches should be organised and played according to the requirements defined in the Friendly International Match Guidelines. Furthermore, they need to be compliant with the IKF Competition Regulations and the Rules of Korfball.

An official friendly international match can be requested by using the request form, which should be supported by both national federations. All players must be eligible to play according to the IKF Competition Regulations and the referees will be appointed in alignment with the IKF Referee Committee.

2nd Worldwide korfball youth event

In the weekend of 14 – 15 June 2014 the IKF Development and Education Committee wants to celebrate another edition of the worldwide korfball youth event. As a follow up of the succesful International Korfball Youth Day Celebration held 15 June 2013 and following the great result of the Worldwide Korfball Match created by IKF Europe Development officer, Mr. Bandor Nagy, we organise the 2nd edition.

If players and teams are ready to play a match between team Korfs and team Balls, please join the Facebook event at  in order to follow the information regarding the worldwide match.

Our intention is to tally the results of all the Korfs teams and the Balls teams aggregated, so it will be a country-wide korfball match between the two teams. We will have an interactive map where the visitors can see the results at each location, and by age group, including all the names of the players who played korfball in that location during the weekend of the 14-15 June. Next to the map, the big score board will show the progressive overall standings. At the end of the weekend we will have the final result between Korfs and Balls and we wil also post pictures, videos and reports from many locations.

Friendly match Portugal – Brazil

Sunday 17 February 2013 a friendly international match between Portugal and Brazil will be played in Lisbon, Portugal.

The match starts 1910 PM Lisbon time (this is GMT zone).

A Portuguese regional TV station will record the match and all can follow this match live thru webcasting; follow the next link: